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“Focus Amaris. You won’t know what you can do unless you focus.” Alex scolded me like a little pup. I rolled my eyes at him and waved my hand for him to carry on. “I’ll run at you, try and block me. Focus on the energy spreading around you, it’ll be easy if there’s a threat.” He explained. His lips turned up into a wicked grin and he smirked, “If you don’t get the forcefield around you, it’s going to hurt.” He added.

“But what if I don’t have that power?” I shrieked. He ran at me and I focused everything I had on protecting myself. I closed my eyes and imagined the red light that Alex has projected around us before. “Alex, I don’t think this is working.” I groaned. I opened my eyes and saw Alex laid out on the floor, catching his breath. He raised his head and gave me a thumbs up. “I’d say you have a protective barrier.” He chuckled breathlessly.

I looked all around me and saw a faint red light shimmering, it was exactly like what Alex can do. “Alex, this is so cool!” I yelled. He stood up. “Ok, take it down now.” He motioned his hands down. “Um, how?” I chuckled. He shook his head amused, “Think about the energy surrounding you and pull it towards you... Not literally but will it.” He explained. So I did and within seconds, the slightly invisible barrier had disappeared.

“So, you have a protective barrier... I wonder what else you can do.” He pondered. “You only have one, so maybe I do.” I shrugged. He shook his head, “That scream you did... Do it again.” He prompted. I raised my brow at him and crossed my arms over my chest. “Humour me.” He shrugged. I took a deep breath and screamed. The trees around us shook violently, he covered his ears and the ground trembled. I slapped a hand over my mouth and my eyes widen, “You’ve got the scream of a banshee.” He nodded, didn’t look shocked at all.

“But I’m not a-” He held his hand up and walked over to me. “No, you aren’t a banshee. You just possess the powers of one.” He stated proudly. “Hmm, let’s see if you have telekinesis.” He mused. He scanned the area and about a foot away from us was a small rock. “See if you can move that.” He said pointing behind him. “Do as I told you about your barrier... Focus your mind and will it.” He explained.

I focused on the rock and willed it to move. I squinted my eyes trying my hardest. I sighed and shook my head, “Nope, I don’t have that.” I nodded and chuckled. “One more time, try.” He goaded. I groaned and focused on the rock again but still, nothing happened. “Ok, so you don’t have that.” He uttered.

“Can I go now?” I asked, rolling my eyes. “Nope.” He grinned, popping the p. “What now?” I grunted. He laughed and extended his claw from his finger. He held it at his arm and smiled at me, “What is that going to prove? We heal fast.” I muttered. He shrugged and dragged his claw down his arm leaving a nasty gash. “Not from self-inflicted wounds we don’t. But that might just be the Dark Wolf in us.” He revealed. “How do you know that?” I asked quietly. “Don’t worry, it’s not what you think.” He shook his head, “I fell on a hunt one time and shredded my knee.” He shrugged. I laughed and shook my head.

“Ok, so hold your hands above my arm and let’s see if you have healing powers.” He smirked. “Fine.” I groaned. I held my hands over his arm and focused on his arm and my hands. “Lex, my hands are tingling.” I shrilled, I glanced down at my hands and a red light shined out from my hands, covering his arm completely. When the light faded, his wound had disappeared. He grinned at me and inspected his arm. “Mari, you have healing powers too!” He shrieked.

I nodded my head in slow motion. All this was overwhelming. “Why have I got more than one?” I questioned, he shook his head and shrugged. “I don’t know... It might be because you and Rhydian completed the bond and he was strong enough to bear your mark.” He replied sadly. I took his hands in mine and looked at him sadly. “I’m sorry about your mate, Lex,” I whispered. He nodded his head and took a deep breath.

“She wouldn’t have left the rogues anyway. She would have probably died in the rescue of you if she wasn’t already dead.” He replied sadly. “After hearing about the Matebane with you, I’m not even sure if she was my real mate.” He whispered. I wrapped my arms around his back and hugged him. “Can I ask you something? I just don’t want to upset you.” I questioned, keeping my arms around him. I felt him nod but not answer verbally.

I took a deep breath, “If having your mark, turned her human... How did she have your pup? I didn’t think a human could carry a werewolf.” I kept my voice quiet, I didn’t want to upset him. He pulled back and stared at me, “They can’t...” He whimpered, his eyes filled with tears and he began sobbing. “Oh my Goddess, I’m so sorry. That was so insensitive of me.” I quickly added, throwing my arms around him again.

“I... I think I always knew. She was pregnant for 9 months.” He cried. This should have definitely been a red flag, she-wolves are pregnant for 5 months because werewolf babies develop a lot quicker than a human baby. I didn’t say anything, I just continued rocking him until he was heaving. “When did she die?” I asked. “The day before I came here.” He answered, we were both sat on the ground with him leaning against me. I had my arms around him, “Alex, how are you so calm? Wolves usually go crazy over the death of their mate?” I asked, sounding quite shocked that he seemed so ok with everything.

He looked at me and shrugged, sighing. “I don’t know.” His voice flat and distant. I pulled at his shirt, looking at his neck. “What are you doing?” He slapped my hands away. “Wait!” I snapped. I pulled his shirt down again and looked closely at his neck. “Alex, you don’t have the mate mark anywhere on your neck,” I announced. “I know, it disappeared the minute she did it.” He answered, pulling at the grass.

“Alex, she wasn’t your mate.” I yelped. I stood up and began pacing back and forth. “But my power came after I marked her.” He shot. “Are you sure though?” I questioned, “My screaming thing was here before I marked Rhydian.” I replied. “She didn’t lose her wolf because she wasn’t able to bear your mark... She lost her wolf because she marked a Dark Wolf that wasn’t her mate!” I growled. “Alex, they used you! Don’t you realise yet, our Dark Wolves are different? No matter what happened to us, our wolves wouldn’t have allowed another to mark us. I mean, I don’t have proof obviously... But, it makes sense.” I continued my ranting.

Alex was looking at me like I had grown a second head... “Alex, your mate is somewhere out there!” I declared staring at him. Alex shook his head and stood up in front of me. “What you’re saying makes some sense but... I don’t know.” He answered sounding deflated. “I know, I’m sorry,” I replied. “Don’t be sorry. You’re being the protective big sis.” He chuckled bumping my shoulder. “By 5 minutes and don’t you forget it,” I retorted, winking at him.

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