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"You know, you have to eat at some point." The guard snapped at me. I scowled and pushed the tray away. "Fine, starve. I don't care." He grunted. He stormed out of the cell and slammed the door after him.

I have no idea where I am. After I passed out, I woke up locked in a tiny iron crate. I have to stay curled up, I can't stretch my legs and I can't shift otherwise it would be painful and I'd probably break all my bones. They've thought this through.

Whatever they shot me with was without a doubt the work of a witch. I bet they perfected their serum or whatever on that Dark wolf they had. This serum is some powerful stuff, it had me hallucinating my mum. Out of everyone I could imagine, it had to have been her. What kind of voodoo shit are they playing with?

I've tried mindlinking and it doesn't go through. I don't get a reply. I can't reach Aurora either. They've well and truly cut me off from everyone. My eyes welled up with tears and I couldn't stop myself. I sobbed.

I don't know if Rhydian is alive. We haven't completed the bond so I can't feel him. I don't know where that Dark Wolf went. He could have annihilated my whole pack, there's probably no one left. I covered my mouth with my hand whilst my body jerked with sobs. I let the tidal wave of emotions wash over me.

A bolt opening woke me up. I must have cried myself to sleep. I quickly wiped my face, that is the last time I cry and show weakness. They aren't going to break me, I am going to escape from here. Not sure how or when, but I will.

"Did you eat?" Someone inquired. They were stood in the shadows but I could tell by their voice it was a woman. I didn't respond so the figure came closer. I strained my eyes in the darkness and a breath caught in my throat... Malia.

Sure she was older, but she still looked exactly the same as before. I growled and shoved my foot against the bar. "Aw, is someone angry?" She snickered. "I should be angry, you killed my brother." She snarled. I cackled maniacally. "Your brother's death wasn't my fault." I tittered. She darted forward and snarled at me, she squatted and shoved her face into the bars. "You killed him, how was that not your fault?" She boomed.

I peered at her from the corner of my eye, "Malia, Brett died because he was stupid enough to get caught pouring Matebane into my drink... In my kitchen," I heckled. She growled and pulled on the bars angrily. "You're not so tough in there, are you?" She smiled. I laughed again and craned my head to look at her, "Let me out and we'll see how tough you are." I beamed.

She fumbled around in her pocket and took out a set of keys. Surely she isn't dumb enough to actually open the crate. Well low and behold, everyone meet the world's dumbest she-wolf. I chuckled as the pushed the key into the rusty padlock.

"What are you doing, Malia?" Someone yelled from the doorway. Malia suddenly stood up and dropped her head. "I'm sorry dad. She was goading me." She uttered. "I just wanted to teach her a lesson." She mumbled. He shook his head and entered further into the room. "Are you forgetting what she is?" He challenged. Malia shook her head and lowered it down to the floor. "Don't come in here on your own. I don't trust her, sweetheart." He placed his hands on her shoulders and she bobbed her head.

I scoffed before chuckling. "What's so funny?" The guy glared at me. "As much as this cute interaction is, maybe you could do it elsewhere?" I gagged. He ushered Malia out of the room then kneeled in front of the crate. "You don't recognise me, do you?" He smirked at me. I shrugged but kept quiet. "We were quite acquainted on our prior meeting." A sinister smile spreading across his face.

I tried thinking about where I knew him from. I don't think I've ever seen this man before. I must have had a confused look on my face because he chuckled. "If I say I knew your brother, would you remember?" He asked, staring down at me.

"Now tell us which one of you has your wolf and we'll make it easier on you." The man's voice was quiet and sounded quite caring but he had a wicked glint in his eyes. He was anything but caring.

"You fucking bastard!" I boomed. His eyes lit up and he grinned at me, "Ah, so you do remember." He rocked back and forth on his heels. "I was quite upset when I found out you killed Brett. I mean, he was only a pup." He conveyed. I chuckled darkly and raised my brow. "He didn't put up much of a fight. I mean, did he ever really stand a chance?" I ridiculed, "Going against a Dark Wolf takes guts, so he had my respect for that." I added.

"But, he was dead the minute you sent him off." I implied. "I hope you told him you loved him and how you were a proud daddy that his son was following your footsteps, turning into a fucking lunatic." I chuckled. If I'm going to die, I'm going to go down fighting or laughing either one is good for me.

He growled and stood up. "Fuck you." He spat before turning and shuffling towards the door. "I take it you didn't tell him. Guess he died feeling unloved. Poor Brett." I sighed. He slammed the door behind him and I was alone in the dark again.

I glanced at the tray that was still hanging out of the crate. I'm so hungry, my stomach rumbled as I stared at the food. I reached across and dragged the tray towards me. I examined the food that I had been given and when I was 50% sure it wasn't laced with anything, I picked up the stale bread and shovelled it into my mouth. I need to keep my strength up if I'm going to escape.

I fell asleep pretty quickly after I'd eaten. Having a half-full stomach works wonders for your body. I felt more energized than I did. I heard the bolt click again and knew I had another visitor. Pissing them off has become my new favourite past time. If I can piss one of them off enough they might just open the crate and let me out.

The door opened barely and a young pup tiptoed in. "Umm, I'm supposed to bring you to our Alpha." She spoke timidly. I glimpsed at her and lifted a brow. "How old are you?" I queried. I know what they've done, they have sent a young one because they know I won't hurt her. "I'm 12." She answered back, not looking me in the eyes.

I hummed in response as she stumbled forward nervously. "You... You won't hurt me, will you?" She whispered stuttering. I shook my head and craned my neck up as much as I could. "No, I won't hurt you," I promised. She exhaled in relief and bent down. She opened the crate and backed away. She stood near the door practically pressing herself into the wall.

I wriggled out of the crate and stretched. My neck and back made some unpleasant clicking sounds. I groaned and rubbed my knees. "What's your name?" I asked, gradually stepping towards her. "Daisy." She whispered, gaping at the floor. I stopped in front of her and giggled. "You can look at me," I stated. She lifted her head and looked at me, "I'm Amaris. It's nice to meet you." I greeted with a smile.

Her lips turned up into a shy smile and she nodded. "I'll take you to our Alpha. He doesn't like to be kept waiting." She muttered. I nodded and followed her out. I looked around the corridor we stepped into trying to find anything to suggest where we are. I would ask little Daisy but I don't want her to get into trouble. I couldn't see anything, the walls were plain with old wallpaper coming off and the floor was dirty covered in goddess knows what.

She halted outside of a door and knocked. "Enter." A voice boomed on the other side. Daisy pushed the door open and stepped inside with her head bowed. "I fetched the prisoner you asked for." She announced quietly. "Very well. You can have food today." The voice spoke again.

Daisy hurried off down the corridor. I was appalled. She was allowed food because she fetched me. I stormed into the room, "You know you could-" I froze, my mouth fell open and my eyes widen. "You've got to be fucking kidding me," I grumbled.

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