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We strolled side by side on the way back to the packhouse. “So, are you going to be the Luna?” He questioned, kicking the gravel on the path. I took a deep breath and sighed, “I don’t know.” I replied. “I need to talk to Rhydian,” I announced. Now Alex is back, he is the rightful Alpha... I just don’t want to push Rhydian out because he has trained to be an Alpha whereas Alex hasn’t, but I don’t want Alex to feel like he’s missing out on becoming what he was destined to be.

“Anyway, I’m going to leave you here.” He shoved into my shoulder playfully. “Where are you staying?” I blurted, he chuckled and pointed towards the packhouse. “You can stay with me?” I offered. He laughed throwing his head back and shook his head. “I’m not staying with newly marked mates.” He smirked. I gasped and glared down at the floor as I felt my face heating up. He chuckled and nudged me again. “Thanks for the offer though.” He chuckled.

“So, I’m gonna go because you just made it awkward.” I chortled as I backed away from him. “See you later.” He waved as he ran off in the opposite direction. I headed into the packhouse and was stopped by Cory. I looked down and he was crying. I kneeled in front of him and gently grabbed hold of his arms, “What’s wrong?” I urged worriedly. He was gasping for breaths as he was crying. I took hold of his hand and led him into the living area.

A few pack members were sat around. When they saw me come in their eyes lit up and radiant smiles appeared on their faces. Their eyes followed behind me and saw Cory, their eyebrows furrowed before they stood up and left the room giving us some space. I coaxed him towards the sofa and sat him down next to me. “Cory, can you tell me what’s wrong?” I asked again.

He continued sobbing and my heart dropped. I could feel Aurora getting wound up and it was making me tetchy. “Ok, cry it out,” I reassured him as I pulled his little body into my side. I wrapped my arm around his back. “I miss my mummy and daddy.” He sobbed. My heart ached for him and I had no idea what to do. “Aw baby, come here.” I soothed, pulling him onto my lap. I pressed his head into my chest and rocked him as he cried.

"Where are you? Are you ok? What’s wrong?" Rhydian’s panicked voice filled my head. I took a deep breath. ”Living area with Cory," I answered before shutting of the link. Cory needed my undivided attention and I was going to give him it. I felt Rhydian before I saw him, he came rushing into the living area, took one look at the sight in front of him and darted towards the sofa. He sat next to us and placed his hand on Cory’s back.

"I think he’s finally dealing with his parent’s death," I told Rhydian as I opened the link again. He nodded at me and I could see his hand gently moving up and down his back. “I’m sorry.” He choked. I shook my head and brushed my fingers through his hair. “Don’t ever be sorry for missing your parents, Cory,” I whispered. He hiccuped as his tears calmed down. “I don’t like living in the home, I don’t have all my things. They said I couldn’t have everything as I had to share a room with other pups.” He whispered. “I know why I can’t.” He added softly.

"We have to do something, Rhydian," I whined through our link. He looked at me and raised his brow. ”I have a suggestion but I don’t know how open you will be to it." He answered, keeping his eyes on me. ”I’m open to anything when it comes to this pup." I declared. I need to protect him and I know Aurora does... The way she’s pacing around my mind right now.

Let him live with us, we’ll raise him!′ Aurora growled. My eyes widen at what Aurora said. I won’t lie and say it hasn’t crossed my mind but I don’t know Rhydian would feel.

"We take him," Rhydian proclaimed causing my eyes to widen even more.

"Tell me you don’t feel a connection with him? The need to protect him like one of your own. Ryder was anxious when we saw Cory crying on your lap. I’ve seen the way you are with him and the way he looks up to you. Lucas told me when we were asleep or in a coma or whatever... Cory never left our sides. You saw his reaction when he saw us again." He paused and took a deep breath, glancing at Cory.

"We can give him everything his parents would have. We will never replace his parents but we can sure as hell give him a good life. I know it’s a lot and you might need time to think, just know that’s where my heads at right now... I know what I said earlier about being a father, but this feels right. You, me and Cory feel right." He ended his little declaration gazing at me.

"Yes," I replied. His face lit up and his lips curled into an amazing smile. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on my forehead. ”Can I tell him? I mean, ask him?" He asked excitedly through the link. I chuckled and nodded my head. ”Wait, who is he going to stay with?" I asked quickly. I looked down at Cory and he had a content look on his face, I noticed his little hand was in Rhydian’s and my heart nearly burst at the sight.

"Both of us." He claimed, ”Your house is big enough for the three of us and even more if we decided. I’m not sleeping apart." He added. I smiled, nodding my head and felt my eyes fill up. “Hey, Cory,” Rhydian spoke getting his attention. Cory looked at him and smiled. “How would you feel if you came and lived with Amaris and me?” He asked, smiling back at him.

Cory looked at me with tears in his eyes again then back at Rhydian. “Really?” He whispered. Rhydian nodded, “We won’t ever replace your parents and we won’t try to, I promise.” He promised, “But we can give you everything your parents would have and make sure you have an amazing life.” He added. He lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Rhydian’s neck. Rhydian cradled him to his chest and hushed him as he was making small whimpers.

He turned to me and held his arm out, I chuckled and moved closer. I laid my head against Rhydian’s chest, next to Cory and smiled. “Thank you.” He whispered and leaned forward, giving me a little kiss on my cheek. I lifted my hand and rested it on his cheek, “You’re more than welcome.” I replied.

We took Cory back to the orphanage for the night so we could get everything ready for him. No one will have anything to say because it’s the Alpha that has to approve adoptions or pups moving from the orphanage. We aren’t talking about adoption well, not unless Cory asks when he’s older.

After we left the orphanage with the promise we would be back tomorrow evening to pick him up, we went back to the packhouse to break the news to my family. I’m a little nervous to tell them, I don’t know how they are going to react. I think they’ll think it’s great. I mind linked everyone to meet us at the packhouse, it’s easier than going around to everyone’s house.

We entered through the front door and I could hear the chatter from all my family in the living area. I stopped and took a deep breath. “Hey, don’t worry. Everything will be fine.” Rhydian squeezed my hand. “Oh, I meant to tell you... My abilities-” He cut me off by saying he didn’t need to know yet, it could wait until after we had got the whole pup conversation over with. “No, Alex will tell you if I don’t.” I chuckled. He stopped and turned to me with a smile, “I have the scream of a banshee,” His face held a told you so look and I rolled my eyes. “I have the protective barrier like Alex and I have healing powers,” I stated.

“My girl’s special.” He said, smirking at me. My heartbeat jumped a little with his use of my girl. My abdomen tightened and my core throbbed. His eyes darkened and he shoved his head into the crook of my neck. He inhaled deeply and a throaty groan left him making my whole body shiver. “Not now, Red.” He croaked. I chuckled and shook my head. “Sorry,” I replied, giving him an innocent smile. I grabbed his hand and led him to the door for the living area.

"Little minx." He purred through the link, I pressed my thighs together as I opened the door. Everyone was here and I was suddenly nervous. This was a big deal for me and I wanted nothing more than for them to be happy for me.

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