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I’m too hot, Rhydian’s arm is securely around my waist hugging me tightly against him. I wiggled, trying to get out of his hold. I don’t remember falling asleep and I certainly don’t remember getting into bed with him. I fluttered my eyes open and glanced around the room, I’m still in the pack hospital with him. I sighed and peered over my shoulder.

He looked relaxed, his lips were parted slightly blowing puffs of air at me. His hair was messy, coming down in small waves over his eyes. I giggled quietly and attempted to move again. He moaned and tightened his hold on me. I huffed and tucked my arm under his, trying to lift it off of me. “Go back to sleep, Red.” He groaned. I chuckled and wriggled again. “And for the love of our Goddess, stop shaking your behind against me.” He whined. I stilled and felt something hard push against me, I thrust myself forward, rolling entirely off the bed. I landed with a thump and groaned.

A stifled chuckle filled the room. I yanked myself up on the bed and scowled. “I can see your body moving. I know you’re laughing.” I deadpanned. He had the blanket up over his face but his body was giving him away. “It’s your fault, you know.” I sighed as I stood up and sat on the bed. “Did you hurt yourself?” He asked, draping his arm around my waist. I blushed, looking down at his arm. I shook my head before glancing back at him, “Then how was it my fault?” He raised his brow, his lips curling into an amused grin. “It just is.” I frowned. He chuckled and pulled me back down to lay with him. I quickly scooted to the edge of the bed so I didn’t feel him.

What are you going to do when you mate?′ Aurora asked, chuckling. Goddess, she’s right. I’m a nervous wreck when it comes to anything like that. Can you imagine how I’d be if I actually had to see it or feel it? My breathing was rising slowly and I was panicking. What if I can’t make him feel good?

“What’s wrong? Your heart is beating like crazy.” He muttered, nuzzling his head into my neck. “Nothing,” I answered quickly. “Something is... Tell me.” He pressed his lips to my neck causing goosebumps to rise on my arms. He turned me round to face him, he pecked my nose and chuckled. “Come on, you can tell me anything.” He prodded. I took a deep breath and outlined my finger along the top of his shirt. “You aren’t having second thoughts about me, are you?” He asked worriedly.

Just tell him or he’s going to think the worst.′ Aurora sighed.

“No, I’m not having second thoughts,” I whispered. “I was thinking about mating with you,” I admitted, glancing at him. He raised his brow at me, “Why did that make you nearly have a panic attack? I felt your pulse and it wasn’t a good sign.” He sighed. I shook my head, “I’m worried.” I muttered, looking back at my finger tracing his shirt. He placed his finger under my chin and lifted my head to make me look at him, “Hey, there’s no rush... Whenever you are ready.” He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine lovingly.

I sighed and nudged him away slightly. “It’s not that, I don’t know how to-” He planted his lips over mine, flicking his tongue against my bottom lip. I gasped and he poked his tongue into my mouth slowly. I remembered what he said about massaging his tongue, so I moved with him. He snaked his hand around the back of my neck, tangling his fingers through my hair and deepened the kiss. I moaned and gripped onto his shirt, pressing myself against him. My whole body felt like it was on fire, he kneaded his hand down my body hesitating at my thigh. He gave me a gentle squeeze before pulling my leg up and over his waist.

I froze, my lips still connected to his and my leg over his waist. He pulled away, still keeping my leg around his waist. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes. Images of Noah flashed in my mind. I trembled and Rhydian let go of my leg and tried pushing it off. I tightened my leg around him. “No.” I choked out, opening my eyes. “We don’t have to continue. I wasn’t going to do anything,” He fretted.

I needed this. I want to be able to be close and intimate with him without thinking of Noah. I needed a positive experience, I wanted nothing but Rhydian’s touch to be embedded in my mind. “I need you to make me forget. I need you to erase the memories,” I whimpered. “Amaris, I don’t think-” He started but I grasped hold onto his shirt. “I want this, if I need you to stop, I’ll tell you.” I sighed. “We aren’t completing the bond in a hospital bed, Red.” He awkwardly chuckled. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “I want your touch to replace his.” I whispered. He nodded in understanding, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his.

“Amaris.” He moaned as I shoved my lips harder into his. I jerked back, “Will you just shut up and kiss me.” I growled, my Alpha tone powered through accidentally making it sound like an order. His eyes went black, he growled and crashed his lips into mine. He untucked his arm from me and wrapped it around my hair, tugging back gently and trailing little kisses along my jaw and down to my neck. I moaned and tightened my leg around him.

He reached the spot where his mark will be and began sucking and nibbling. Between my legs were aching, I started subconsciously rubbing myself against him. A throaty growl vibrated against my body, sending feelings straight to my core. The friction was easing the ache a little. I pushed my fingers into his hair and pulled his face back up to me. I kissed him eagerly, the ache was as prominent as ever. I swiped my tongue at his bottom lip like I remembered him doing. He parted his lips, I thrust my tongue in and began moving in sync with him. He gripped my leg and started rubbing himself against me, mimicking my movements.

I growled and pushed him onto his back, causing me to straddle him. I gawked down at him when I realised what I’d done. I felt my cheeks heat up and I looked away shyly. He gripped the sides of the bed, pulling himself up. He wrapped his arms around my back, quickly moving back to my neck and planted wet kisses all over my neck. I leaned my head back and gripped hold of his shoulders. I moaned and started grinding against him. He reached one hand up and wrapped it around the back of my neck and the other around my waist, settling on my hip. He yanked me flush against him, thrusting his hips up, hitting the spot between my legs. I moaned before crashing my lips into his.

“Alpha, I hope you are-” Ezra called out as he came in through the door. I stilled and whipped my head around at him. “Oh my god, my eyes. Don’t mind me, I’ll be leaving!” He shouted, as he backed up before turning and running... straight into the closed door.

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