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“Any change with him?” Lucas inquired standing in the doorway of the hospital room. I shook my head and looked back at Rhydian. He was hooked up to so many machines. There were wires all over his body. Lucas hummed and came further into the room. “Have you spoken to Alex?” He queried as he settled into the chair opposite me next to Rhydian’s bed. I shook my head but kept my eyes on Rhydian. Lucas sighed and ran his hands through his hair. “How did you get out?” He asked. I took a deep breath and peered over at Lucas.

After Malia told me about Alex being alive, my emotions were all over the place. Aurora finally came back, I couldn’t shut my mind off. I was questioning everything. I couldn’t stop it, I started to shift and no matter what I did it was happening. I had half shifted but because of the crate, I couldn’t complete it. My bones were popping out in different directions. Even after I told Malia to go, she came back with the keys. I had to force myself out of the crate, it wasn’t easy and it hurt like hell.

Malia’s dad came into the room just as I managed to get out of the crate. Malia saved my life, she killed her dad while I completed the shift. A few more rogues came into the room, long story short I killed them all. The Dark Wolf took over and I don’t remember much about how I got out of the building. I remember running through the forest with Malia, she wouldn’t shift as she’s pregnant. I got control back, I don’t know how I did. But the Dark Wolf was still out.

I saw you and Rhydian with the rogues. I have never had to choose who to help before, it was the worst decision I ever had to make. Malia shifted so we could help both of you. But after we got close we noticed you were handling things pretty well.

He smirked at me and nodded. “They were more focused on attacking Rhydian.” He noted. I took a deep breath and continued.

We took out the rogues that were with Rhydian and I let Malia go. She saved my life and I know where she’s going. Plus, I couldn’t hurt her because that would cause harm to unborn pups. I know she killed my dad, but she was just a pawn in Benjamin’s game. After Malia went, I made my way over to Rhydian but was stopped when Alex stepped out of the forest. I was angry with him, I know he had his memories wiped and he couldn’t remember anything but all I could think about was... he was alive all this time with the rogues who did nothing but try to hurt me.

“You need to hear his side of the story, Amaris.” Lucas sighed. “You know, it’s not his fault.” He added. I sighed and nodded, “I know it’s not. He’s going to be angry with me when he finds out I killed our mother.” I mentioned. He shook his head and smiled, “He won’t. He didn’t know that your mum had tried to kill you. He didn’t know anything I don’t think. You need to tell him your story too.” He insisted. I nodded and glanced back at Rhydian. “What happened to Benjamin?” He questioned.

After I saw Alex, your dad came up to us too. I told him to get Rhydian help I was going to find Benjamin and end it. Alex insisted on coming too so I let him. We caught him running through the forest, he looked smug when he saw me come out from behind a tree. He started taunting me, saying he was going to be coming back, his plan wasn’t over. He was going to mate with me if that’s what it took. He soon changed his demeanour when Alex came out too. I told Alex I wanted to confront him first.

Benjamin lunged at us, Alex stood in front of me protectively. A weird red light appeared in front of us and surrounded us, it was almost like I was stuck inside a snowglobe. Benjamin hit it with force, knocking him backwards. That’s when I realised Alex has abilities. He could create a barrier around him. Although he didn’t need it, he kept it up. I killed Benjamin, I ripped his wolf apart, limb by limb. On the way back to the group, Alex tried to get me to talk to him but I ran back home.

I took a deep breath while Lucas watched me sadly. “And I haven’t spoken to him.” I sighed. “Amaris, you do realise if he’s got abilities... You might do too.” He stated, “Please, talk to him. I will stay with Rhydian and let you know if anything changes with him.” He pressed. I sighed and shook my head. “Amaris, he’s your brother.” He grumbled. I glanced at him, “He can come here. I’m not leaving Rhydian’s side.” I argued, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’ll go get him.” He said, standing up and offering me a smile. “Before, you go. Was there many injured?” I asked. He looked at me sadly and nodded his head. “We lost a few warriors and pack members.” He replied. “Drake was one of them along with his mate, Lyla.” He whispered. A breath caught in my throat and I forced the tears away. “We’ll hold a funeral for them all. They will have a decent send-off.” I declared. “Do them tomorrow. If Rhydian isn’t awake by then, I’ll lead it.” I ordered. He nodded and left the room.

I glanced back at Rhydian, I leaned forward and carefully lifted his hand from the bed. I leaned forward and planted a small kiss on his knuckles. “Come back to me,” I whispered, holding his hand against my chest. There was a light tap on the door, I looked over at the door as it opened. Alex poked his head inside and gave me a shy smile. A breath caught in my throat, he looked just how I remembered. I gently placed Rhydian’s hand back on the bed and rose from the chair.

I looked over at Alex, he was stood awkwardly against the door staring at the floor. I blinked a few times to make sure he was real. He glanced at Rhydian and smiled sadly. “You know, he’s my anchor.” He sniffled. I looked between them both, “What’s an anchor?” I whispered. He looked back at me and smiled. “He can bring me back from the darkness.” He explained, “Like what he can do for you.” He added. I sighed and glanced back at Alex. “Dark Wolves have an anchor who helps them. They can match them, eventually in strength and speed.” He remarked.

I took a long breath before running towards him and throwing my arms around his neck. His arms swiftly enveloped my back, crushing me against him. “I have missed you so fucking much, Lex.” I sobbed. I buried my head into the crook of his neck and inhaled his scent as much as I could. His scent was nostalgic.

His scent was home.

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