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Lucas’ POV.

“Alex, it is so good to see you again. When they told me you were alive, I could hardly believe it!” Elder Rick exclaimed. Alex gave him an awkward smile then realization filled his eyes, “Oh, Elder Rick!” He burst, “I’m sorry, I didn’t recognise you.” He mentioned shyly. “That’s quite alright.” He replied. He held his door open wider and ushered us inside.

I stepped inside and it felt like I had gone back in time. Elder Rick hates anything modern and computerised. He prefers a good old book to find his information. His living room is just like a library, that’s what it felt like when I was a pup and I used to come and visit with my dad. The living room walls are lined with bookcases and thousands of books stocked in each. He has a small chair in a corner with a little table next to it with yet more books stacked on top. There are books scattered around the floor, it’s hard knowing where to step.

“I’m sorry for the mess. I’m running out of places to store my books.” He sighed as he led us through to the kitchen. It was like an obstacle course getting through the living room. As we entered the kitchen, I breathed out in relief. The kitchen tops were black marble but free from books. He had a table in the middle of his kitchen with 2 chairs on either side. He pulled out a chair and gestured for us all to sit. I sat next to Alex with my dad opposite me.

“So, what can I help you with?” He asked, glancing around at us all. “You said you knew more about Amaris’ wolf, I was wondering if you could tell us?” My dad answered him. He looked at my dad and sighed, “I don’t feel comfortable sharing it with you without Amaris present.” He answered. “I’m a Dark Wolf too. Whatever you know, will benefit me too.” Alex piped up. Elder Rick’s smile widened and he nodded. “Ah yes. Very well.” He nodded.

As you know, Dark Wolves are created to defeat a great evil. The council believe that Benjamin Storry was the great evil you and Amaris were created for. He has been trying to get the upper hand in the werewolf community for as long as I can remember. He’s never got as close as he did with you, Alex.

The first Dark Wolf was a human that transformed into a wolf when the Dark Wolf came to life. He was a prince called Imran, we don’t know where he was originally from but when he first shifted on the full moon, he was afraid and scared. The Moon Goddess came to the man and told him he had a destiny and he had to leave. He settled here in Devon and slowly built this pack up from the ground. The Moon Goddess came to him again and told him there was a great evil coming and he had to be ready. The great evil was called Lionel Storry. Anyway, the prince defeated Lionel with the help of Kiara Knight, the daughter of Alpha Kieran Knight of The Crimson Pack. Kiara was Imran’s anchor so she stayed with Imran. Imran met his mate a few years later when the Moon Goddess came to him and said for his loyalty to serving her and defeating the evil she was going to grant him what she gives all her children, a mate and any children he has will have the ability to transform into a Dark Wolf if and when they’re needed. The bloodline will carry on.

“How does the council know this?” Alex asked. I was too busy being shocked at the fact that Rhydian’s pack and our pack have a deep connection. “I found a book deep in the council’s vault whilst I was looking for information about Dark Wolves. It was a diary written by Imran. There was also other information about Imran and his mate, Fiona Thorne.” He explained. “This is mad... How everything is all connected.” I sighed. “I have all the books and information. The council let me bring it home to give to Amaris and you." He announced, looking to Alex.

“Do you know anything about when a Dark Wolf marks someone?” I asked sheepishly. He raised a brow at me and smirked. “I felt the power surge.” He nodded. “I think I read somewhere about it. Hold on.” He announced, standing up and leaving the kitchen. “This is crazy,” I whisper yelled. Alex groaned and nodded: “You’re telling me.”

“But you have abilities, don’t you?” Tristan asked Alex. Alex nodded and sighed. “I can create a protective barrier around me.” He explained. “But, that only came after I had marked Shelby even though it didn’t take on her.” He replied sadly. “So, even if it didn’t take on Rhydian, Amaris will have some ability?” I asked. “I don’t honestly know,” He shrugged.

Elder Rick entered back into the kitchen and set a huge book down in front of us. He took his seat again and glanced at us all. “Who wants to read?” He chuckled, glancing at the book. I picked up the book and opened it.

The woman in white came to me again. She told me she was giving me what she gives all her children... a mate. I found my mate, she is the most beautiful she-wolf I have ever seen. Her long curly red hair and her captivating blue eyes had me hooked on her the minute I saw her. We mated together and marked each other. Kiara said we both fell into a deep slumber for a week, I don’t remember falling asleep though. When we came around, I found I had an ability. I had power, I could move things with my mind. Fiona became stronger and faster, when she shifted her wolf was bigger and her eyes flashed red as mine do. The Moon Goddess came to me again a few days later and I asked her what had happened, she told me that I had my anchor in Kiara Knight but I needed someone who could match me in strength and speed if I ever lost control. She said she was happy she had picked someone that could bear my mark, that if she wasn’t strong enough she could have lost her wolf. She said being a Dark Wolf is a burden and she’s sorry she had to change me but it was the best for her children.

Being a Dark Wolf wasn’t a burden to me. I had found the love of my life through becoming a Dark Wolf, I had found a life long friend in Kiara through becoming a Dark Wolf. I would do this all over again if I had to. I’ll be handing these journals over to the Wolf Council as my time as a Dark Wolf will be coming to an end soon. If you happen to be reading these and you’re one of me.

You are not a monster. You’re a Dark Wolf like me.

I closed the book and gawked at everyone. “Holy shit, they’re both transitioning.” Alex choked.

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