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Lucas’ POV.

“They have to wake up soon,” I grumbled out loud to myself. It’s been 4 days and these past 4 days have been hell. Elijah and Drew have gone to The Moon Lake Pack to help with the pups training. When he first mentioned the training, I thought he only meant like little pups with the basic care and skills of their wolf form. But, it’s for rowdy teenage pups. So, I’ve sent Eli and Drew because they’re amazing warriors and they will take no shit from them. Ria will be swapping with Elijah in 2 days, mainly because I need Elijah back here... I need him to stop me from going off the deep end.

I hold my hat off to Alphas, it’s not an easy job. There’s so much to think about, making sure everyone is safe and the pack lands are patrolled. Because Goddess forbid I have another schedule clash again and have no one patrolling the border.

We make an awesome Alpha. Stop your whining and let me out for a run.′ Lupo growled. To make these past 4 days even worse... Lupo has decided he wants nothing more than to boss everyone around. I have a hard time controlling him, he slips out at the most inconvenient times. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with me lately.

We’ll go for a run once I’ve checked on Amaris and Rhydian, ok?′ He huffed at me but didn’t reply.

Well, fuck you too.

I groaned and made my way up to the Alpha’s quarters. Alex is manning the watchtower as he likes to call his little section in the corner of their room. All he has is a tall stool and some binoculars because he’s an extra bastard and likes thinking he’s some secret agent wolf.

Put your claws away, Luc. You’re being petty and quite rude.′ Lupo snarled. I snarled back at him out loud and made a pack member cower away. “Sorry, that wasn’t aimed at you,” I mumbled my apology. Goddess, I really need some time off. I reached Rhydian’s door and pushed it open. I glanced around the room, Alex was sat on his stool with his binoculars fixed to his eyes in direction of the bed. I rolled my eyes. “You look like a peeping tom with them.” I snickered. He glared at me, making a point to flash his eyes at me.

I ignored him and looked towards the peacefully sleeping couple that needed to wake up, like yesterday. Sat by Amaris’s side was the young pup, Cory. He was reading her a book, as I got closer I realised it was Little Red Riding Hood. I smiled at that and took a seat next to Rhydian’s side. “How are you doing, young warrior?” I asked, looking at him. Ever since his parents died, he’s been doing everything he can to learn about warriors. When he’s not at school, he’s here beside Amaris every day.

“I’m ok. Alex told me Amaris’s favourite book when she was a pup like me was Little Red Riding Hood. So, I’m hoping if I read it to her, she’ll wake up.” He explained with his little eyes full of hope. “My mummy and daddy left me, I don’t want Amaris or Alpha to leave me too.” He whispered, diverting his eyes back to his book. “Cory...” I whispered. He coughed quietly then looked back at me with a bright smile on his face. “I know why my mummy and daddy left and I’m not sad that they did because it’s what warriors do. I’m sad because they never got to see Amaris with a smile on her face.” He expressed. “They died saving their Alpha." He whispered Alpha like it was a bad word. I raised my brow at him and he chuckled. “Amaris doesn’t like being called Alpha.” He whispered behind his hand. “I remember from the first time I met her.” He smiled.

“Amaris had a big smile on her face when we were in the forest with Alex. I wish my mummy could have seen it.” He replied sadly looking back at Amaris. This pup had me feeling all sorts of emotions, my breath caught in my throat and my eyes were burning from the tears threatening to form. How can a 7-year-old pup be so strong after everything he’s been through?

“She moved!” Cory squealed before glancing at me. “Beta Lucas, did you see?” He asked excitedly. I looked over at Amaris and watched her. She moved her hand slowly, so slowly you would have missed it if you weren’t looking close enough. “Cory, would you go and find my dad, Tristan? He should be in the living area just down the stairs.” I asked, glancing at him. I needed him out of here just in case Rhydian didn’t wake up just yet. I didn’t want Cory seeing Amaris lose control.

He jumped up and rushed out of the room. Alex was by her side in a flash. “Amaris, open your eyes.” He uttered, kneeling next to her. Her hand jerked again and she moved her body. “Alex keep talking to her, she’s coming round.” I urged. “Amaris, come on. You can do this, open your eyes.” He pressed. She didn’t move again and I had a sinking feeling that that was just a fluke, they weren’t waking up today.

I glanced at Alex, his eyes were red and he was glaring at Amaris. I recoiled, stayed silent and watched. “Amaris!” He bellowed, his Dark Wolf pushing through. His voice was deep and damn right scary. Her eyes flew open, they were red and she was gasping for air. Alex set his hand on hers and she instantly calmed. Her blue eyes faded in from the red and she slowly pulled herself up, Alex holding the blanket against her.

She looked puzzled around at us before glancing down at the bed. “What happened?” She croaked, her voice sounded hoarse. “You mated with Rhydian and then you both passed out.” Alex spoke, “I’m so sorry, I should have told you.” Alex whispered before quickly ranting and telling her about his mate. Her eyes went wide and she spun around to face Rhydian. “Rhydian?” She choked, shaking him. “Why isn’t he waking up?” She sobbed, by now the tears were streaming down her face.

“Amaris, call your wolf forward. That’s how I got you.” Alex explained. She shook her head, “Alex... I-I don’t kn-know how to.” She wailed. It broke my heart seeing her like this. “Focus on your dark side... your red eyes, your wolf form, the red in your fur...” He coaxed. “Come on, you can do this.” He declared. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. When she reopened them her eyes were red again. “Rhydian!” She bellowed.

There was no movement from him. She started shaking and gritting her teeth together. “Rhydian, open your fucking eyes.” She snarled. His canines elongated and his claws protruded from his nails. His eyes snapped open with a deep ferocious growl. “He did it,” Alex whispered like he couldn’t believe what he was looking at. I stared at him unable to peel my eyes from his.

From his blood-red eyes.

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