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Are you really going to complete the bond?′ Aurora asked excitedly.

It’s your bond too. Your bond with Ryder will be complete too.

I’ve been and spoke to Ria, I have been given enough advice and information from her. Nothing she or anyone can say will prepare me for actually doing it but knowing what to expect never hurt anyone.

Yes but, you need to be ready and sure. I can wait until you are sure?′ She replied.

I am sure... I’m just nervous, that’s all.′ I replied. I love how selfless Aurora is, most wolves would be clawing to get out and mark their mate. Aurora lets me take things at my pace, she makes sure I’m good before her and I love that about her.

It’s time you get your mate.

She didn’t reply and she didn’t need to. I know this is all she has ever wanted especially after the failed attempts. But this is the real deal and I’m gonna claim what’s mine. I finished in the shower and wrapped a dressing gown around me and a towel around my hair. I headed back into my bedroom and sat in front of my dressing table. My phone dinged while I was playing around with some makeup. I’ve never really been one to wear makeup but Ria said I should dress up and knock his socks off. I leaned over and grabbed my phone.

Ria - Remember what I said... Rhydian won’t hurt you and it will be nothing like you’re imagining. Relax and enjoy yourself, I look forward to feeling the power radiate throughout the pack once you are marked! ;) Love you hotstuff, go get ya’ man ox

I chuckled and tossed my phone onto my bed. I don’t think I like the idea of the pack knowing what we’re doing, I know it’s natural and every pack feels it when their Alpha finds their mate, but I don’t need my uncle knowing the power surge is because his niece is having sex.

I took a deep breath and exhaled when I didn’t feel the tightness around my chest of mentioning that word. Maybe I’m finally healed. I smiled to myself in the mirror and dropped the towel from my head. I shook my head, letting my hair fall in heaps of curls. I picked up my mousse and blathered it over my curls, giving me tight ringlet curls. I took my comb and backcombed the top of my hair somewhat, giving it a little volume.

I applied a little makeup, just mainly mascara and some powder. Ria showed me how to do the smokey eye effect, so I tried my best at that. It looked quite good, really made my eyes pop.

I went over to my bed and delved through the bag. Ria had insisted on purchasing some sexy lingerie from a pack member that makes her own clothes. I was mortified when she showed me it. I groaned and pulled it out of the bag. I slipped it on and glanced at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a red lacy corset with gemstones lining the bust, it pushed my boobs together and made them look bigger. It left nothing to the imagination, it was hugging my figure and quite frankly making it hard to breathe. I travelled my eyes down to my panties. Now, these are different... crotchless panties. Ria said they would drive Rhydian wild. I suppose he can make the most of it because I won’t be wearing them again.

I did feel sexy wearing it though and I liked that they were red. The only thing that stands out is my eyes, I wish I could bring my wolf forward and have my red eyes when Rhydian sees me like this. I am nervous but the anticipation of what’s to come is making me excited and rather turned on. I pulled my dressing gown back on and picked up the red heels I borrowed from Ria and headed downstairs.

I’m going to prep some food we can eat after because Ria said he could be hungry after... Keep him satisfied in the bedroom and the kitchen. I don’t know where she gets any of this from but it’s new to me so I’ll try anything. ”Come to my house after your meeting is done, I’m cooking and I have a surprise for you." I mind linked Rhydian as I pulled all the ingredients I needed out of the fridge.

"Will do, boss. Miss you already." He replied huskily, an involuntary moan escaped my lips at his voice. I pressed my thighs together trying to relieve the aching sensation between my legs. My whole body was getting warm, I opened the windows in the house and closed all the roller blinds. After making sure the door was locked and bolted, I took off the dressing gown and sauntered around in my new underwear.

I put some music on to cook to, Maroon 5 filled the kitchen and I immediately looked for the song Rhydian played me in the car. I stood mixing the pasta sauce, swaying my hips to the music and mouthing the words to the song. It’s quickly become my favourite song, reminds me of Rhydian and how he may or may not have meant the words for me.

After I had made the Lasagne, I placed it in the oven on low and headed into the living room. I had time to kill before Rhydian gets here. I flicked through Netflix, I decided to watch Julie and The Phantoms. Ria had been raving about it for ages and telling me I should watch it. I settled down on the sofa and pressed play.

A couple of hours later, Rhydian still hadn’t shown up. I groaned and went around closing the windows and grabbed my dressing gown. I glanced at my phone and saw it was only 6 pm. His meeting must be running late. I tried linking him and it wouldn’t go through, he must be busy. I settled back on the sofa after I had checked on the food and turned the oven off.

I groaned and stretched. I hated sleeping on the sofa, gives me backache for days. I sat up and glanced around. It was still dark... Then I remembered Rhydian was supposed to be here. I glanced at my phone and it was 2 am. I grunted and threw myself back on the sofa... I did all of this for nothing.

I closed my eyes and sighed. A jolt of pain across my abdomen made me keel over and cry out. I took deep breaths trying to calm the pain. I tried linking anybody that was awake but I couldn’t get through. They all must be asleep. The pain subsided and I was swarmed with an immense heat washing all over my body. It didn’t hurt but my goddess was it uncomfortable. I stood up slowly and between my legs was burning, I felt wet there. I reached my hand down to make sure I wasn’t bleeding and I wasn’t.

Rory, what’s going on?′ I panicked.

She started howling and scratching at me in my mind. She wanted out. I gasped and held onto the wall as another wave of heat rushed over me. Between my legs was soaked, I could feel the stickiness as I rubbed my thighs together. I know what this is... I pulled off my dressing gown and grabbed my jacket. I pulled it on and glanced at myself in the mirror. It fell just above my knees, this was good enough it covered everything.

I pulled open my front door, the cold air hit me. I panted, taking short quick breaths. I closed my door and ran barefooted towards the packhouse. Lucky enough it was early in the morning so nobody was about. I reached the packhouse as another wave of heat hit me, I bit my lip and pressed my thighs together, trying to relieve the pressure as much as I could. I groaned and quickly ran towards the door.

I opened it and ran into Ezra, his eyes instantly turned black and he backed away. Shit, I didn’t think this through. Running through the pack land barely dressed and in heat. My scent will be attracting all unmated wolves. I called Aurora forward and flashed my eyes at him, I needed him to stay away. He gulped and quickly ran into another room. I ran up the stairs and went straight for Rhydian’s office. I shoved open the door and he wasn’t there. I groaned and spun around, I sprinted up the stairs to the Alpha’s floor.

As I reached the top step, Rhydian rounded the corner. His eyes were black, he inhaled deeply then growled.

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