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I heard Rhydian call after me but I had already made it to the stairs. I ran down the stairs and headed out of the hospital. I went straight to the forest. I needed to be away from everyone, that way I can’t hurt anyone. I don’t trust myself anymore. I have never hurt anyone close to me before.

I could feel my mindlink been poked at. It was either Tristan, Rhydian or Lucas, I haven’t mind linked anyone else. I can start the mindlink and then they can contact me through that as they wish. There’s no way of severing it either... I don’t think. Not like when you are part of a pack, cutting all ties with the pack, cuts all lines of communication.

I reached the outskirts of the forest. I needed to shift, running in wolf form is faster.

You ready?

She didn’t answer, I know she’ll be hurting too. But it doesn’t stop the need to be out and free. I ran further into the forest then skidded to a stop in the middle of a clearing and screamed. Letting all my anger and frustration out. My screams morphed into growls as Aurora made an appearance. I fell on my hands and knees, feeling my bones snap and change is definitely an invigorating feeling.

I let out a howl before giving Aurora full control. She stretched, letting out another howl. But this one was full of pain and regret. She took off, sprinting further into the forest with no destination in mind. I don’t know how long we were running until she was panting for breath.

Her pace decreased until she was padding along slowly. She was panting and struggling to walk. She stopped dead in her tracks and fell to the floor with a grunt.

I’m not sure where we are′ I sighed. She didn’t answer me, probably too tired.

Rest here.′ I insisted.

She dragged herself up and scanning the area. She sniffed the air a little before turning and sauntering off to the right. I was about to ask her where she was going when I saw a little cave ahead. It was covered in vines and sheltered.

She edged slowly to the entrance of the cave, staying alert for any danger. She peered inside the cave, slowly entering. It was empty. I sighed in relief and she padded the ground, spinning before laying down. She curled herself up and fell asleep, pretty quick.

Ok, I guess we’re staying in wolf form. I closed my eyes and curled up myself, quickly succumbing to the darkness.

Lucas’s POV.

I stared into the room where my mate was hooked up to machines. He looked so fragile and I felt helpless. I placed my hand against the glass, letting a single tear fall down and rested my head against the glass.

“I can’t find her,” Rhydian said breathlessly, standing behind me. He went after Amaris after she ran out. I sighed and gave Elijah one last look before walking over to Rhydian. “No, you won’t. You can’t get her scent to follow.” I groaned. “I wish she wouldn’t wear that stupid necklace,” I growled, lowly.

Rhydian looked at me confused, “What does her necklace do?” He asked, curiously. “Masks her scent,” Ezra answered, glaring at Rhydian. Rhydian’s eyes widen, “She masks her scent. That makes sense.” He replied. I looked at him puzzled, he shook his head and hummed.

“I tried mink linking her but she’s blocked me.” He groaned. It was my turn for my eyes to go wide, she never links with anyone that doesn’t know about her Dark Wolf. “What do you know?” I deadpanned, glaring.

“About what?” He answered, growling. I recoiled, trying hard not to submit but it was impossible. Amaris will always be my Alpha and submitting to Rhydian feels like betrayal.

I nodded before heading over to my parents. Dad turned to look at me, sadness in his eyes. “How are you holding up son?” He asked. I shrugged and sighed. “Can you and mum stay here in case anything happens?” I asked. They nodded their heads and mum came towards me, “Honey, he’s a fighter.” She soothed, pulling me into a hug.

“Where are you going, son?” Dad asked, putting a hand on my shoulder in comfort. I pulled away from mum and glanced back at Rhydian, who looked as defeated as I did about Elijah. “To get answers and find Amaris,” I explained. They both nodded and walked towards Elijah’s room.

“Alpha, let’s go.” I hollered, gesturing him with my hand. Rhydian jogged over to me and Ezra came towards me. Rhydian growled and Ezra held his hands up in defence. “Look, I’m scared ok. I didn’t mean what I said.” He whispered. Rhydian’s hard stare softened and he took a deep breath. “Ok. Let’s go.” He sighed. Ezra walked next to us, “Really though, what is she?” He questioned.

A growl reverberated from Rhydian’s chest, he spun around and shoved Ezra against the wall. “She’s not a what. She’s Amaris and she’s scared.” He snarled in Ezra’s face, “Do not say shit like that again.” He growled, dropping Ezra to the floor. Rhydian staggered back, startled and stormed out of the corridor. I helped Ezra up, hurt and confusion flitted through his eyes.

My suspicions were just suspicions, but now they’ve been confirmed.

He’s definitely Amaris’ mate.

We headed out of the hospital, following Rhydian who was storming towards the packhouse. We caught up to him and Ezra apologised to him. We went into the packhouse and straight up to Rhydian’s office.

Rhydian took a seat at his desk while Ezra and I sat in the opposite seats. “So, what do you know... about Amaris?” I asked, looking straight at him. He furrowed his brows together, looking at me confused. “I have absolutely no clue what you are on about.” He drawled.

I leaned back in the chair, now I’m just confused. “I don’t understand why she linked with you. She never links with anyone that doesn’t know,” I sighed, frustrated. “She won’t tell me, because she doesn’t trust me.” He added.

I rolled my eyes at him, “Alpha, you’re clueless.” I chuckled. He glared at me, “Care to elaborate?” He disputed. “You feel possessive over Amaris, you’re protective over her, you can calm her down when no one else can...” I started listing off everything I’ve noticed.

“I am not.” He rolled his eyes then looked deep in thought. “What does all that remind you of?” I asked, no one in particular. Ezra glanced at me, the realization written all over his face. “She’s your mate.” He pointed at Rhydian.

Rhydian scowled at us both, “It's not possible.” He sighed, putting his head in his hands.

“Well, we can deal with that later,” I announced.

“Yes, we need to find Amaris,” Rhydian declared.

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