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We had packed up the majority of downstairs. I decided to start on his office 15 minutes ago and all I’ve managed to do is stand frozen in the doorway. I took a deep breath then slowly stepped into the room. I went straight to the desk, I walked around it and took a seat on the black leather chair.

I breathed heavily as I examined the room. It was gorgeous. All pieces of furniture were made up of wood, apart from the chair I was currently sat in and the little two-seater sofa on the right wall. The left wall had a tall oak filing cabinet, with a small wooden bookcase next to it. The desk was copper-coloured with black trim around the edge. The office was spotless, everywhere had a home with nothing out of place.

I grazed my fingers against a small stack of books on the desk. I began opening the drawers seeing what was inside. I open the last drawer and saw a book, hiding half under countless files. I smiled to myself as I picked the book up.

“Little Red Riding Hood.” I giggled to myself. Ironical isn’t it, a werewolf’s favourite book as a child was Little Red Riding Hood. My dad used to read this to me every night. I used to love hearing him change his voice for all the different characters. I held the book to my chest and gasped, closing my eyes.

There was a light tap on the open office door. I opened my eyes to see Lucas stood observing me. His eyes were full of anguish. “Are you ok?” He asked awkwardly, shifting from one foot to the other. I took a deep breath and shook my head. “I don’t think I can do this.” I groused.

Lucas rushed over to me and kneeled in front of me. “You don’t have to do it today.” He stated. I shook my head, “No, I don’t think I can do it.” I inhaled sharply. “I can’t pack his stuff up,” I whimpered. He gently took the book from my hands, placing it on the desk. “You don’t have to do any of this, babe.” He answered, clasping my hands.

I felt Tristan's presence behind me. He laid his hands on my shoulders. “We’ll sort everything out for you. We’ll put it in storage so when you feel up to it, you can go through it.” He comforted me, squeezing my shoulders tenderly. I sniffled and nodded my head.

I gave them a small smile. Lucas stood up and drew me with him. I picked up the book and grinned, “I’m taking this with me now though.” I smiled. Lucas glimpsed at the book, “Oh man, I remember your dad reading us this.” He burst. Tristan chuckled and moved to stand next to Lucas, “Yeah, you were adamant your name was Red.” He hummed, giving off a faraway look.

I smiled at the memory and snickered, “It was because of your hair if I remember rightly.” Lucas exclaimed, laughing. I nodded and laughed. “I’m going to head home, I’m having a girly night with Ria,” I mentioned. Tristan responded with a nod, gave me a peck on my cheek and left the room.

“It will be good for you both. She’s really missed you.” Lucas said. “Yeah, I have too. I had a few people I would call friends in Canada but I could never be truly myself with them and I always had to watch what I said.” I mumbled as we left the office.

We reached the stairs and Lucas turned to me, “What kind of friends did you have?” He smirked. I rolled my eyes and shoved his shoulder, “Not that kind you are insinuating.” I retorted.

He chuckled as we went down the stairs. “Good because I don’t think Rhydian would cope if any boyfriends turned up here.” He winked. I rolled my eyes again at him and flipped my middle finger at him.

“Real mature, Amaris.” He bantered. ”Real mature, Amaris." I mimicked him. He whipped his head towards me, he scrunched his eyes together and glared at me. I threw my head back laughing, “Oh my god, you should see your face.” I guffawed, pointing at him.

“Maybe you should just go back to Canada.” He muttered to himself. I was having a laughing fit, I couldn’t breathe properly. My throat and belly hurt from laughing. Every time I tried to stop laughing, it made it worse.

“Are you quite finished?” He scoffed, folding his arms across his chest. I leaned against the wall to support myself, I bent over holding my stomach while tears streamed down my face from laughing. I held one finger up at him while I tried to pull myself together.

There was a knock on the door, Lucas rolled his eyes at me before going and answering the door. “Geez, what’s with that face?” I heard Elijah ask which caused another round of giggles. “Amaris is broken.” He replied, pointing in my direction.

I slid down the wall, placed my head in my hands while I was silently dying with laughter. My body was shaking as I laughed, I wasn't making any sounds. “Is she ok?” I heard Elijah whisper to Lucas. “Beats me,” Lucas responded.

I took a long deep breath and focused on my breathing, trying to stop laughing. Once I had stopped, I stood up and faced them. “Ok, now I’m done,” I stated, grinning. Lucas rolled his eyes and Elijah chuckled.

“What happened?” Elijah asked. Lucas glared at him, “Don’t start her off again.” He groaned. “You started it by talking about boyfriends I may have had.” I countered, rolling my eyes. “I was just saying it wouldn’t be a good idea for any of them to show up here with Rhydian.” He shrugged.

Elijah glanced between us both and raised his brow. “Why would Rhydian care about that?” He asked, confused. “Oh babe, you’re so out of the loop.” Lucas grinned, “They’re mates.” He remarked.

Elijah stared at me then stomped his foot like a pup, “Wow, I really am out of the loop.” He moaned. I chuckled, “You’re just like Ezra, I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on you being twins.” We all laughed as we left the cottage.

Elijah had come to find Lucas because they were having a boys night to keep Drew company while Ria is with me. “What have you got there?” Elijah asked, eyeing my book. I held it up and grinned, “My favourite story.”

Elijah gave the book a closer look, “Little Red Riding Hood, how apt.” He replied chuckling. “You know, we should call you Red because of your hair.” He chatted as we strolled along to the packhouse. “I tried telling everyone my name was Red when I was younger but no one would listen.” I rolled my eyes, holding the book against my chest. “Well from now on, I’ll call you Red and everyone else will too.” He stated, smirking at me.

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