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As we neared the pack borders, the nerves kicked in. I haven’t seen anyone from home in 3 years and I’m not sure how they’re going to react. Especially when I’m expected to be their Alpha.

As the border came into view, 4 wolves appeared from the tree line. I didn’t recognise any of them but it has been that long since I’ve seen anyone, they could have different warriors.

I don’t recognise any scents, Amaris.

They were all a little smaller than Aurora. She was quite a large wolf, especially for a she-wolf. But I do have Alpha blood in me.

The larger wolf shifted, he stood in between the other wolves completely naked. I rolled my eyes but kept in wolf form.

Aurora stood taller and padded the ground. The wolves all looked at each other. Before the naked dude spoke, “Shift.” He commanded, well-tried. Aurora doesn’t respond to commands. A wolf went behind the tree and brought some shorts out for the guy.

Aurora cocked her head slightly then sat down. The wolves growled and the guy's eyes burned black showing his wolf was present.

“Shift now.” He gnarled.

Aurora stayed in her sitting position, the wolves and that rude wolf were getting agitated.

“Shift!! Our Alpha is on his way. You’re trespassing.” He barked.

Yes, it seems like I’m trespassing and I was all for just winding them up. But saying their Alpha is on their way, didn’t sit well with me at all. Either they are bluffing because I know for a fact their Alpha isn’t coming or someone has actually taken over my dad.

“Alpha Rhydian Knight of The Dark Wolf commands you to either shift or leave.” He snarled.

Aurora stood up, baring her teeth and growled. The wolves surrounded the guy and growled.

All of a sudden, Aurora stopped growling and sniffed the air. The wolves started looking around suspiciously.

Ready?′ Aurora chimed.

Do it!

Aurora sprinted off in another direction, confusing the wolves. The wolves began chasing us through the forest. Aurora turned around a tree and hid behind a tree trunk. The wolves went running past.

She leapt over the trunk and ran back to the border. As soon as we passed through the border, I felt it. All the sadness and hurt the pack were feeling. Aurora let out a painful howl and sprinted towards the packhouse.

The overwhelming feeling of guilt was eating at me. This is my family and my pack. I let them down.

Once we get there, don’t shift until we see Uncle Tristan.

Aurora ran through a street full of wolves. They all stared and watched me run. They either recognised us or they don’t care about unknown wolves running through their territory.

We stopped outside of one of the packhouses, I recognised the lad sitting on the steps. He picked up a bottle next to him and poured it out into a bowl. He gave us a smile and Aurora drank it.

We headed towards the main packhouse. As we neared, it was surrounded by wolves. Some in human form and some in wolf form. I jumped over a bench and landed in front of the stairs.

They all surrounded me and began snarling. “You need to shift now.” Someone shouted from the crowd. Aurora sat down again and waited for someone we both trust.

I looked around and saw no one I really knew. None of my friends or family was here. This doesn’t make sense, an unknown wolf running about. I should have been stopped.

The guy from the border walked out of the tree line. “Alpha Rhydian and Beta Lucas are nearly here.” He bellowed.

Beta Lucas?! He’s already Beta. Well, of course, he is. He’s exactly who I would have picked. Aurora growled at the guy and all the wolves growled back.

Aurora stopped growling and sniffed the air. I was about to tell her that it wouldn’t work a second time when the smell hit me. A smell I knew all too well.

The smell of your mate.

Does the necklace protect you too?′ I panicked.

Yes, we’re both protected.′ She reassured me.

My necklace was specially made by a witch to mask my scent. As long as my necklace hangs around my neck, I’m safe from anyone ever sensing me.

Rory, it’s happening again.′ I whimpered.

We don’t know that. This could be our true mate.′ Aurora said full of hope.

It was that water we drank. This is how it started last time.′ I shrieked.

I’m not risking it. I pushed Aurora back and took full control. I growled and snapped at everyone.

Lucas and this Rhydian guy came into view and Lucas’s face dropped when he saw me. The other guy looked at Lucas and then at me. He snarled and moved towards me.

I panicked as the scent got stronger. That’s him. That’s the guy whose fooling me into thinking he’s my mate. I growled and backed up. I turned to run when Lucas shouted, “No, Amaris! Wait!”

I whimpered and bowed my head. All the feelings I was getting from the pack, my guilt and the scent from Rhydian was overwhelming. I needed to get far away.

I saw my Uncle Tristan come running through the crowd, Lucas and Rhydian were in front of me. I snapped my teeth at them so they wouldn’t come any closer.

“Amaris? As in Eric’s daughter?” Rhydian asked looking confused at Lucas. He nodded his head at Rhydian and looked at me sadly.

Tristan came towards me and I whimpered. He knelt down on one knee and placed his other hand on his leg, a sign of submission. He knows my wolf, he knows how to get her to listen. But she isn’t in control, I am.

And I don’t want to listen.

I stared at Tristan and focused on him. I needed to mindlink him.

"Uncle Tristan, I can’t cope." I cried through the link.

He looked at me and shook his head. He turned to the crowd and rose to his feet.

“Ok, shows over. Back to what you were doing.” He announced.

Everyone nodded and left. Lucas and Rhydian stayed put and I felt threatened by his presence. I’m being tricked into thinking I have a mate.

I’m not going through this again.

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