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I flickered my eyes open, squinting from the bright lights. My vision was still a little blurry. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes, focusing on my senses. I opened my eyes slowly then scanned the room. The smell of chemicals and antiseptic filled my senses... The smell of the pack hospital.

I slowly sat up, a burning sensation spread across my abdomen and I fell back with a grunt. I glanced down, lifting my t-shirt up. My stomach was covered in a bandage. I stared at the bandage trying to figure at what happened and why I was in the pack hospital..

We were attacked remember.

It all came flooding back. Noah turning up, finding out they were going to try again, being attacked by the wolves... I gasped when I realised I had taken my necklace off. Rhydian will know, I started panicking, struggling for air.

But now we know he’s our true mate, there’s nothing to be afraid of.′ Aurora purred.

But what if it’s all a joke? What if I’m been tricked somehow?′ I whimpered.

A knock on my door distracted me. I held my breath, hoping it wasn’t Rhydian. My Uncle Tristan poked his head around the door, beaming at me. “How are you feeling, kiddo?” He asked as he walked around the bed, stopping at my side.

“I’m ok, just sore,” I answered, quietly.

“Lucas and Rhydian will be here soon, we need to hear what happened.” He breathed, glancing at my stomach.

“Oh... ok.” I stuttered.

“You owe a lot to Rhydian, he was the one that found you.” He gushed.

I nodded my head, “I’ll speak to him,” I whispered. I took a deep breath, fiddling with my fingers. “What is it, Amaris?” He questioned, placing his hand over mine. “They’re back.” I whimpered.

Tristan flinched back, startled. “Are you sure?” He inquired as he furrowed his brows together. Lucas peered around the door, “Can we come in?” He asked, nervously. I nodded my head and waved them in.

Lucas came in and sat beside his dad, glancing at the door. “I’m not sure where Rhydian is, he was here a minute ago.” He rolled his eyes. I watched the door, sniffing the air every now and again.

Then it hit me, Rhydian's scent washed over me like a tidal wave. He shuffled slowly into the room, stopping at the door. He gazed around the room, pausing when his eyes locked with mine.

He inhaled deeply, his eyes flashed to black for a second before his eyes burned into me. Oh goddess, he definitely knows. I coughed and he tore his eyes away from me. He came and sat next to me, opposite the others. He looked everywhere but me.

“Start from the beginning, Amaris,” Tristan stated, taking hold of each of my hands. I took a deep breath then looked at each of them before focusing on the wall opposite me.

“Noah found me.” I started, I heard a low rumble come from Tristan and Lucas. “He tried apologising for everything he did. He heard I was back and wanted to warn me that they’re coming for me...” I took a deep breath, trying to calm my shaking hands.

“How do you know he was telling the truth?” Lucas growled, lowly.

“I don’t. But he did make a valid point, I can easily find him.” I sighed, Lucas breathed out heavily and motioned for me to carry on. “They’re sending someone,” I added.

“Sending someone for what?” Rhydian asked. I took a deep breath before I answered. “To pretend to be my mate... again” I muttered. A deep, menacing growl erupted from Rhydian’s chest.

I glimpsed at him and his eyes were black, his wolf was out. “What do you mean... again?” He gnarled.

I glanced at Tristan and Lucas, they looked mystified at his outburst. I glanced back at Rhydian, his eyes were still black. “It’s a long story.” I sighed.

“Well, they aren’t going to get anywhere this time.” He snapped.

“They won’t because we’ll be expecting it now.” Lucas grinned.

“No, they won’t because she’s-” I cut Rhydian off by grasping hold of his hands, in the hope to soothe him. His eyes snapped to mine and he gulped. I gave him a short smile, leaving my hands in his and turned to Lucas and Tristan. “Anyway, the person will be called Dax, he said he’s not who I think. He tried telling me who he was before he was killed.” I explained.

“We’ll be on alert.” Tristan nodded. I took a deep breath and laid back, taking my hands from Rhydian.

“When can I leave?” I asked, “The funeral is today.” I whispered.

“We’re going to postpone it, don’t worry.” Lucas soothed. I abruptly sat up, I screwed my eyes shut and bit my lip. “Goddess Amaris, be careful.” Rhydian groaned.

I glowered at him before turning to Lucas, “No, the funeral goes ahead.” I declared. Lucas sighed and nodded his head. “Do you want me to finish the details?” He asked Rhydian.

“Yes. Make the funeral start at 8 pm... It gives Amaris more resting time to heal.” He answered. Lucas reached up and kissed my cheek, “Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.” He smiled down at me.

"How's Elijah?" I whispered, staring down. He lifted my chin up to look at him and gave me a small smile, "He's strong." Is all he said.

I gave him a smile and he left the room. “I could go see when you can leave?” Tristan suggested, placing his hand on my shoulder. “No!” I blurted out. I heard Rhydian snort and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll go,” Rhydian muttered, standing up then marched out the room. Tristan arched his brow at me. I shrugged my shoulders at him then laid down, carefully.

“Ok, I won’t push any further.” He hesitated, “But you can tell me anything, you know that”

I nodded and ran my fingers along my stomach. I turned my head, “When I’m healed, do you think I can join the pack training?” I asked.

Tristan stared at me... “Before I left, I was doing pretty good with training. But I couldn’t fight those wolves off yesterday.” I groaned.

“Amaris, you’re this packs rightful Alpha... You can do whatever you want.” He smiled.

He frowned at me before speaking again, “When we arrived, they were dead.” He said, raising his brows at me. “I had to fight against them until my Dark Wolf took over. I let myself get injured so I would lose control.” I sighed.

“When they first turned up and killed Noah. I was angry with everything Noah had said. I welcomed in the anger and felt myself changing, but the control was still there” I explained.

“You know what this means, right?” He grinned.

“What?” I shrugged.

“You can control it.” He answered with a grin.

I smiled at him because I knew he was right. When it happens, instead of panicking, I should let the emotions in.

My dad always said... you’ve got to feel the emotions to become stronger than them, otherwise you’ll lose yourself every time.

Tristan’s eyes became foggy then he looked at me and smiled. “The doctor will be here soon to discharge you and Rhydian has left to help Lucas.”

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