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Lucas’ POV.

How long do we give them before we worry?

Is Rhydian going to have anger issues?

Is Rhydian going to lash out and lose control?

Are they ever going to wake up?

How are we going to cope with 3 Dark Wolves?

Fuck, what if Amaris wakes up but Rhydian doesn’t?

What if-

“Lucas, are you listening?” My dad yelled. I blinked a few times, snapping out of my trance. “Huh?” I answered. He rolled his eyes as Alex snorted. “I said we should work out a schedule so someone is always watching Amaris and Rhydian.” My dad explained. I hummed in response, “I need to check Rhydian’s diary to see if he’s got any meetings I can’t handle.” I sighed. Alex jogged up to me and nudged my shoulder, “You’re thinking too much.” He chuckled. “I can’t help it.” I groaned. “There are all these questions and I don’t have the answers,” I replied.

Alex glanced over his shoulder, “I’ll take the first watch.” He nodded. I heard my dad reply but I was too stuck in my head to listen. I hate the unknown and the longer they’re both still asleep is definitely the unknown. If Rhydian loses his wolf, Amaris isn’t gonna survive it. She’s gonna blame herself and self-destruct. Alex waved his hand in front of my face and cackled. “Dude, you need to get out of your head.” He groaned. I nodded at him and sighed. “I’m gonna head to his office, I’ll catch up with you both later,” I stated before running to the packhouse.

I wandered into the packhouse, nodding occasionally at pack members that greeted me. I made a beeline for the office so I didn’t have to stop and engage in conversation. I’m not usually like this, normally I’m quite chatty but my mind won’t switch off from the what-ifs. I pushed open the office door and stared at his desk. I sighed and trudged around the desk to the chair.

I sat down and stared at all the paper on his desk. He really needs to organise more I chuckled to myself. I sifted through the mountains of paperwork on his desk looking for his diary. I spotted a brown leather binder tucked away under a folder. I sighed and pulled the binder out. I flipped open his diary and scanned over the next few days.

I need to cover the next week just to be safe. I needed to call a few Alpha’s that had meetings planned with him in the next few days, they were just standard courtesy calls to see how the packs were coping I think. Being the largest pack, we help other packs with anything they may need... anything to supplies and training of their warriors.

I picked up the phone and dialled the number for Alpha of The Moon Lake Pack. I put the phone to my ear as the phone rang out and I waited for him to answer. “Alpha Jacob.” His voice monotone on the other end. “It’s Beta Lucas, I’m ringing on behalf of Alpha Rhydian,” I answered, keeping my voice authoritative. “Ah, good to hear from you.” He answered cheerily.

Alpha Jacob is as trustworthy as they come. He became Alpha at the age of 16 but he fought tooth and nail to keep his pack above water. My uncle Eric helped him as much as he could after his parents died in a freak car accident. He is an amazing Alpha, leads with respect and the love his pack has for him shows his respect is reciprocated.

“I’m ringing because Alpha Rhydian has a meeting with you in 2 days. He’s currently absent in the pack and I’m filling in for him.” I explained. I heard a sharp intake of breath down the line before he answered. “I hope everything is ok? Do you need any help with anything?” He asked, sounding a little worried.

“It’s nothing to worry about. He is just getting acquainted with his new mate.” I answered. It wasn’t technically a lie... “Ah, the meeting was just to go over sending someone to help train the pups. Our pup trainer is currently on maternity leave as she’s due to have her pups any day now.” He explained.

“I see. Well, I think we could still send someone. I’ll keep your meeting in the diary, I can deal with that.” I returned. “Awesome. I’ll speak to you then, Beta.” He replied before adding: “If you need any help at all while your Alpha is absent, just let me know.” I smiled at the offer. “Will do, Alpha. Speak soon.” I hung up the call and took a deep breath, 2 more calls to go.

After what seemed like hours talking on the phone and rearranging appointments, I slouched in the chair. My head was jumbled and I was knackered. I closed my eyes, trying to clear my mind. I took a deep breath, my senses were immediately filled with Elijah’s scent. I knew he was outside before he tapped once and I heard the door open. I kept my eyes closed and felt him come nearer after he’d closed the door and turned the lock.

I opened one eye and stared at him. He gave me a killer smile that made my knees weak and my member twitch. “Are you enjoying playing Alpha?” He asked, his voice deep and husky. I shook my head and sighed. “No, I need Rhydian to wake up and deal with these shitty Alpha’s,” I grunted, closing my eye again. The last two Alpha’s were obnoxious and no help at all. They didn’t want their meeting rearranged but after some cursing and arguing, they caved.

“There’s no change... Both of their heartbeats are still strong though.” He muttered as I heard his footsteps come closer. “I happen to think, you playing Alpha is sexy.” I could picture the smirk he had on his face as I felt him kneel in front of me. I let out a breathy groan as he ran his hands up my thighs. I snapped my eyes open and gazed at my mate kneeled in front of me, hands inches away from where I desperately wanted him to touch me.

“Home now,” I growled, “I’m not fucking you in here.” We hurried out of the office and across the hallway. Elijah growled and grabbed the back of my neck, spinning me around and crashing his lips against mine. I moaned at the sudden collision as he pulled me into a door behind him. “I can’t wait until we get home.” Elijah panted as he fumbled around trying to take my shirt off.

If anyone wants steamy scenes between Lucas and Elijah, let me know! I will for sure write them! ;) I haven't written them because this isn't Lucas's story, but his POV is needed sometimes :)

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