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After Ezra walked in on Rhydian and me, I left them to sort pack business when Lucas turned up and Ezra felt the need to tell Lucas what he had walked in on. I had to get out of there before Lucas started questioning me and making a big deal out of nothing.

It is a big deal. We could have had sex.′ Aurora groaned.

Oh my god, no. Rhydian said we weren’t completing the bond in the hospital.′ I rolled my eyes as I switched the shower on.

But you wanted to. Don’t forget I am you too.′ She answered back sarcastically. I shut her out for a bit while I got in the shower.

I do want to complete the bond. I want to be fully Rhydian’s. But I’m still nervous, I will be until we actually do it... I guess. I need to do more research, actually, I’ll talk to Ria then at least she will tell me without sugar-coating it and she’ll be able to tell me about the marking too.

"Hey, are you having breakfast at the packhouse?" Alex’s voice popped up in my head and I squealed. I don’t think I’ll get over the fact he’s back anytime soon. ”Yeah, I’m just getting changed at home and then I’ll be there," I answered back. I took a deep breath then finished in the shower. Once I’d washed everywhere, I turned the shower off and stepped, wrapping a big fluffy towel around me.

I headed into my bedroom and sat on my bed. I glanced around the room for my phone. I don’t remember the last time I had it. I groaned and stood up. I went to my closet and pulled out the first thing I saw. Some sweatpants and a hoodie, that’ll do. I pulled on the clothes and went over to my dressing table. ”I don’t suppose you know where my phone is do you?" I linked Lucas, maybe he’ll know. I plugged in my hairdryer whilst I waited for a reply. ”In your kitchen, I think. Listen, I know you’ll be nervous being with Rhydian but-" I cut off the link before he could finish. Nope, not having this conversation with him.

I began drying my hair and imagining what it would be like mating with Rhydian. If it will feel anything like what I did earlier, I shouldn’t be nervous. That made me feel things I’ve never felt and I want to feel it again. I squeezed my thighs together when the ache came back. I groaned and dropped my hairdryer down on the desk. I took long deep breaths trying to get rid of the ache. I stood up but the ache wouldn’t go. I groaned and decided to go for a run, that should help.

"I’m going for a run, do you want to come?" I asked Alex, it could be the perfect time for us to bond again. ”Yeah, I’ll meet you at the packhouse." He replied. I didn’t answer, I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen to see if my phone was there. I went into the kitchen and my phone was on the table. I grinned and silently thanked Lucas. I picked it up and started pressing buttons on it. Okay... I take it back, no thank you, Lucas.

Lucas - As I was saying before you so rudely blocked me off... If you are worried about being with Rhydian, just remember he’s your mate and he won’t ever do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Talk to Ria if you need to, I’m sure she would be thrilled to answer any questions you have. Don’t worry too much, it’s all-natural! :)

Lucas - ALSO... Not in a hospital bed, you tramps! Love ya x

I bet they’ve both been winding Rhydian up, I chuckled and text him back.

Me - Ezra is a hypochondriac, we didn’t do anything haha! X

I chuckled to myself whilst I found Ria’s number to ask her if she was free later, I sent her a quick text before shoving my phone in my back pocket. ”I have to stay in another night in the hospital. Stay with me?" Rhydian’s voice filled my mind and the ache came back. I don’t think being near him is a good idea right now, not whilst he’s still in the hospital. I left my house and made my way to the packhouse.

"I don’t think I should, not whilst you’re still in the hospital," I replied.

"Is this about earlier?" He asked worriedly through the link.

"Yes, but not for the reasons you think." I sighed.

"Ohh, I think I know." I could hear the smugness in his voice. I rolled my eyes.

"Go away, I’m going for a run." I chuckled.

"Being near me will help." He definitely had a smirk on his face right now.

I growled through the link before shutting it off. As I neared the packhouse I saw Alex talking to Cory and my heart dropped. He lost both his parents yesterday whilst coming to rescue me. I took a deep breath before heading over to them. “You knew my dad?” Cory asked sounding shocked. Alex nodded his head and smiled at him, he kneeled in front of him while Cory was sat on a large rock. “I heard your name is Cory, that’s such a tough name.” Alex chuckled. Cory giggled but it sounded forced.

I watched them interact together before realizing Cory was named after Alex. This should make Cory a little happier. I strolled over to them, Alex looked over in my direction and his eyes lit up. I perched on the end of the rock next to Cory and wrapped my arm around his back. His little head turned to me and he smiled. “Amaris, I’m so glad you’re ok.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and cuddled me.

“I saw my mummy when she came back just before she died. She told me that she and daddy love me.” He smiled sadly. “They were really brave for what they did.” He added. “Oh sweetie, they loved you more than anything,” I whispered, tucking his body into my side. “I didn’t know your mummy but I knew your daddy. We were all friends when we were younger.” I pushed him away slightly and looked at him. “Do you remember daddy’s friend, Alex?” I asked. He nodded his little head and rubbed his eyes. “The one I’m named after.” He remarked.

I glanced at Alex and he coughed before staring at me. I nodded my head and his eyes filled up with tears. “Hey, little guy.” He tapped Cory on the shoulder. “I didn’t introduce myself.” He mentioned. Cory turned to Alex and smiled. “You look just like Amaris, only a boy.” He chuckled. Alex nodded chuckling. “I’ve been away for a long time and I’ve just come back.” He said sadly, “I’m Alex.” He smiled. Cory’s eyes went wide and he glanced between us both. I nodded at him and he spun back around to Alex.

“I’m named after you. My name is Alexander Cory Olsen.” He stated proudly. They started chatting between them and I watched in awe. This little boy is amazing, he’s just lost both his parents and he’s taking it pretty well. He’s an inspiration to everyone in this pack.

“So, what do you think Amaris?” Alex inquired. I looked between them both and frowned. I wasn’t listening. I have no idea what I’ve been asked. I hummed in response and they both chuckled. “I told you she wasn’t listening, didn’t I?” Alex laughed. Cory giggled and turned to me with a huge grin. “I think Cory needs cheering up and what better way than a run and play with some wolves.” He stated. I smiled back and nodded. “Are you sure you’ll be ok? I mean, our wolves are pretty scary looking.” I asked.

Pft, you’re the scary one.′ Aurora chided.

“And I just upset my wolf by calling her scary.” I rolled my eyes and chuckled. They both giggled at me. Cory stood up and crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m going to be a big brave warrior like my daddy was. I’m not scared of anything.” He remarked.

“Atta boy.” I clapped my hands together and stood up. I held my hand out for him and Alex did the same. He took hold of our hands and we walked together towards the forest, occasionally swinging Cory in the air causing him to have a giggling fit.

This boy owns my heart and I’m going to make sure he has everything he will ever need and more.

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