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I took a deep breath and dropped my phone in my bag. I picked up my drink and downed the last bit.

“Want another?” The guy suggested, “My treat?” He piped. I gave him a small smile and shook my head, “I better not. I shouldn’t turn up home drunk.” I chuckled, “I just needed a little courage.”

He nodded his head then took 2 bottles of water out of his bag, handing one to me. I took the bottle from him, “Thank you.” I chirped.

“I’m Ezra, by the way.” He greeted.

I smiled at him, “Amaris.”

“Nice to meet you.” He held up his bottle towards me, I raised a brow and chuckled at him before gently hitting my bottle against his. “Nice to meet you too.” I giggled.

“So where are you heading? A holiday?” He asked, looking at a menu. I sighed heavily, “Home.” I answered, looking down at my bottle. He gave me a small, sad smile, “Me too.”

He collected himself, giving me a broad smile. “And where is home for you? If you don’t mind me asking, I’m just trying to change the subject.” He said awkwardly. “I sensed that talking about home was a touchy subject.”

“England, Devon,” I answered with a smile. Ezra suddenly choked on his drink and spat a little out. I looked at him curiously.

“Huh, small world. Me too.” He exclaimed.

I stared at him, sniffing the air a little. I don’t smell any other wolf, so I guess that’s a good thing. Definitely must be a coincidence.

Rory, do you sense a wolf?′ I questioned just to make sure.

No, I don’t. Not even a threat.′ She assured.

I relaxed and leaned back on my chair. “Yeah, small world.” I chuckled awkwardly.

*Flight 263 to Exeter ready to board. Calling all passengers to gate 3b*

“So, I’m guessing this is you as well?” I questioned as I stood up, straightening myself out.

“You guessed right.” He chuckled, as he slapped his hands on the table. He stood up, giving me a huge grin. “I hope I get the window seat.” He clapped his hands together like a pup.

I laughed, like really laughed. I can’t remember the last time I laughed like this. My eyes were burning from the tears forming. You know that silent laugh, where your face screws up and you can’t breathe properly from laughing? I look exactly like that. I look absolutely ridiculous.

“Oh my god! You’re totally crying!” He chortled. “I don’t even know why I’m laughing!” I choked out while laughing. He pulled his ticket out as we were walking towards the gate.

“Seat 23b, sounds like it could be the window seat.” He exclaimed cheerily. I giggled, pulling my ticket out. I quickly scanned it then peered at Ezra, “I think 23a sounds more like a window seat, don’t you?” I smirked. He glared at me playfully, I could have sworn I heard a growl. Definitely must be tired.

We reached the gate, the woman on the desk checked our tickets and ushered us through. We boarded the plane, I scanned the seats looking for ours.

“Oh look! 23a a window seat!” I snickered.

“Ugh!! So unfair!” He groaned. I giggled and put my bag in the holder above. I turned to Ezra, “Take my seat.” I rolled my eyes as he fist-bumped the air.

We settled in our seats as the flight attendant came to double-check our tickets. We handed her them, she examined them before frowning at us.

“Excuse me, sir.” She interrupted Ezra, who was flicking through a magazine. He glanced over at her, “You’re in the wrong seat.” She pointed out.

Ezra stared at her dumbfounded. “He’s my brother.” I quickly blurted out. “He’s never been on a plane before, he wanted to see the view from the window,” I explained. She smiled and carried on down the aisle. “Cheers sis!” Ezra chimed. I winked at him, “No problem, bro.”

The plane took off and I decided to spend the journey, sleeping.

I was jolted awake by someone gently shaking my shoulder, “Amaris, we’re landing.” Ezra whispered. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times. I nuzzled my head against the seat, it was surprisingly very comfy.

“You comfy there?” Ezra chuckled. I opened my eyes wide when I realised my head was resting on Ezra’s shoulder. I shot up and felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

“Don’t worry about it, sis.” He winked. “You were having a nightmare, I think. As soon as your head fell on my shoulder, you seemed to sleep peacefully.” He awkwardly rubbed his neck. “I didn’t have the heart to move you, in case I woke you.” He shrugged.

That’s probably the nicest thing someone has done for me for a while. “Thank you.” I beamed.

I gathered my bag and made my way down the aisle. Ezra tapped me on the shoulder, I turned and raised a brow at him, “I’m just wondering if you have a lift home. I don’t mind dropping you somewhere.” He offered.

I rolled my eyes and placed a hand on my hip, “Dude, we’re literally strangers. You could be an axe murderer.” I joshed.

He laughed then sighed dramatically. “Ezra Fox... At your service.” He bowed playfully. “I promise I’m not an axe murderer or any kind of murderer.” He raised his hands up in defence.

“I bet that’s what all murderers say.” I rolled my eyes. “Amaris Thorne. See you around.” I laughed, waving my hand over my shoulder.

I reached the door when he shouted, “Wait!! I know you!!” My breath hitched and I legged it down the stairs straight into the airport.

I don’t need anyone noticing that I’m back until I’m ready. I’ve never seen him before. He recognized my last name which could only mean he’s in a pack.

He could have gone to the same school. I didn’t sense a wolf.′ Aurora offered an explanation.

Suppose so.

I strolled through the airport when I spotted my uncle Tristan stood beside the conveyer belt, holding a sign.

I went over to him, he dropped the sign and scooped me up into his arms.

“I missed you so much, Amari,” He whispered as he inhaled.

He pulled backwards and trailed his eyes up and down. “Why can’t I sense your wolf?” He asked looking puzzled.

I picked my necklace up and smiled, “My necklace.”

“Oh yes, I forget about that.” He said with an awkward smile. “Anyway, I missed you too.” I shakily said. He gave me a peck on the check.

I grabbed my suitcase off of the belt and uncle Tristan took it. We headed outside to the car. We climbed in and situated ourselves. I took a deep breath and sighed sadly.

I’m coming home, dad.

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