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I enveloped my arms around his neck and brought my lips against his. I flicked my tongue against his lip as I wrapped my legs around his waist, digging my heels into the bottom of his back. He moaned and jerked his body against mine. I rubbed myself against his length. I could feel how hard he was. “Fuck me.” I moaned into his mouth. He pulled back and looked at me shocked. “Say that again.” He growled, his eyes flickering to black. I thrust my hips up, hitting his length and leaned forward, I pulled his bottom lip between my teeth and let go causing it to snap back. I leaned forward and nibbled on his neck.

“Fuck me, Alpha. Make me yours.” I whispered against his neck. He groaned and kneaded his hands down my body. “Don’t talk like that, Amaris or I won’t be able to control myself.” He growled. I took a deep breath and dragged my nails down his back. “I’m ready, I want this.” I moaned. He looked at me, he was overthinking. I could see it in his eyes. “Your wolf’s gone back.” He whispered. I shrugged and pulled his face inches away from mine, “And I still want this. Stop overthinking.” I gave him a chaste kiss before planting feathery kisses down his neck.

“Rhydian, I swear to god if-” I started but he growled and stood up off the bed. He dropped his shorts and I could see the outline of his length through his boxers. I gasped and gawked at him, he smirked as he pulled his boxers down, freeing his dick. It stood at attention, ready and waiting. My mouth watered at the sight of him, I wanted to taste him. I wanted to know what it would be like to have him come undone just from my touch.

“Are you-” He started crawling up the bed to me, “If you ask me if I’m sure one more time, I might just scream.” I rolled my eyes. He chuckled and settled next to me. He ran his hand down my corset and glanced at me. I nodded and bit my lip, he unclasped the corset and tossed it across his room. His eyes were full of lust as he gazed down at my breasts. He leaned forward and closed his lips over my nipple. He kissed and sucked while his other hand went to my other nipple and he gently twirled it between his fingers. I moaned and arched my back, shoving my breasts into him.

He placed hot open-mouthed kisses along my breasts, stopping when he reached my lips. He caressed my body, getting lower. He kissed me, a slow and needy kiss. He slid his finger between my folds, spreading the wetness around before dipping his finger into my core. I reached down and gently gripped ahold of his dick. I moaned as he carefully entered another finger. He wrapped his other hand around mine and moved our hands up and down. He let go of my hand and weaved his hand through my hair.

“Just like that.” He moaned. I was doing it right and I couldn’t feel prouder. He thrust his fingers inside faster and I could feel the pressure building again. “Shit, if you keep doing that I’m not going to last long.” He choked. He withdrew his fingers with a growl and positioned himself between my legs, I whimpered at the loss of contact. “I can’t wait, I need to be inside you.” He groaned. He stroked his length a few times up and down my folds, paying extra attention to my throbbing clit. I moaned and parted my legs, giving him more access. “I’m going to make you cum and then I’m going to fuck you,” He whispered.

He captured my lips and kissed me hungrily. He was grinding his dick against my clit, I wrapped my legs around his waist and moaned. “Oh, fuck fuck... I’m gonna...” I bit my lip and threw my head back as I exploded. I felt his tip nudging at my entrance, I gasped and he pushed his tongue into my mouth. He kissed me lovinly as he pushed against my core, sliding inside. I winced and screwed my eyes shut.

“Open your eyes, Red.” He croaked. I opened my eyes and gazed at him. “Do it.” I choked. He stilled and wouldn’t move. “Shit, you’re so tight. I don’t want to hurt you.” He groaned. I shook my head and clawed at his chest. “I need you to move,” I whined. He took a deep breath before thrusting in slowly all the way to the hilt. I gasped, arching my back. He placed his lips around my nipple and sucked gently. I felt so full, my walls were clamping all around him.

He pulls out slowly and thrusts back in, I wince and wrap my legs around him tighter, a small whimper leaving me. “Do you... Fuck, do you need me to stop?” He moaned. I shook my head and gripped his shoulders. The pain was subsiding, it wasn’t stinging as much now. I took a deep breath, “Faster, Rhydian.” I moaned.

He sped up his thrusting and the familiar pressure was building, I moaned as my legs started shaking. “That’s it, baby. Feel all of me.” He growled, he reached his hand between us and as soon as his thumb touched my clit, I saw stars. I was panting, I couldn’t breathe properly. I fluttered my eyes closed, “Oh goddess, yes.” I cried as I rode out my orgasm.

“Shit, are you ok?” He stilled and stared down at me. I nodded unable to speak, “Your wolf is out again.” He mentioned. I growled and spun us both so I was straddling him. He looked at me wide-eyed before leaning up and capturing my lips again. “You want to ride me?” He groaned against my lips. I lifted as he positioned his dick at my entrance. I slowly slid down until he was fully inside me. I moaned and lolled my head back, he started attacking my neck with sloppy kisses as I moved up and down slowly, waiting for me to adjust to him.

He gripped my hips, meeting my movements. “Oh fuck, Amaris.” He moaned. I slowly rose until he nearly popped out before slamming down on him. I cried out in pleasure as I began rolling my hips. “Is... Is this ok? I mean, do- do you need to stop?” He moaned. “No,” I growled. He growled at me, thrusting up, hitting a spot in me that made me choke on a breath. His eyes flickered to black, “Aw, does the big bad Alpha feel less of an Alpha, right now?” I goaded, pushing him down on the bed. I grabbed his hands and held them near his head.

I had no idea what I was doing, I slowed down my movements before I started bouncing against him, slamming down harder and harder each time, his snarl turned into a throaty groan as he kept up his thrusts. “Fuck... Red...” He moaned. “Oh god, keep going. My cock is so deep.” He groaned. I leaned forward and captured his lips, I tangled my fingers into his hair and pulled him up so we were chest to chest. “Fuck, your cock is huge...” I moaned, I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.

“I’m gonna...” I bit into his bottom lip as my movements became sloppy. I pulled away and noticed I’d punctured his lip. He swiped his tongue at the blood and his eyes grew darker. I started panting, I was close. My canines had come out, he nodded at me and bared his neck to me. I leaned forward and sank my canines into his neck as his body jerked pushing me over the edge. I withdrew my canines and licked at his mark whilst I rode out the rest of the orgasm.

“My turn.” He growled as he flipped us over. I chuckled and dragged my fingers along his back. “Make love to me, Alpha.” I moaned and he did. His thrusts were slow and deep. The sounds of moans and wet skin slapping filled the room. “Fuck, Red. I’m close, cum baby.” He groaned against my neck. He lifted my leg over his shoulder and repositioned his dick inside of me. I gasped as he went deeper. I moaned and clawed at his back. “Rhydian,” I moaned, as I came with a scream. His thrusts became wild and frantic as he chased his own orgasm. I could feel the pressure building again, he let out a growl as his body jerked forward. I bared my neck to him as he lunged forward, sinking his canines into my neck.

I bite down on Rhydian’s shoulder to suppress the scream that was threatening to come out. The pain was so intense, I couldn’t think straight. Pleasure quickly replaced the pain, I moaned loudly as I exploded around him again.

“I love you.” I choked out.

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