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“Selena,” I growled, warning her. I grabbed hold of the door handle and went to open it, “You’re a fucking...”

“You just said lots of bad words. Amaris isn’t my mummy.” Cory exclaimed, holding my hand a little tighter. “Stay out of this, kid.” Selena rolled her eyes. I chuckled and picked Cory up. “I’m not arguing with you and I’m certainly not letting you get to me.” I took ahold of the handle again and turned my head towards Selena, “I’ll be sure to tell my mate you said hi.” I winked before pulling the door open.

The hall was silent, all eyes were on me. I strolled into the hall with my head held high. “Good morning, Alpha.” A pack member smiled at me. “She’s Amaris.” Cory pointed out, scrunching his nose. I chuckled and nodded, “Indeed I am.” He chuckled and wrapped his finger around a loose strand of my hair.

“Who is your mate?” He asked, twirling his finger in my hair. I stopped walking and glanced at him. “Can you keep a secret?” I whispered. “I’m not allowed to keep secrets from my mummy and daddy.” He responded, shaking his head. “That’s ok, you can tell your mummy and daddy and then ask if they can keep a secret,” I whispered. He looked like he was thinking about it before he nodded and grinned.

I pulled him close so his ear was near my face. “Alpha Rhydian,” I whispered quietly, enough so only he could hear me. He jumped back in my arms and beamed at me, “So, you’re our Luna.” He whispered, holding his hands around his mouth. I chuckled, “Maybe.”

I continued walking until I was at the far end of the table, where Ria was sat with Drew. As I went to sit down, Rhydian stood up and pulled the chair out next to him, gesturing his head at the chair. “I think he wants you to sit next to him,” Cory whispered, pulling my hair away from my ear. I chuckled and nodded, “What do you think? Should we sit with him?” I asked playfully. He nodded his head eagerly. As I stepped towards the seat, Rhydian moves over sitting on an empty seat next to him. I placed Cory in between us both and smiled at him.

“You ok there?” I questioned, checking to make sure he wouldn’t fall off. He nodded his head but kept his eyes on Rhydian. He looked petrified, bless him. I sat down and tickled his side, getting his attention. He started laughing and turned to me. “You ok here or do you want to sit somewhere else?” I asked, fussing over everything. “I’m ok here.” He replied before returning to look at Rhydian. Rhydian was looking at me with an emotion I couldn’t quite decipher, I raised my brow at him and he blushed a little before turning his attention to Cory.

“Well, what’s your name?” Rhydian asked, smiling at him. “It’s Cory, Alpha.” He whispered, bowing his head. “My name is Rhydian.” Rhydian smiled, lifting Cory’s head gently. “So, Cory what’s your favourite breakfast?” He asked, picking his mug up. “Um, I don’t know.” He muttered, scanning the table at the breakfast layout. “Oh, come on, everyone has a favourite. How about I’ll tell you mine and then you can tell me yours?” He said playfully.

Cory nodded his little head and gazed up at him, “My favourite is croissants.” He stated with a massive grin on his face. He reached over and piled his plate full of croissants. “Now, I have a tower of croissants.” He chuckled. Cory giggled then scanned the table again, “Um, I like those.” He said, pointing to the toast. “Is that your favourite?” Rhydian asked, raising his brow. “You don’t have my favourite here,” He whispered quietly. “Will you tell me your favourite?” Rhydian asked, smiling at him.

Cory shook his head then leaned across the table picking up some toast. “I’m ok with toast.” He smiled at him. Rhydian nodded his head at me then at Cory. I leaned forward and whispered in his ear, “Will you tell me your favourite?” He looked at me for a second before kneeling up on the chair, placing his hands on my shoulders and leaned towards my ear. “I didn’t want to tell Alpha because I don’t want to seem like I’m spoiled. He makes sure we have a lot of food. I’m happy with toast but my favourite is chocolate porridge.” He whispered in my ear.

I grinned and glanced at Rhydian who nodded, he heard him. I looked back at Cory and winked at him. “You’re a good boy, Cory.” I praised, helping him sit down. He started eating his toast with the biggest grin I have ever seen, I picked up a slice of toast and started eating. We spoke to Cory about his life, we learned that he was 7 and he loved superheroes. He was a special little boy, so polite and thankful for everything.

Cory’s head snapped up as the dining hall door opened and the smell of porridge spread around the hall. His mum came walking towards the table with tears in her eyes, “Mummy, what’s wrong?” Cory panicked standing up, causing the chair to scrape the floor. She shook her head and smiled, “Nothing sweetheart. I received a message from Alpha Rhydian that a special little boy needed his breakfast and we didn’t provide it for him.” She mentioned, her eyes still shimmering with tears.

Cory glanced at Rhydian then at me before turning back to Rhydian. “Is that for me?” He asked, tears brimming his eyes. Rhydian nodded and moved his toast out of the way so his mum could place his bowl down. “Thank you, Alpha and Amaris.” She sniffled. She bowed, blew a quick kiss to Cory and then hurried out of the hall.

Cory sat their stunned, staring at his bowl. “Aren’t you going to eat it?” Rhydian asked, bumping his shoulder gently. He looked up at Rhydian, staring at him. He looked like he was contemplating something, he had obviously made his mind up when he flung himself at Rhydian, wrapping his arms as far as they’d reach around him. I watched as he wrapped his arms around Cory carefully, my heart swelled at the sight in front of me. He had made that little boy’s day. Hell, I’d say he made his entire life.

Rhydian Knight, you are one in a million.

And he’s all ours.′ Rory stated, proudly.

Damn right he is.

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