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“What do you mean?” He asked, his voice full of curiosity.

“Just trust me.” I croaked, the pain was increasing again and I knew something wasn’t right.

“Why should I trust you? When you don’t trust me?” He whispered, his voice full of pain. I glanced at him, “I want to tell you, but I’m-” I screwed my eyes shut and whimpered.

“Amaris?” He panicked, jumping up from the floor and carefully sat next to me on the bed, placing his hand just above where my bandage is. The pain eased slightly and I opened my eyes gradually, keeping my eyes fixated on him.

“You’re my mate, aren’t you?” He whispered, gazing down at me.

“RHYDIAN!” Ezra bellowed from downstairs. Rhydian looked towards the door and then back at me, “I’ll go get the doctor.” He smiled as he stood up. He walked to the door, glanced back at me then ran out of the room.

"No, don’t get a shower on your own. Aunt Georgie will be there soon." Tristan finally mind linked back.

"The pack doctor is here. There’s something wrong." I linked, sighing.

"I’ll be there as soon as I can." He quickly replied before shutting off the link.

Rhydian and Doctor Reeves came into the room and stood by the door. “Alpha.” Doctor Reeves greeted, bowing his head. “Alpha Rhydian has brought me up to speed.” He began, walking to my bed. He kneeled down and examined my stomach.

“So, you’ve been poisoned.” He announced. Rhydian growled lowly startling Doctor Reeves. I glared at him, he shrugged his shoulders at me. “Sorry.” He muttered.

“So, it rules out silver and wolfsbane... What else am I missing?” He mused. Rhydian moved to the end of the bed and frowned, “Why does it rule out silver and wolfsbane?” He queried. I sighed then rolled my eyes, “Later.” I mouthed at him.

“It has to be something out of the forest. I’m immune to most things that hurt a wolf.” I sighed, as Rhydian gasped. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, he was furrowing his brows at me.

The doctor examined closely at my wound, he inched closer and inhaled deeply at the wound. He fell back, surprised. “What is it?” I asked.

“Hemlock.” He said as he stood up. Another wave of pain hit me, I yelped and tried bringing my knees to my chest. I cried out causing Rhydian to push my knees down and held onto my waist. He kneeled on the bed, hovering over me. “Take a deep breath.” He cooed, stroking his fingers in circles on my hips.

“Doc, can you help her?” He asked, not taking his eyes from me. “Yes, Alpha. I’m going to get the drug that will counter Hemlock now.” He declared.

He left the room and I closed my eyes as the pain subsided. “Don’t postpone the funeral, I still have 5 hours to rest and get the antidote,” I whispered.

He hummed in response and I opened my eyes. “Amaris...” I cut him off, holding my hand up. “I know what you’re going to ask. We’ll talk tomorrow. I’ll tell you everything” I exclaimed. I took a deep breath before staring at him, “I just can’t do it right now.” I whispered. He nodded and reached his hand up, twirling a loose hair around his finger before placing it behind my ear.

I felt my checks heat up, I saw a glint in his eyes and I covered my face with my hands. “Adorable.” Rhydian whispered to himself. I don’t think he wanted me to hear it because he coughed after. I giggled to myself.

Amaris, we finally found our mate.′ Aurora purred.

...Maybe.′ I replied, not taking my eyes from Rhydian’s gaze. The mate bond was definitely starting to form. I could feel the pull. Sooner or later, it’s going to be damn near impossible to stay away... I’m hoping for the latter.

There was a knock on my open bedroom door, we both turned to see the doctor, Tristan, Lucas and Ezra stood in the doorway.

“Well, well, well...” Ezra smirked. Rhydian growled at him and Ezra held his hands up in defence. “I have the antidote, Alpha.” Doctor Reeves stated as he came over to us.

Rhydian got off the bed and gestured them to wait outside. “No. They can stay.” I announced and motioned them to come in.

“Before you administer the antidote, Doc. I need a word with Ezra.” I announced, trying to sit up. “I’ll come to you, don’t hurt yourself.” Ezra said as he reached my bedside. He kneeled and bowed his head at me.

“There’s no need for that. I’m not the Alpha.” I chuckled, then winced as pain shot across my abdomen. I waited until it passed before speaking. I needed to say sorry and I couldn’t do it if I was spluttering.

“I’m so sorry for what I did to Elijah. I never meant to and I would never intentionally hurt someone.” I said regrettably.

“I’m sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean it. I was scared.” He apologised, his eyes focused on the floor.

“No... What you said was correct.” I sighed. “I am dangerous.” I deadpanned, then took a deep breath. “But I’m going to learn to control myself and this won’t be happening again.” I sighed.

“Tomorrow, I need you to hold a pack meeting.” I looked at Rhydian, he nodded his head.

“Amaris, are you sure?” Tristan asked, his lips set in a hard line. “I need to.” I hesitated, “After I’ve told Rhydian... Everything.”

They nodded at me but didn’t say anything further.

“Okay, Doc. Let’s get this hemlock out of me.” I said.

Ezra stood up and Doctor Reeves replaced him. “This is going to hurt. I need to administer the drug directly in the wound.” He explained as he pulled out the equipment he needed. “I’ll be okay...” I muttered.

“It’s not you I’m concerned about.” He whispered, placing his hand over mine. “Your wolf takes over with different emotions. It’s been known to happen when you...” He hesitated. “Get hurt.”

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I know he was right, “Rhydian.” I held my hand out.

“Tristan, I need your help.” Rhydian gestured him over. “I need you to lift her off the bed.” Tristan stared at him blankly but got on with it.

He slipped his arms under my head and legs, bringing me to his chest. Rhydian climbed on my bed, sitting with his back against the headrest. He grabbed a pillow, laying it over his crotch. He patted the space between his legs, “Lay her here.”

Tristan gently placed me back on the bed, I grunted slightly and got myself comfy. Rhydian held his arms over my shoulders, “Give me your hands.” He ordered, calmly. I held my hand against my chest and he linked our fingers together. Resting our hands just above my cleavage.

I arched my head back, glancing at him. I gave him a shy smile before turning to the doctor. I took a deep breath.

“I’m ready.”

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