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As we arrived in the middle of a clearing, we stopped and turned to Cory. “Are you sure? We can always come back another day?” I asked. I don’t want to overwhelm the poor boy, I don’t know if he was told about my wolf. Meeting one Dark Wolf can be scary enough without having to meet two. Cory shook his head and smiled, “I want to meet them.” He answered. I took a deep breath and sighed before looking over at Alex. “Did your mum or dad ever tell you about Amaris’s wolf?” Alex questioned. Cory nodded and looked back at me. “I know your wolf is special, I can’t remember what they called you but I’m not afraid.” He stated. “Wait, a Dark Wolf.” He restated. We both nodded. “I’m a Dark Wolf too,” Alex announced. Cory’s eyes lit up, “Really? That’s so cool. I’ll be fine meeting them, I promise.” He exclaimed.

We stepped back and started towards the trees. “Wait!” Cory called out. “You can shift in front of me, I know you don’t need to take your clothes off that’s one thing my dad was impressed with. I have seen my mummy and daddy shift.” He asserted. We both nodded and called forward our wolves.

Our bones began cracking and rearranging. Fur sprouted out from our skin, I closed my eyes whilst my facial features morphed into those of a wolf. I got on my hands and knees as the last bit of shifting took over and Aurora rose on 4 legs. Stood next to her proudly was Apollo. She looked over at Apollo and nuzzled her head into his side, he returned the gesture before we both sat and glanced at Cory.

He was looking at us with wide eyes with his mouth open. ”Lex, we’ve traumatised the poor pup." I worriedly expressed through our link. ”Mindlink him, comfort him. He answered. I don’t know if I should. It might just scare him more. Whilst I was debating what to do, I hadn’t noticed he’d stepped towards us. He was watching us curiously. No sense of fear was coming from him.

“You’re both so big.” He blurted. We were towering over him even in this sitting position. “You both look the same, I love the red in your furs.” He let out excitedly. “I wish I knew your names.” He pouted. I focused on him, even without his wolf yet, I hope I can link him.

"If you can hear me, don’t be scared," I whispered to him. His eyes snapped to mine and he gasped. “Oh, you just mind linked me... That’s so cool.” He exclaimed. ”This is Aurora and that’s Apollo," I explained introducing our wolves to him. “Hi, Aurora and Apollo. I’m Cory.” He greeted with a little wave. I chuckled and Aurora laid down and rolled onto her side.

She whined at Cory, he giggled and flopped down at her side and cautiously placed his hand on her fur. “You’re so soft.” He cooed, spreading his little fingers through our fur. Aurora raised her head and swiped her tongue across his cheek. He giggled and wiped off her saliva. “That’s gross.“He scrunched up his nose, groaning slightly.

Apollo whined and nudged Cory’s back. He giggled and spun around to look at him. Apollo was sat with his head tilted and his tongue lolling out of the side of his muzzle. “Ok, big guy. Your turn,” He chirped. Apollo stated panting excitedly. He gently knocked him backwards making him fall back against Aurora. He laughed as Apollo started nuzzling his stomach. His eyes were brimming with tears and he was struggling to breathe. Alex gained control back and moved away, letting Cory catch his breath.

“You two are big softies.” He giggled. ”They like you." I chuckled through the link with him. ”Alex, link together with me so we can both talk to him." Apollo looked at me and bobbed his head. ”Hey little man, do you want to go for a ride?" Alex spoke through the open link between us. Cory’s eyes went wide and he nodded his head excitedly. ”I’m going to shift back so I can make sure you don’t fall off," I explained, so he wasn’t afraid when I suddenly shifted. He nodded and stepped back.

I shifted as Cory was petting Apollo’s head. I’m guessing Cory holds a special in both mine and Alex’s heart. I straightened my clothes out and Cory looked up at me. His eyes were darting between me and the ground. “What’s up?” I asked, kneeling in front of him. He awkwardly shuffled on his feet, “Um, I thought your eyes were supposed to be red when your wolf was out? But they were black like everyone’s.” He asked. I chuckled and shook my head, “When our Dark Wolves come out, our eyes are red.” I explained. He nodded and glanced at Alex then back at me. “Can you bring your Dark Wolf out?” He asked curiously. “I can’t, not yet. I don’t want to try in case I lose control.” I whispered. ”I can teach you, Amaris.′ Alex linked me and I smiled at him.

I nudged Cory’s shoulder and motioned my head towards Alex. Cory followed my eye line and gasped. “Your eyes... are red.” He stammered. He gripped hold of my hand and I could feel his body shaking. “That’s enough, Alex,” I warned.

Apollo sat and whined. ”We won’t hurt you, Cory." Alex soothed through our link. I held my hand up towards Apollo and he placed his head against my palm. “See? It’s ok to touch him.” I exclaimed. I was kinda shocked myself, I can’t do what he does. I’d never bring my Dark Wolf forward on the off chance I would hurt someone. Cory shakily placed his hand over mine and wiggled his fingers, skimming Apollo’s fur.

He giggled and moved his hand to the side of Apollo’s head. After he’d got his fill of petting a Dark Wolf, we set out on the run. Alex was determined to have Cory ride on Apollo’s back, which meant I had to. Never had I ever imagined I’d be running and playing with Alex and his wolf. I felt young again, it was like Alex and I had never been apart.

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