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Rhydian’s POV.

I feel so proud right now. Not only are the warriors here but there are pack members that haven’t ever been in a fight before. They aren’t physically trained but they’re putting Amaris’s life ahead of their own. Much to my objection about them coming, I can't deny the more we have the better. As they said 'we can give our wolfs control, their animal instincts will know what to do.' I just hope everything goes to plan.

Tristan, Lucas and Alex are running in wolf form to my right with Ezra, Elijah and Drake to my left. Seeing Alex in wolf form makes me miss Amaris even more. They’re identical, I couldn’t tell them apart if I tried.

"Amaris can’t control it, can she?" Alex’s voice popped into my head. I stumbled forward a little, I wasn’t expecting to hear him. Of course, he can mindlink... I don't know why I'm surprised.

"She’s starting to a little but not really. You can turn it on and off, can’t you?" I replied.

"When my emotions are high then no, I can’t. I can call it forward, so to speak. Apollo and I become one, I’m the wolf." He explained.

I’m so glad Amaris has Alex back. Not only because he’s family but he can help her with her Dark Wolf too.

"Just up ahead," Alex announced.

"Everyone, slow now. Keep your eyes sharp for any movements." I ordered through the pack link. I scanned the area, it was oddly quiet. Something didn’t feel right. I stopped and turned to the pack. All eyes were on me.

Alex crouched low, there was a big crack sound and he rose to his human form. “I’ll go ahead. I’m guessing they knew we were coming.” He stated. “I’ll give a signal when it’s safe.” He continued. I nodded to show I was on board with that plan. Alex sprinted off, he was so fast I blinked and he was gone. I’m never going to get used to this.

"So, he’s another Black Wolf," Ezra burst excitedly through mindlink.

"Yeah, he is," I answered with a chuckle.

"Dude, how are you not freaking the fuck out? You’re mates with a Dark Wolf and her brother is one too. That’s like double the whammy." He tittered.

"I’m also his anchor... Whatever one of those is." I replied, chuckling.

"You’re like a god among wolves." He whistled through the link. I chuckled to myself as roars and screams filled the forest. I glanced at the others and when they nodded, we dashed towards the sounds.

The screams and howls grew louder as we continued running. I skidded to a stop as I looked around at the carnage in front of us. Alex was in wolf form standing over another wolf with his throat locked in his jaws. A bloodthirsty growl left Alex as he shook his head, tearing the wolf’s throat out.

Alex whipped his head towards us, his eyes were blazing red. He had skin drooping down and wrapped around his razor-sharp teeth with blood dripping from his muzzle. He looked feral, everyone around me took a step back. I looked around at the sight in front of me, I could count at least 10 wolves. There could have been more, numerous limbs were lying around: human and wolf.

Alex turned his back on us, he held his snout in the air then glanced back at us and barked-howled before racing towards a building in the distance.

"Are we really following a scary looking wolf?" Ezra asked through the pack link. I dashed off in the path Alex went in. ”Ok... I guess we are." Ezra whispered more to himself. As we neared the building, I could tell it was an abandoned three-storey house. The windows were all boarded up with steel plates.

Five wolves strolled out from the side of the house, they were growling viciously. Alex ran at them, I joined him and lunged at one. I dug my claws into his back, pulling him down. He was thrashing around trying to throw me off.

Give me control.′ Ryder growled.

I ignored him and gripped his back leg causing him to lay still, howling. I quickly moved up his body and plunged my teeth into his neck. I bit down hard until I heard a pop. I glanced up and Alex was stood over the other 4 wolves.

"There’s more coming. Can the pack handle them? I’ll take you to where Amaris will be." Alex asked.

I looked back at the pack, ”Alex is going to take me to Amaris. There’s more coming, hold them off, I’ll be right back." I announced through the link. A few pack members nodded at me, Lucas stated behind to help with the rogues coming. Even though I know he was fighting with himself on whether to come or not.

"I used to be the pack nurse in our old pack, can I come in case she needs some medical assistance?" Lyla, Drake’s mate asked. I nodded and Drake’s wolf went over to her, he nuzzled his head into her neck. She swiped her tongue along his muzzle as he whined.

"I’ll keep her safe," I told Drake through his link. He nodded with his eyes pleaded with me. I bobbed my head once in understanding. She trotted over to us, she looked at me with determination before turning to all Alex.

We followed Alex around the back of the building. ”Bring her home, please." Tristan pleaded through the link. I didn’t answer him, I didn’t need to. He knows I’d do anything for her. Alex shifted then pulled his shirt off and passed it to Lyla. She shifted and quickly pulled his shirt over her. “I don’t have anything for you.” He looked at me shyly. ”I’ll stay in wolf form." I linked him. He nodded at me, pushed the door open and ushered Lyla inside.

We stepped into a corridor. I scrunched my nose at the smell, it was like I could taste it. I gagged as Lyla gave me an amused smile. “This is why I wanted to shift... The smell isn’t as prominent in human form.” Alex whispered shrugging. “It’s just at the end of this corridor.” He whispered again, pointing down the corridor.

A rogue stepped out of one of the rooms and stared wide-eyed at Alex. “Oh, Alex. You’re back.” He spoke quietly and awkwardly. “Who are they?” He raised his brow, glancing between Lyla and me. “They don’t smell like rogues. Are they friends of Selena?” He questioned. I had to bite back a snarl at the mention of Selena. I can't wait to get hold of her!

“We are. She told us she was coming here and she hasn’t returned. So we thought we’d come and see her, she said you were all friendly so we didn’t see a problem.” Lyla answered sweetly at the guy.

“Alex, um... Can we talk in private?” The guy seemed scared. Alex shook his head, “Whatever you’re going to say, just get on with it. I want to see the prisoner they captured.” He replied, sounding uninterested. The guy began stuttering and trying to speak but couldn’t get his words out. Alex strolled towards him chuckling. “Too late.” He growled before wrapping his hands around his neck and squeezing until the guy fell limp on the floor.

He took hold of his legs and dragged him into a room. He came back out and started walking again. We approached the door and the smell of blood engulfed my senses. I began panicking, Alex couldn’t open the door fast enough. I barreled through the door, causing the wood to fly everywhere. I shook my body getting rid of the remnants of the door. I took in the sight in front of me and heaved.

We’re too late...

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