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I stared out at the open road as we made our way to my favourite spot. A little nature walk, every summer my dad used to take me. It’s run by a lovely couple who are both werewolves. Every now and again, they only open for our kind, it’s amazing running through there in our wolfs.

“I can’t believe I let you drive my car,” Rhydian complained for the second time. We’ve only been on the road for 10 minutes. I rolled my eyes and giggled.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle.” I chuckled. I put my foot down on the accelerator, causing the car to jerk forward. “Fucking hell, Amaris! Go careful.” He shrieked. I glanced at him quickly, his hand was gripped onto the door handle, his eyes were screwed shut and his bottom lip was stuck between his teeth.

I took a deep breath, looking back at the road. I stole a glance at him again, zoning in on his lips. I bit back a groan, he was making me feel all kinds of things.

“Eyes on the road, Thorne.” He smirked, with his eyes still shut. I snapped my eyes back on the road, gripping tightly on the steering wheel. I heard him chuckle to himself, I wouldn’t be surprised if my face was as red as a tomato.

“So, where are you taking me?” He questioned, reaching for his stereo. “It’s a surprise!” I beamed. He pressed a few buttons on the centre console and Maroon 5 filled the car. I smiled at myself, I absolutely love Maroon 5. He began hitting the next button, I frowned and glanced at him before focuses on the road. “Don’t worry, I’m just looking for a certain song.” He chuckled.

Soon the music filled the car again and I sucked a breath in. I know exactly what this song is... New Love. “Is this your favourite song?” I asked, keeping my focus on the road. “No.” He answered. As the music continued, I couldn’t help but feel he had a hidden agenda playing this song.

I hummed along with the music as it continued. I could feel Rhydian’s eyes on me every now and again as it continued. The song came to an end and he started flicking through again. “This one is my favourite.” He remarked, sitting back in his seat. Sunday Morning filled the car and I smiled. “Aww, I like this one.” I started singing along, the awkwardness I felt from the other song had gone. I was feeling upbeat now.

“My favourite is Animals,” I chirped. As the song finished he flicked through again, he stopped and Animals started. “This song is so catchy,” I yelled, as I turned it up full. ”Maybe you think that you can hide, I can smell your scent for miles." I sang at the top of my voice. Rhydian laughed then joined in.

We arrived at the nature park in full spirits. I felt like I was on top of the world. Rhydian looked around then turned to me, “This is where you kill me, right?” He joked. I rolled my eyes at him as I parked the car. “They would never find you.” I winked at him. He held his hand over his heart, put on the fakest sad expression I’ve ever seen and sniffled. I laughed as I climbed out of the car.

I closed the door then tossed him his keys, “Not even a scratch.” I smirked. He chuckled walking around are car. “Do you want to get food first?” He suggested, stopping in front of me. I nodded and smiled. We strolled towards the cafe as Rhydian was taking in the scenery. We reached the door, he pulled it open for me, motioning me to enter first.

“Such a gentleman.” I giggled entering the cafe. He slipped in after me, “Nah, it’s age before beauty, love.” He noted. I glimpsed back at him, raising a brow, “Am I actually older than you?” I asked, I was curious. I thought we were around the same age.

“No,” He shrugged. “I’m 25, you’re still a pup.” He flashed me a grin. I rolled my eyes then went towards the counter. “Amaris Thorne, is that really you?” The woman behind the counter questioned excitedly. I nodded, smiling. “Hi, Maria.” I greeted.

“Gerald, get out here!” She squealed. “Oh, I can’t believe it’s you.” She gushed. “What are you squealing for?” A man sighed as he came through a door behind the counter. “Darling, look it’s Amaris.” She burst, pointing at me. Gerald’s face lit up, he rounded the corner and stepped in front of me.

Maria and Gerald Faulkner. They were members of our pack, Gerald retired years ago and my dad gave them permission to leave the pack so they both opened this place and moved here.

“It’s been so long. You haven’t changed one bit.” He exclaimed. I giggled, pulling him in for a hug. “It’s so good to see you both.” I breathed. We pulled apart, Maira glanced between Rhydian and me then settled on back on me. “This is Rhydian.” I smiled, introducing him. “He’s our Alpha”.

They both bowed their heads. Even though they aren’t part of our pack anymore, they are two of the most respectable wolves I’ve ever met.

“There’s no need for that.” Rhydian chuckled, “I’m only the stand-in Alpha, so to speak.” He announced, shooting me a smirk. Gerald nodded in understanding. “Take a seat and I’ll be with you soon,” Maria said, with a huge smile on her face.

I walked towards the table on the right side of the cafe. “This is my favourite table,” I mentioned as I sat down. Rhydian glanced out of the window then looked back at me. “I can see why.” He nodded, smiling. Maria came back to get our order before leaving us again giving me a subtle wiggle of her brows.

We ate and talked. It was nice, he kept asking me questions about my dad and what I was like when I was younger. I avoided speaking about my teenage years just yet and thankfully he didn’t press any further.

“Was that ok for you?” Maria asked us as we went up to the counter to pay. “It was lovely, thank you,” Rhydian replied, handing her some money. She swatted the air, shaking her head. “That won’t be necessary. It’s on us.” She smiled. “Are you sure?” I asked, she nodded her head.

“Well, have fun you two. It was so good to see you.” She said. We headed out of the cafe and made our way to the entrance of the nature walk. It’s now or never, I need to tell him about my past. I took a deep breath and let it all out.

“I was 13 when I realised my wolf was different,” I started.

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