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Rhydian’s POV

“Rhydian, you need to go home and get some rest.” Tristan sighed.

It’s been 4 days and Amaris is showing no signs of waking up. I need her to wake up, I need her to come back. I miss her so much. I groaned and shook my head at Tristan. “I’m not leaving her.” I deadpanned. I haven’t left the hospital since I brought her here. I have been showering in the small shower cubicle in the bathroom. We really need to invest in some bigger showers.

I have been holding meetings sat by Amaris’s bedside. The Moon Lake Pack’s Alpha has reported sightings of a rogue group that have taken residence in the north of our territory. It definitely can’t be a coincidence. We spoke to the wolf council about how to proceed, I don’t trust them... Not after what both packs have been through.

“Have you heard from Alpha Jacob?” Tristan questioned, taking a seat opposite me. He’s been here every day along with Lucas and Elijah. Ezra pops in a few times but he’s focusing on guarding the Dark Wolf. I shook my head and sighed. “No. He said he’s still waiting to hear from the council.” I replied, rubbing my eyes.

“You need to get some rest otherwise you’ll be no good when she wakes up.” He scolded. I sighed and glanced at her. She just looked like she was sleeping. “I wouldn’t be able to sleep away from her,” I admitted. I struggle to sleep when I’m here so being away from her if not going to happen. Ryder wouldn’t let me either.

There was a knock at the door, it opened and Elder Rick strolled in. “Alpha, Tristan.” He greeted. “Elder.” We both greeted back. He came over to the end of the bed, “How is she today?” He asked, looking over at Amaris. “No change.” I monotoned, staring at my sleeping Red.

That nickname has stuck, it’s perfect for her. Her red hair, her cheeks when she blushes at me, her eyes when she goes all dominant... Just overall everything about her is special. Fuck, I just need her to wake up.

“Well, I have news from the council.” He announced. I snapped my eyes to him and waited for him to elaborate. “I also have more information about her wolf.” He added. “That can wait for when she’s awake,” I commented. “It involves you too.” He nodded his head at me. I shook my head and waved my hand dismissively at him, “That can wait.” I deadpanned. He nodded and cleared his throat.

“Well, the council want to know who this Dark Wolf is.” He started. “So do we.” I rolled my eyes. “They are going to send some warrior knights to observe the rogues. See if they are just passing or have settled. If they have settled, they’ll be taken in for questioning.” He announced. I groaned and rolled my eyes.

“If they’re who I think they are, they’ll be coming here.” I snapped. “Oh, I agree Alpha. So why not send your warriors first?” He chuckled. I stared at him, “But that’s going against the council.” I stated, “Won’t you lose your position?” I asked.

He shook his head and smiled, “I would give my life for Amaris.” He admitted, gazing at her. “She’s a rare beauty. She is one of a kind and needs protecting at all costs.” He nodded. I hummed in agreement, no one would be hurting her on my watch.

“But you do need to at least get some sleep, Alpha.” He suggested. “No offence, but you look like shit.” He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. “When she’s awake and safe, I’ll sleep.” I nodded. “I understand. I’m around if you need anything.” He smiled before leaving.

“I don’t suppose you have anything that can wake a Dark Wolf do you?” I asked, looking over at Tristan. He looked at me, “For that wolf?” He questioned. I shook my head, “No, Amaris.” I answered. “Nothing that won’t hurt her.” He answered then looked deep in thought. “There is something that we could do, but I don’t know if you’d agree to it.” He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. “I’ll try anything,” I assured.

He sat looking between us both before settling on me, “You could mark her.” He claimed. “Absolutely not,” I growled. “Listen, I know it’s not an ideal situation but she may never wake up, we don’t know how her mental state is.” He whispered. “I don’t care, I’m not marking her without her consent. That takes away her control and she’s had enough of that.” I snapped. “Well, I don’t know anything that won’t hurt her.” He restated.

I groaned frustratedly. “What else is there?” I asked, unsure I actually wanted the answer. “We could use something that does hurt her.” He muttered. I glared at him, “What?” I asked. He took a deep breath, “We would need to inject Mercury into her blood. Only enough to wake her Dark Wolf.” He replied nervously.

My eyes went wide, he can’t be serious. “How do you know that would work?” I glared at him. “She can’t eat fish because they contain low levels of Mercury.” He shrugged. I sighed in relief, I really need to have more faith in these wolves. “What will happen to her?” I questioned. He looked at her and sighed, “Her Dark Wolf will come forward and she isn’t going to be the nice Amaris we know, we’ll need you to calm her.” He replied, looking kinda frightened.

“I’ve seen the Dark Wolf side of Amaris.” I rolled my eyes. “Not like this.” He strained his voice and went towards the door. “Are we doing it now?” I asked. “No time like the present right?” He chuckled.

All of a sudden the door swung open and Ezra flew through the air, hitting the wall before falling unconscious. I watched the door knowing who was going to come through and right on queue, a large black vicious wolf stalked around the door. “Fuck, what do we do? Rhydian... that’s a Dark Wolf.” Tristan fretted.

I’ll distract him, you make a run for it," I ordered through the pack link.

"No! He’ll kill you. What about Amaris?" He choked through the link.

"Tell her I love her. Now go!" I commanded using my Alpha voice. He had no choice but to obey. I turned to look at my beautiful mate. “I love you.” I choked. I looked back at Tristan and nodded.

As I ran at the wolf, he pounced. I saw Tristan scamper out of the room as the wolf took me down. He pinned me to the floor, snarling in my face. Saliva was dripping from his muzzle, he looked wild and frenzy.

I’m here, Rhy.′ Ryder expressed, telling me he was ok with my decision. Gives everyone enough time to get more of that potion, that Tristan no doubt has at home.

I closed my eyes, images of Amaris flooded my mind. Her smile would be the last thing I see and I was ok with that.

A roar reverberated throughout the room and then burning, agonising pain... then darkness.

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