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We pulled up outside of the packhouse. “Thanks for dropping me here.” I turned to face Rhydian. He nodded and smiled at me, “I’ll see you at the pack meeting.” He assured. I nodded before getting out of the car.

There was one person I needed to tell, that I wasn’t leaving.

I went up the steps to the packhouse door. I let myself in and went straight for the kitchen. “Hi, Gloria.” I greeted the woman who was stood by the kitchen sink. She spun around beaming at me, “I was waiting for you to come to me, I didn’t want to overwhelm you.” She gushed. I waved my hand dismissively, “Nonsense, you’re family.” I playfully scolded.

I quickly rounded the kitchen island and circled my arms around her. “I missed you, sweetheart.” She bubbled. I heard her take a deep breath then she jumped back startled, “Oh, you aren’t wearing your necklace anymore?” She asked well stated. I shook my head and smiled. She didn’t press any further which I didn’t think she would do anyway.

“Do you know where Lucas is?” I asked, leaning against the kitchen counter. “I think he’s in the communal hall.” She answered. “You’ve turned into a beautiful young lady, Amaris.” She complimented me, “You look just like your father.” She smiled sadly. I gave her a small smile, “Thank you. I’m going to find Lucas so I’ll see you soon.” I hummed. She nodded then got back to what she was doing.

I left the packhouse and headed towards the communal hall. He’ll be getting ready for the pack meeting. I reached the hall and stood outside, gazing at it. “Well, there’s a scent I never thought I’d smell again.” I heard a voice behind me. I turned around to see who it was, a huge smirk appeared on my face. “I heard you were back.” Elder Rick said as he sauntered towards me. “Yeah,” I answered, unsure of what to say.

Elder Rick is the one that spoke to me about my wolf. He was one of my dad’s dearest friends. “I would have come to see you sooner, but I’ve been with the wolf council.” He mentioned as he dragged his hand through his fine grey hair. “I’m apart of the wolf council now.” He announced. “Wow! Really, congratulations.” I praised him. “That’s an amazing opportunity,” I added. He nodded and folded his arms across his chest. “How are you doing? How is everything with your wolf?” He questioned, cautiously. I sighed and shrugged. “I’ve lost control since coming back,” I admitted. He shook his head, “That’s understandable, Amaris. You suffered a great loss.” He nodded.

“Yeah, I’m telling the pack about my wolf,” I stated, awkwardly. He was always the one who said I should keep it secret. So, I’m expecting some very high opinions from him, but instead, he shocked me by nodding. “I think that is a great idea.” He put his hands on my shoulders, “Well done for trusting them.” He expressed. I beamed at him, “I’m trying.”

He said he had to go and he would see me at the meeting. So, I headed into the hall on the lookout for Lucas. There was so many here already, I made my way through the small groups of people until I caught his scent. He was stood near the stage with Ezra and Ria. I strolled up to them, they turned towards me as they sensed me coming. Lucas raised a brow at me and mouthed, “Are you ok?” I nodded as I stopped next to them.

“Hey, girl! Are you ok?” Ria asked, linking her arm through mine. “Yeah, I’m good.” I smiled, “We need to have a catch-up, sleepover tonight?” I offered, I’ve neglected her for too long. Her face lit up and she squealed. I chortled as she flung her arms around me. “Can we come?” Ezra whined, “No.” Ria growled. “Girls night. Go have a boys night.” She rolled her eyes. “Lucas, can we talk?” I asked, grabbing his attention. “Of course, come on we’ll go outside.” He responded, taking ahold of my hand and pulling me across the hall.

We stepped outside and he turned to me, “So, what’s up? How did the talk go?” He asked, searching my face for any discomfort. “It went ok.” I replied, “You know about his past right? About the boy, he couldn’t save?” I asked, nervously. “Yeah, he was really cut up about it still. He was scared you’d blame him for your dad dying.” He remarked. I took a deep breath, “So, he told you about his mate dying?” I asked, trying to gain as much information as I could. He nodded. “Why?” He shrugged.

“Malia?” I asked, again. He furrowed his brows at me, “Yes, why?” He returned, getting agitated. “Malia was Brett’s sister,” I announced. His face dropped, he opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off... “The boy he couldn’t save was Alex,” I added. I was surprised by how easy it was to say his name without wanting to burst into tears. His jaw dropped, he stood there frozen. “He caught my scent. The body he found, she was the one wearing my clothes.” I told him, although I’m not sure how much he was understanding.

He knew everything about what happened. I told him and my dad at the same time. I didn’t want Lucas to leave my side at the time.

“Wow! Um, that’s... Um...” He stammered, I snickered and nodded. “I know, when he was telling me about his past it sounded so much like my past but told from a different view. It wasn’t until I told him Alex’s name that he realised.” I explained. “I haven’t heard you say his name for 9 years, I’m so proud of you.” He proclaimed. “I know, I told him after I’d finished telling him about my past, not about Noah and Brett.” I added, “Well, after he tried drowning me.” I chuckled.

He raised his brow at me. “I think I was losing control when I was telling him. He dragged me in the water to bring me out of the memories.” I rolled my eyes, “It worked though.” I chuckled lightly. “I told him about Brett.” I announced, his eyes snapped to mine and he held his gaze on me for a few seconds, “He knew Malia had a brother and that he had died and I told him that I'd killed him.” I sighed, “I told him everything about what happened with him, well the short version.” I explained.

“What about Noah?” He asked. I shook my head, “Not yet. But that’s the third thing on my list.” I said, hoping he’d ask what was first and he did. “What’s the first and the second?” He wondered. “Well, the first is telling you I’m staying and the second is telling the pack about my wolf.” I declared. “Ah, yeah that makes... Wait what?” He asked, shocked. I chuckled.

“I’m not leaving again.” I started, “I’m home, Lucas.”

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