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Rhydian’s POV.

I carried my mate’s limp body in my arms, fighting the urge to fucking cry. I have absolutely no idea what happened. One minute she was fine then she had some sort of breakdown. I don’t know who this wolf is but Amaris seems to.

"Lucas, I need you at the pack hospital. I’m on my way there with Amaris." I linked Lucas.

"What happened?" His panicked voice filled my mind.

"No time to explain. Just meet me there." I snapped.

I arrived at the pack hospital just as Ezra arrived with the wolf. He nodded at me, his eyes full of worry when he spotted Amaris. I quickly made my way into the hospital, as soon as the nurses noticed me they all came running, fussy over Amaris. They were all talking over each other and I couldn’t get a word in. I growled asserting my dominance, they instantly paled and quietened down.

“Let me through.” Doctor Reeves ordered as he waded through the nurses. “Alpha.” He greeted. “Come on.” He gestured his head towards the long corridor. I followed after him, holding tightly onto Amaris. I leaned my head down a little and placed a chaste kiss on her head. Doctor Reeves opened a door and ushered me inside. I went over to the bed and gently laid her down. I smoothed her hair out of her face and bent down, leaving a kiss on the side of her mouth.

I turned to Doctor Reeves and he had a genuine smile on his face. “She’s your mate, I see.” He hummed. I nodded and offered a small smile. “So, what happened?” He asked, walking over to Amaris’ bedside. “I don’t know. She just started freaking out and then passed out.” I sighed. He lifted her arm to check her pulse then started doing other observations on her. I stood by the door, my hands shoved in my pocket. To say I was scared would be an understatement.

"Where are you?" Lucas asked through the link.

"Room 6," I answered.

“Well, she’s physically ok.” Doctor Reeves confirmed as her family entered the room. Tristan rushed over to Amaris’ side and glanced at the Doctor. “Is she ok?” He asked. “As I was just telling the Alpha, she’s ok physically.” He pulled his gloves off and picked up a medical chart, “I have seen her like this before.” He muttered. “When?” I quizzed. He looked at me then at Tristan. “Tell me,” I commanded. “He knows about Alex.” Tristan nodded.

“When Amaris was brought back when she was a pup, she had a mental breakdown.” He explained sadly. “It was like she was in a coma, it lasted for 5 months.” He continued. I choked back a sob. Whoever that wolf was caused her to have a complete breakdown. I growled and turned towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Lucas grabbed my arm. “To find out who that fucking wolf is.” I snapped. Lucas’s eyes went wide and Tristan came over to me. “What wolf?” He questioned. “There was an injured wolf at the border. Amaris insisted on coming to investigate too.” I sighed. “I tried getting her to stay back at the packhouse, but it’s Amaris.” I rolled my eyes.

“What’s the wolf got to do with Amaris having a breakdown?” Lucas snapped. “I’m getting to the point,” I growled. “Now now boys, you two arguing won’t do any good for Amari.” Tristan scolded. I took a deep breath and nodded. “She was keen on cleaning the wolf and when she did, she started acting weird. She cleaned the wolf’s ear.” I explained. “The wolf looked exactly the same as Amaris’s, even down to the red tip ears.” I sighed.

Lucas and Tristan gasped. “That’s im... impossible.” Tristan stammered. “Dark Wolves are known to have red-tipped ears and tail.” Lucas clarified. “So, you’re saying whoever this wolf is, is a Dark Wolf?” I asked. They both nodded in unison. “Then I suggest we get to the bottom of this.” I declared, opening the door. “Doc, no one enters this room,” I ordered, he nodded and took a seat next to Amaris’s bed.

We made our way to the animal section of the pack hospital. “Didn’t Noah say they were sending someone called Dax?” Lucas spoke, breaking the silence. I growled and clenched my fists together. “Don’t worry, Alpha. No one is going to get to her.” Tristan deadpanned.

I don’t care who this wolf is. If he’s been sent here to hurt my Red, then I’ll be sending his head back to his owners. “Are you certain his ears were red?” Lucas whispered. “Well, not one hundred per cent. I mean, he was covered in blood.” I answered. We reached the animal section and Tristan opened the door.

We walked through and was met by Ezra. “He’s still in wolf form and unconscious. We can’t shift him back.” He groaned. “That’s ok. We just want to see him.” I answered. He nodded and led us to where they were keeping him. We arrived at the morgue for the animal section. I raised a brow at him and he shrugged. “It’s the only place that was large enough to secure him.” He explained. “He’s huge.” He shivered.

Ezra pushed open the door and we entered. He was laid on the floor to the right of us, their was a silver chain wrapped around his leg. “If he is a Dark Wolf... that silver chain isn’t going to hold him.” I pointed out. Tristan slowly crept towards him and bent down. “Lucas, go to my house and get the potion.” He said without taking his eyes from the wolf. Lucas left the morgue and I went over to Tristan, “What potion?” I questioned.

Tristan stood up and turned to me. “We have a potion that was made by the same witch that created Amaris’s necklace. It will subdue a Dark Wolf.” He explained. I growled and shoved him against the wall. “Why the fuck do you have something like that?” I snarled. “Easy, Rhydian.” Tristan held his hands up. I let him down but didn’t move away from him. “It was for emergencies. We didn’t know you were her mate. You’ve seen how she gets when she loses control. It was there in case we needed it.” He sighed. “We’ve never used it on her, I promise.” He shuddered.

I stepped away from him and sighed. “I’m sorry,” I whispered. He came towards me and placed his hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’m just glad she has you in her corner now.” He smiled. “Do you think he’s a Dark Wolf?” I asked, looking over at the wolf. He followed my eye line and sighed. “I don’t know, but he freaked Amaris out. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry.” He nodded.

The door opened and Lucas came through. He was holding a little vial full of a purple liquid. “It looks like Wolfsbane,” I exclaimed. “It was to distract Amaris. She knows Wolfsbane doesn’t hurt her, so if we tried using it she’d let us just to prove us wrong.” Lucas chuckled. I nodded and chuckled. But I still didn’t like that there was something that could hurt her.

Lucas handed his dad the vial and a syringe. Tristan filled the syringe full before handing Lucas the vial back. He went over to the wolf, bent down and carefully pushed the needle into the scruff of his neck. He backed away quickly as the wolf stirred. He let out a huff before falling unconscious again.

“I guess we’ll know when he wakes up.” Lucas shrugged. “How long does this last if he is a Dark Wolf?” I questioned. Tristan put the syringe down on a table and went and picked up a hosepipe. “I guess we’re about to find out.” He took a deep breath and turned the hosepipe on. He aimed the hosepipe at the wolf and drenched him in water. The blood ran off him, Tristan kept the water on him until the blood was gone.

He put the hosepipe down and went over to him. He bent down and ruffled his fur, looking for something. “What is it?” I asked, getting impatient. He stood up and backed away, still facing the wolf. “It’s a Dark Wolf.” He announced. “He has the red-tipped tail and ears.”

“But it’s different from Amaris. This Dark Wolf has some kind of power.” Tristan choked. “I could feel the power radiating off of him. He’s marked too, I think.” He whispered.

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