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I wondered around the darkness, trying to find my way. Everywhere I look it’s just darkness and more darkness. I tried calling out for Rhydian but he couldn’t hear me. No one could hear me. I was alone, I don’t want to be alone again.

“I love you.”

I lifted my head up, trying to focus my ears on the sound. It was too muffled, I can’t hear it. I started walking forward, it’s like a long dark hallway with no doors or windows. I’m trapped.

“I love you.”

There’s the voice again. It’s a little clearer this time. But I’m still walking down this neverending hallway with no end in sight.

“I love you.”

A small flicker of light brightened up this nothingness. A little beacon of hope in my darkness. I started running towards the light. I need to hear the voice again, I’m so close. I need to get out of here.

“I love you.”

It’s Rhydian! I can hear him. The light appeared again. I covered my face, it was so bright.

I blinked a few times to get my bearings. I was staring at a ceiling, one I know all too well. Then it hit me, I remembered why I’m here. I bolted upright, my eyes widening at the sight in front of me. The injured wolf standing over Rhydian.

Aurora!′ I yelled.

On it. Let’s go!

I stood up as quietly as I could on the bed. I jumped towards them, shifting mid-air. Aurora roared as we landed on the wolf, causing his claws to sink deep into Rhydian’s stomach. Aurora whined and licked at Rhydian’s open wound. The wolf was laid by the wall. I could see Ezra, he was unconscious too, but I could see his chest rising and falling so I knew he was alive.

I saw movement from the corner of Aurora’s eyes. She stood in front of Rhydian’s lifeless body, shielding him from the wolf. She let out a warning growl at him as he turned his head to look at us. I noticed his eyes were glowing red, he was definitely a Dark Wolf.

Aurora, we need to shift into the Dark Wolf, I just don’t know how.′ I groaned while Aurora kept her eyes on the wolf. He didn’t attempt to move, he was watching me. I didn’t want to hurt him, not when there’s a chance it’s Alex.

How did you do it last time?′ She questioned. I don’t think we have time for this, Rhydian needs help and I don’t think this wolf is going to wait until I have figured out how to shift. I focused on my dark side... The red eyes, the burning feeling of becoming the Dark Wolf. This is how they teach you to shift on command.

I felt a burning sensation spread throughout my body. My eyes were heavy and my breathing was becoming erratic. I closed my eyes and waited for the darkness to take me. Instead, I found myself in full control of Aurora and I couldn’t reach her. We must become one being with the Dark Wolf.

I shook out my fur and stared back at the wolf in front of me. He bared his teeth at me, snarling. He wasn’t Alex. Alex wouldn’t feel threatened by me. He would know I’m a Dark Wolf and he would know my scent. I crouched down, snarling.

We both lunged forward, I kept my head down and collided with his chest, he rose on his back legs as I charged towards the window with him clawing at my back.

We crashed into the window. He dug his claws into my back, I howled out in pain and threw my body against his, making us both tumble out of the window. I heard a snap as I hit the floor, I’m not sure who the sound was from. I stumbled about trying to stand up. I shook out my fur and snarled. The wolf stood up and bared his teeth at me.

I growled before running into the forest. I needed to get him away from everyone. I sprinted dodging trees and logs. I could hear him behind me, getting closer and closer. I pushed myself harder and raced towards the pack border.

"Amaris, where are you?" I heard Tristan’s frantic voice through the link.

"Leading the wolf away," I replied panting.

"Are you crazy? Amaris, that’s a Dark Wolf!" Tristan shrieked.

"I know, like me. I have more chance against him than any of you." I answered back. ”Look, you’re distracting me. I’ll let you know when I’m safe." I reached the border and crossed, keeping up my speed.

"Lead him back towards the packhouse, I have something that will help. Trust me." He answered.

I huffed, digging my paws into the grass. I skidded to a halt and spun around. He stopped running and started stalking towards me slowly. I lowed my body to the ground, ready to leap over him. A branch snapped behind me then more branches snapped all around me. This was a trap, he’s lured me out.

"I’ve got myself into a bit of a situation. North of the border." I muttered into the link.

I turned my head slowly and saw a guy walk out from the trees. I lowered my gaze and snarled. As he got closer, I recognised him but couldn’t work out from where. I couldn’t smell any of them. But, they definitely looked like rogues.

"On our way," Lucas replied before shutting down his link.

“I see you’ve met my pet.” The guy smirked as he came closer. I snapped my jaws at him, causing him to chuckle and move back. The wolf growled at him, clearly wasn’t impressed being called a pet. “You Dark Wolves are all the same.” He laughed. A threatening growl erupted from my chest and he shook his head, stepping back. “Seriously? Is that any way to treat an old friend?” He rolled his eyes, speaking sarcastically.

He started taking little steps towards me, I backed away. “You don’t have full control, do you?” He chuckled. “You could take us all out, probably even go a few rounds with him, if you did.” He continued walking. I backed up until I bumped into the other Dark Wolf. “But... He’s my pet and he has full control and he takes orders from me.” He stated proudly as he stopped in front of me.

I don’t know much about our wolves but I do know, no one can control us. I let out a kind of chuckle, well as much as I could in wolf form. There was no way I was shifting. He’s right I could take them but I wouldn’t want to bet my chances against the other Dark Wolf. He glared at me, “I never expected Dark Wolves to be so loyal. I mean, I killed one of their own.” He smirked.

A deep growl rumbled from within me, everyone stepped back apart from the guy in front. I prowled towards him snarling. I was salivating at the thought of puncturing his neck with my teeth. He backed away pretty quickly. Not so cocky now, are you?

I could feel the trembling from everyone that was here, even the guy had a look of horror covering his face. “Now!” He screamed. I stopped and glimpsed over my shoulder, the wolf was stood watching us. When the wolf didn’t move I took a risk and bolted into the forest, making sure to slice the guys face with my claws as I pounced over him.

I heard the wolf’s loud growl reverberate around the forest as I made my way over to the border. ”Change of plan, I’m heading back to the border. The wolf is following." I voiced through the link. I kept running, willing myself to go faster. I could see the borderline just up ahead. I slowed down slightly, enough for the wolf to catch up. Hopefully, they are waiting for us.

A sharp pain spread up my leg causing me to trip and skid along the floor. I howled out in pain before looking down at my leg. There was a dart sticking out just above my paw. I reached around and pulled the dart out with my teeth, dropping it next to me. My head started to feel heavy, I dropped my head onto the ground and whined. The wolf came over and stopped next to me. He shoved his nose into my neck and inhaled. He growled, picked up the dart and ran straight towards the pack.

I tried howling to signal where I was. I couldn’t mind link anyone, they’ve drugged me with something. Black dots were appearing in my vision, all the trees were blending in together. I saw someone come towards me. I felt my eyes close, I tried keeping them open but it was no use. I was so tired. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

“Oh Amaris, I’ve missed you.”


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