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Lucas's POV.

We're stood by the border waiting for Amaris guiding the other Dark Wolf here. My dad has the purple liquid tightly in his hand. We are all on edge. We've never had to go against a full controlled Dark Wolf. To say I'm scared is an understatement. I'm shitting myself! Rhydian is still unconscious but he's alive and that's the main thing. I'm hoping we can get Amaris back before he comes around.

"Where is she? She should have been here by now." I moaned. "We should be in the forest tracking her," I grumbled. My dad scoffed at me and threw me an amused look. "Lucas, you heard what Elijah said, there's too many scents and tracks to follow." He sighed. I know he's right. I just hate the idea of her being out there alone.

"Wait, is that Amaris?" Ezra inquired, squinting into the forest. I followed his eye line and a black wolf was scampering towards us. "I don't know. They look the same. They're identical." I grunted. The wolf was getting closer and closer. I was beginning to panic, if it's not Amaris then we're wolf toys.

"Wait, he's a Dark Wolf, right? So, will he react the same way as Amaris if we submit?" I quickly asked. I peeked down the line of us stood by the border. There was 10 of us. "Everyone kneel," I shouted. Everyone followed suit, I dropped down to my knee and positioned my hand against my thigh, keeping my head bowed.

The wolf halted about 5 feet in front of us. I raised my head gradually, "Amaris?" I doubted. As the wolf got closer, I noticed it wasn't Amaris. It was a male. The wolf tilted his head and slowly edged his way towards me, his red eyes glistening as he held me under his gaze. He hesitated in front of me and dropped something from his mouth, setting his paw over it. I slowly stood up, "Lucas, what are you doing?" My dad hissed.

I put my finger on my lips to tell him to be quiet. I took little steps towards the wolf, maintaining my gaze with him. As I stopped in front of him, I darted my eyes between the wolf and whatever he was hiding under his paw. He backed up, uncovering a little dart. I gulped and bent down to pick it up. I examined the dart and frowned at the wolf.

"You brought this back here so it's obviously something important." I panted. The wolf bobbed his head, "Lucas, what is it?" My dad yelled, the wolf's ears pricked up and he gazed at me. The red was slowly fading away, after a couple of seconds I was staring into black eyes. His Dark Wolf was no longer in control. I felt at ease with him and I couldn't work out why. Suddenly the black swirled away revealing two deep ocean blue eyes.

I choked on my breath and spun around to gape at my dad then back at the wolf. It was like looking at Amaris in wolf form. The wolf whined and tilted his head before hunching low. The sound of bones breaking filled the air. I couldn't take my eyes off him as he jerked and his bones broke and rejoined.

I held my breath as I gawked into a full head of short curly red hair. My bottom lip started trembling as I felt my dad stand beside me. "Is that-?" He gulped. I nodded my head in what felt like slow motion. He stood up cautiously before raising his head and staring at us. Our mouths and eyes widen, his eyes were full of tears as he darted his eyes between us both. "Alex?" I choked out.

"How? I thought-" I was cut off by my dad surging forward and grabbing him into a bone-crushing hug. I stood there, frozen to the spot. I must be seeing things, he died. There's no way he's here. "We thought you died." My dad cried. They were clinging onto each other, their bodies shaking with their crying. My dad stepped back, keeping hold of him. "Oh, Alex." He wept and hugged him again.

I stood there watching them. I felt paralysed, I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. My dad pulled away from him and turned to me with a huge smile on his face. "Lucas," Alex whispered. My breath caught in my throat, he looks just like Amaris. I shook my head vigorously. Alex came towards me cautiously. "I thought everyone had died." He sniffled. I snapped my eyes to him, "It's been 9 years. 9 years, Alex." I wheezed. He took one large step and slung his arms around me.

I fell to the floor with his arms encircled around me, I clung to him as my body trembled. I don't know how long we had been in this position before Elijah tugged on my arm and my dad pulled Alex away from me. I wrapped my arms around Elijah, breathing in his scent to soothe myself. "Hey, it's ok." Elijah soothed, planting a little kiss on my mark. I immediately relaxed, I swivelled in Elijah's arms to face my dad and Alex.

"Where was that dart from?" I inquired, sniffling. "Amaris." He muttered, keeping his head down. "If you knew it was Amaris, why the fuck were you chasing her?" I snarled. He recoiled slightly and sighed. "I didn't know it was her, not at first." He whimpered. "Bits and pieces from my past have been coming back since I've been here." He explained.

"Come on, we have to go back and put together a plan to get Amaris back." My dad announced interrupting Alex. I nodded and grabbed Elijah's hand and dragged him with me. "I'll meet you at the packhouse. I need to go check on Rhydian." I shouted. "Wait!" Alex shouted back. I turned back and halted. "Where's my dad?" He asked, looking around.

"My dad will fill you in. I'll be there soon as." I exclaimed. I sighed and leaned my head on Elijah's shoulder as we carried on walking towards the pack hospital. I want to know where he's been for 9 years and why he didn't recognise Amaris or her scent. But first I need to make sure our Alpha is still alive.

As soon as we trudged into the hospital, we were cornered by a snarling wolf. A furious Rhydian... I guess that answers my question.

"Rhydian, you need to shift back and come with me." I kept my tone steady even though I was freaking out. All hell is going to break loose when he finds out Amaris is gone. He huffed and stalked away into a room. He reappeared completely dressed in scrubs. "Don't ask." He grumbled. "Where's Amaris?" He questioned as we left the hospital.

I took a deep breath, "We need to go to your office." I noted. "Is she there?" He asked, his voice full of hope. I shook my head and kept my eyes low. "Lucas, where is she?" He demanded. I looked up and took a deep breath. "She's gone, they took her. But-" I began but stopped as soon as his eyes flickered black and a murderous growl spewed from his chest. Oh god, this is where I die.

"Look, we couldn't stop her. She saved you from A... the Dark Wolf." I can't tell him Alex is here yet because he could blame him and I'm not sure yet if he is involved. "She led him away, got caught by them. You know what she's like, no matter what anyone could have said to her, she would have done it." I added, hoping to settle his anger just a little. He sighed and nodded. "Come on then." He muttered before leading the way towards the packhouse.

Alex, for your sake, I hope you aren't involved.

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