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“Are you both ok?” I heard Lucas’s voice at the door. Rhydian slowly pulled out making me miss the feeling of him already. “That is a fucking sight.” He grinned as he whispered, looking down at me. I giggled and held my finger in front of my lips to shush him. “Yes, we’ll be right down,” I shouted back. He nudged a finger between my folds and smeared the stickiness everywhere. “Mine.” He growled possessively. I rolled my eyes and swatted his hand away. He held his hand out to help me up before inspecting the room.

“Do you think that is your ability?” He asked as he gaped at the broken windows. “What? That I can scream and shatter everything in sight.” I chuckled. He looked back at me and shrugged. “I mean, it’s possible. The lore has books about The Wailing Woman.” He chuckled. I made my way into the bathroom and switched the shower on. “You mean a banshee? I’m a werewolf, not a banshee.” I called out. He followed me in and raised his brow. “You could be both.”

I laughed and stepped into the shower. “No, because that would mean someone in my family would have been one, I think,” I retorted as I stood under the shower. “Are you just going to stand there gawking or you coming in?” I smirked as I looked at him through the plastic door on the shower. “Did you get your shower remodelled by any chance?” I asked as I felt him step in behind me.

“I didn’t want you breaking any showers again. Which proves my point about the banshee.” He explained sounding proud of himself. “You were sure of yourself, weren’t you?” I sassed as I reached down to pick up the shampoo. I heard him take in a breath and grinned to myself. I felt his hand on my ass and I spun around. “No touching, Alpha. We have somewhere to be.” I chided. He stepped forward, sharing the water that I was hogging. “I knew you’d want me eventually. I mean, who wouldn’t?” He smirked, waving his hands up and down his body.

I snickered and stood under the shower to rinse the shampoo. “I only want you for your cock,” I griped, turning and brushing my ass against him. I felt him harden and a groan leave him. “Well, it’s a good thing I only want you for your pussy.” He returned before cupping both hands on my ass cheeks and bending forward so his head was resting on my shoulder. “I’ll have this too.” He whispered huskily before dropping his hands and turning around so we were back to back.

I shivered with delight at the thought of his hands all over my body. “Calm yourself, Red. I can smell you.” He growled. I took a deep breath before continuing with the shower. We didn’t touch for the rest of the shower apart from occasional brushing past each other. It was torture. Now I understand the whole sex with your mate. My body was burning with the anticipation of when his hands were going to touch me and when he did give me a little touch or brush past me, my body hummed with pleasure for a millisecond before it went back to the burning feeling. I couldn’t win.

I grunted and hurried past him trying my hardest not to touch him while I left the shower. He grabbed my waist and spun me around, caging me against the wall. “Not so fast, Red.” He purred. He pried my legs open with his knee and pulled me flush against him. He planted his lips firmly over mine and kissed me. I melted into him, I moaned as his knee pushed up against my core and skimmed my clit. He moved his knee a little causing me to grind against it as my breathing quickened to short pants. He tugged on my bottom lip before letting it go and standing back.

“Now you can go.” He smirked. I glared at him and shoved him back. “Arsehole,” I growled before stepping out of the shower. “Love you.” He shouted. I froze and spun around. I’m fairly certain I told him I loved him after we completed the bond. I hummed and ran out of the bathroom. I can’t remember if I did or not. I mean, I do love him... I think. I’m not sure what love feels like, I’ve never felt it before. Sure, I love my dad but he’s family. I can’t even tell Lucas or Ria.

I went into the closet and looked through his clothes hanging. I felt Rhydian before I saw him. “You’re overthinking. I can hear your thoughts.” He simply announced. I frowned and turned around, “You can?” I asked. He nodded, “We’re bonded. You can’t hide anything from me as I can’t hide anything from you.” He replied. He pulled out some black pressed trousers and a white shirt before turning to me. “You did tell me you love me... Whether you do or it was because of the amount of pleasure you were in doesn’t matter.” He nodded, “I love you and I’ll tell you enough for the both of us until you feel ready to tell me.” He smiled.

My body was instantly filled with fire. I don’t deserve him at all, I don’t know what I did in my past life to be rewarded with such an amazing mate but I won’t be taking him for granted at all. “Can still hear your thoughts, Red.“He chuckled as he left the closet. Shit! I need to remember that.

“Choose whatever you want. We can swing by yours later.” He called out from the bedroom. I pulled out some sweatpants and one of his hoodies. His clothes aren’t going to fit me so I’ll have to make do with them. I pulled on his sweatpants and tightened them as much as I could so they didn’t fall. I pulled the hoodie over my bare chest. I guess I’m going all-natural, no panties or bra. I can wind him up and leave him hanging. I chuckled to myself as I went to leave the closet.

We didn’t use a condom when we mated. What if she’s pregnant? It happens 99 per cent of the time when a she-wolf is in heat. I don’t think our relationship is anywhere near that stage yet. I don’t know if I’m ready to be a father.

I stopped at the doorway and frowned at him. “You don’t have to worry about being a father. I probably can’t give you pups anyway.” Venom laced my voice as I pulled my quivering lip between my teeth. I pulled my hair into a bun and left the room with Rhydian calling after me.

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