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To say Lucas was happy was an understatement. I’m pretty sure he cried, although he hid his face before I could get a proper look. Now, I need to tell the rest of my family before I go out on that stage in front of the whole pack and pretty much execute myself. I snickered to myself as I was sat on a bench outside the hall.

I tried nudging the wall Aurora put up, I wanted her present when we tell the pack and I also wanted to tell her I was staying which she will already know. But I wanted her to actually hear it. I felt the wall come down and knew she’d let me back in.

Rory, I’m sorry. I know I self-sabotage and I’m going to try. I want what you want, I just find it hard. We’re staying, this is home.′ I waited for a response from her. I stared out into the pack lands, there were pups running around with their parents. As much as I didn’t want to live a pack life, I have missed the constant bustle of pack life. It’s one big family, after being alone for 3 years, it’s nice not to be alone anymore.

I’m here. I’m always here. I’m sorry too, I know it’s hard. But anything worth having isn’t going to be easy. I’ll be here with you through everything.′ Aurora spoke back. Relief washed over me, everything felt right again.

Now I can do this.

I stood up, took a deep breath. I glanced at the massive clock on the side of the building, it was 3.45 pm. That gives me enough time to tell everyone else I was staying. I entered the building and to my luck, the most important people to me were all gathered around the stage. I went over to them and smiled as they noticed me. “How are you, love?” My Aunt Georgie asked. “I’m good, just a little nervous,” I admitted.

Uncle Tristan draped his arm over my shoulders, “We’re all here for you, kiddo.” He smiled. I took a deep breath, “I need to tell you all something.” I announced. They all looked at me worriedly, I bit back a giggle and decided it wasn’t best to mess with them, just get straight to the point. “I’m staying.” I smiled. “You’re not going back to Canada?” Georgie gasped. I shook my head and scanned my eyes around everyone stood in front of me. My eyes landed on Rhydian’s, he gave me a killer smile that almost made my knees buckle. “I’m home.” I grinned.

“Are you ready to start? I think everyone is here.” Rhydian asked. I took a deep breath then nodded my head. ” We will be sat on the front row there,” Tristan said, pointing to the chairs. I smiled and gave him a curt nod. I accompanied Rhydian and Lucas on to the stage.

I looked around the room once I was stood next to Rhydian. I felt like I had a spotlight on me. All eyes were fixed on me. “Thank you for attending this meeting. We’ll get straight down to business. Amaris has something to tell you all.” Rhydian announced before he stepped aside. ”You’ve got this." He encouraged through our link. I took a deep breath then held my head high.

“Hi.” I awkwardly greeted. A few pack members chuckled then gave me bright smiles. “Those of you who knew me before will know the gist of why I left.” I started, “The rogue attacks both packs have undergone was because of me.” I disclosed. Rhydian cleared his throat, I turned to face him and he raised his brow at me. I offered him a small smile before turning back to the crowd. “Well, technically not because of me... But it’s me they want.” I explained.

“I have a Dark Wolf,” I said, ripping the band-aid off. “But that’s just a legend.” One of the pack members gasped. “That’s what we thought too, but I’m living proof and so was my brother,” I answered, sighing. “What’s a Dark Wolf?” Ezra asked. I took a deep breath, “I don’t know a lot about it.” I sighed.

“A Dark Wolf is rare, apparently they only appear when there is a great evil born into the world. I don’t know what that means, whether it means literally or figuratively. Dark Wolves haven’t been seen or heard of for thousands of years, they are said to be direct descendants of the royal bloodline. A Dark Wolf reaches their full potential when they have their mate, although I don’t know what will happen.” I explained.

“I am faster and stronger than normal when I change. The only difference that is seen when I change or transform is my eyes. They glow red, I won’t listen to anyone and I become murderous. I don’t have control as of yet, but I’m learning too.” I said cautiously.

“If it happens, Alpha Rhydian needs to be informed immediately. No one comes near me and you’ll be safe.” I explained. “I’m not trying to scare anyone. I won’t ever intentionally hurt any of you.” I said quietly, I took a deep breath. I could feel how some pack members were scared and I felt awful. I had to try and reassure them the best I could.

“The Dark Wolf comes forward for different reasons, for me, it’s my emotions,” I muttered. “I was starting to control it before I left, but since coming back, I have little to no control. So, with the training and support, I know I will be able to.” I smiled, hoping to relieve some tension in the room.

“I’ve been told not to tell anybody about my wolf. I wasn’t going to tell you about it until I knew more about it...” I inhaled deeply, “But, the rogues are back.” I shivered.

“They are going to be coming for me,” I observed the crowd, snarls and growls could be heard throughout the pack. It made my heart swell with pride, even though I haven’t been here they still see me as their pack member and maybe even their Alpha.

"See, you’re their Alpha," Rhydian stated through the link.

“I’d understand if you don’t want me in the pack. If I leave, they won’t bother with you.” I took a deep breath, “I would like to stay.” I glanced at Rhydian then at Lucas. “This is my home and I’m sorry, I didn’t come back sooner,” I whispered, hanging my head low. The crowd erupted, people were voicing their opinions over each other.

“You’re our rightful Alpha, Amaris.”

“You belong here with us.”

“Can we leave if we want?”

I snapped my head in the direction of the voice. I groaned and rolled my eyes. Of course, she would be the one to want to leave. “Anybody is free to leave if they wish,” Rhydian answered. She glared at him and was about to say something else but Rhydian cut her off. “I’m the Alpha, I say Amaris stays.” He started, “But... Amaris wants it to be up to you, so you are all free to choose.” He looked furious.

"If they want you to leave, I’m coming too." He claimed. I spun my head to look at him and frowned. ”You can’t," I answered back. ”The hell I can’t. I’m not losing you again." He stared straight at me, daring me to argue back. I huffed quietly and turned back to the pack.

“If your wolf is rare, is it like the legend of the White Wolf? Do you have any powers?” Someone asked. I shook my head and smiled, “No, I don’t have any abilities. If I did, they would have shown up by now.” I answered, he nodded but didn’t ask anything else.

“Why did you leave? I heard you faked a mate” Selena drawled, twirling her finger around her hair. “And where’s your brother... if you even have one?” She continued.

Does this bitch have a death wish?′ Aurora snarled.

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