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Blood and gore warning. There’s a slightly descriptive gory scene! When you reach the * don’t read until you see another *

I waited for someone to start speaking. They were delaying and it was pissing me off. I had all these questions about my past that I was finally going to have the answers to.

“I suppose I should start...” Annabelle sighed.

Years ago, before you and Alex were born, a Seer visited your dad and me. She told us a Dark Wolf was coming and it was coming into our pack and the future Alpha of The Crimson Pack would be of great use for the Dark Wolf. That’s all she said, didn’t give us anything else.

Your father and the Alpha of the Crimson Pack met and stayed in contact, his Luna was pregnant at the time so they knew the pup would be the future Alpha. When you were taken, your dad and I were distraught.

I snorted and Annabelle glared at me.

It was your fault because you spoke about your wolf in public when we specifically told you not to. When you were rescued I was furious that you survived and not your brother. It was your fault, not his. After I stabbed you and ran, I came across the rogues. I surrendered to them and quickly fell in love with Benjamin. We spent 2 years scheming how to get you.

“How did you know about my wolf?” I inquired, directing my question at Benjamin. He glanced at me and grinned before he replied.

Selena’s mum, Melina came to me just before we took you. She was in love with Alpha Dominic and wanted Luna Lucy and Rhydian out of the way. She said if we helped her she would become the new Luna and would have allies with The Crimson Pack. I wasn’t interested but she told us about the Seer’s premonition. That, I was interested in. I knew about Dark Wolves and I wanted one.

I killed Melina so she couldn’t go back to her pack and tell them what she had tried to do. You were overhead at your school about hearing voices, I thought it was just a pup making imaginary friends. But, we took you both on the off chance that you did. We weren’t expecting Alex to transform that early into his Dark Wolf, pretty remarkable if you ask me.

A growl rumbled from my chest and I pressed myself further into the seat. I need to hear it all.

We sent Malia to The Crimson Pack to drug Rhydian into thinking she was his mate in case you were his. You were too young to find your mate and we wanted you to think you were safe after you escaped.

“Gee, that was nice of you,” I grumbled.

We sent Brett because he was of the same age as you, but the fool failed and got himself killed. So we postponed until you were 18 and sent Noah... Noah would have succeeded if he wasn’t so eager to start reproducing with you.

I flinched, digging my feet into the floor attempting to ground myself. I was gasping in quick pants, Noah is still a sore subject.

We lost track of you after Noah. We thought our luck had run out until Malia infiltrated The Crimson Pack again and killed pretty much everyone. We learned that Alpha Eric had taken in Alpha Rhydian and the rest of the pack. So, we made a plan on how to get you home.

“You murdered my dad to get me home?” I choked out. Benjamin’s lips twisted into a sickening grin. “It was actually your mother’s idea.” He confessed, “She knew his death would provoke you home.”

I jumped up and lunged at her, I gripped onto her shirt hoisting her up. “Why the fuck would you do that?” I spat in her face. “We... Needed you... Home.” She spluttered. I growled and launched her across the room. She crashed into photo frames that were lined on the wall. She fell onto the ground and howled out in pain.

I peeked at Benjamin and he was sat smirking to himself. Whilst he was occupied, I slung my fist into the side of his head, resulting in him losing balance on his chair. He fell to the floor, supporting his head. I stamped on his ankle hearing it crush and his bone popped out at a disturbing angle. He growled out and struggled to reach for his ankle.

I scrambled over to Annabelle, I didn’t have long before the cavalry would show up. I squatted down, yanked hold of her hair and raised her head. “It’s your fault. You killed my dad, you killed the only ever person that ever loved me.” I growled in her face. “Now, I’m going to be the last face you see.” I snarled. “Amaris, please.” She barely uttered. “Too late, mum," I whispered as I lowered my head down to her.


On her neck, I could see the faded mark from my dad. I bent forward and plummeted my teeth into her neck. I shredded her skin off, removing the mark and spat it across the room. Blood splattered everywhere, I could taste it and it was revolting. I dropped her down with a thud as she reached up for her neck and coughed up blood. I stood watching as the life drained from her eyes and I felt no remorse over what I’d just done.


That was the third time I’d taken someone’s life and it wasn’t going to be the last.

I heard the door open and 3 enormous men appeared into view. Their mouths opened wide and they gasped. “So, there’s a really good explanation for this.” I shrugged. A whack sounded in the room, I swivelled around and Benjamin’s hand was flat on the desk. I suppressed a giggle and held my hands up in surrender.

“I’ll come voluntarily,” I called out. I didn’t need dosing with more of the drug. I needed Aurora to come back. Benjamin heaved himself up and grimaced at me, his eyes widen when he saw that I was coated in blood. His eyes roamed behind me and he drew a breath in harshly. “Put her back in the cage.” His voice strangled. I could see his eyes filling up with tears... Huh, so he really loved her then. That’s a shame.

I followed behind the large burly guys as they grunted. “So, big guy, what’s your name?” I asked. He darted his eyes over his shoulder and smirked. “Names Davis, love. We’ll get to know each other, real soon." He flirted. Oh god, what does he mean by that?!

I crawled into my little crate and huffed as they slammed the door, snagging my foot. “Easy, dickhead.” I barked. “Fiesty aren’t you, Red.” He chuckled. I winced at the nickname and my heart started beating rapidly. I sighed and rested my head on my arm. They left the room, leaving me to my thoughts.

What I wouldn’t give to see Rhydian’s face right now. The way his eyes light up when he sees me or the way my name sounds leaving his lips. I sighed exhaustedly, I need him more than I’ve needed anyone. I just wish he was here to hold me and tell me everything was going to be ok. He loves me, Rhydian loves me. I heard it, he helped me when I was trapped in the darkness. He’s my beacon of hope in my miserable little life. I shut my eyes as a single tear slipped out.

I miss you, Rhydian.

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