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Watching all the pack members dancing and interacting with the neighbouring packs is a feeling I won’t forget in a long time. After our blood was bonded and I was let back into the pack link, the feelings that spread throughout from the pack were remarkable. I finally feel content and happy.

“Are you having fun, Luna Amaris?” Cory’s little voice brought me out of my daydream. I chuckled, picking him up and sat him on my knee, “It’s just Amaris, Cory.” I chirped. “I am having fun, are you?” I asked, he nodded his head. “I really like Ezra and Alex, they’re funny.” He chuckled, looking away from me. I followed his eye line, Ezra and Alex were sat at an opposite table looking like they were having a very heated conversation. “Yeah, they are.” I giggled.

“Are you tired? Do you want to leave?” I asked as he yawned. He shook his head, “No, it’s your party. I’m ok.” He replied with a yawn. I chuckled and shook my head. “Oh no, you’re my priority.” I clarified, standing up with him in my arms and placing him back on the chair. “Wait here for me, I’m going to find Rhydian and tell him we’re leaving.” I smiled down at him. He nodded and I went in search of my husband... I’m never going to get used to that.

I saw him stood by the buffet table, talking with a few pack members. As soon as he felt me, he turned his head and smiled brightly at me. I reached them and stood quietly until there was a pause in their conversation. “Can I borrow Rhydian for a second?” I asked, smiling at the men. They nodded and smiled back.

He placed his hand at the bottom of my back and led me away from everyone. “Is everything ok?” He quizzed, looking me up and down. I chuckled and nodded my head, “Cory’s tired so I’m going to take him home.” I announced. “Ok, I’ll say goodbye and come with you.” He answered. I shook my head, “No, you can stay. I’ll get him in bed and wait up for you.” I winked. His eyes darkened and he gripped hold of my waist, “No, we’re leaving together.” He asserted. I rolled my eyes and nodded. “I’ll be over there with Cory,” I pointed to where Cory was. He nodded and planted a firm kiss against my lips.

I headed back over to Cory who was practically falling asleep sat up. I giggled and kneeled in front of him. “I’m not tired, I promise.” He responded sleepily. “Nope, you aren’t are you?” I giggled. “So, are you ready to go home?” Rhydian asked as he approached the table. Cory’s eyes lit up and he nodded eagerly. “Come on, young warrior.” He chuckled, holding his hand out for him. Cory placed his little hand into Rhydian’s and we left the hall.

“The stars are really bright tonight,” Cory mentioned as we walked down the street. “They are,” Rhydian replied. I looked up at the sky and watched the stars twinkling. “Our parents are up there,” Cory noted, glancing between us both. I nodded at him and smiled. “They’ll all be looking down on us.” Rhydian expressed, grabbing hold of my hand. I squeezed his hand and rested my head on his shoulder as we continued our walk home.

We reached home and Cory stopped and stared at us intensely. “What’s up?” I asked. “You’re like my mum and dad.” He clamoured. I was a little taken aback, I don’t want him to think we’re trying to take over his parents. Rhydian bent down so he was facing him at his height. “We love you like your parents and we care for you the same way.” He explained, “So, yes we kind of are like your mum and dad but we are also, Amaris and Rhydian, your friends.” He added, smiling at him. Cory looked between us both, his eyes were watering. “You want to say something else, you can tell us anything, Cor’,” I said calmly. “Um, if we’re a family... Can you change my last name to Knight?” He asked, awkwardly.

My heart swelled and I beamed at him. “When you’re older and if you still want that then of course,” Rhydian answered back. He smiled a lazy smile and nodded. “Come on, let’s get you in bed.” I chuckled and held my hand out. He took my hand and we went inside. “Straight upstairs, brush your teeth and I’ll bring you a drink up,” I called out as I headed for the kitchen. I heard Cory and Rhydian rush up the stairs laughing together. I smiled to myself and sorted Cory’s drink out.

I gazed out of the kitchen window and thought back to this evening. I can’t believe I’m now married... I’m not only Rhydian’s mate, I’m his wife. I held my hand up in front of me and tilted my head, the ring was stunning. I’m so lucky and he’s so sneaky I chuckled to myself. I never imagined my life panning out this way, a wife and a mother, sort of.

I felt Rhydian come into the kitchen, I turned my head and smiled at him. “Do you like it?” He inquired as he came towards me. “I do, it’s beautiful.” I swooned staring at the ring again. “You’re beautiful.” He remarked huskily. “And that dress, fuck Amaris, you are the epitome of perfection.” He rasped. He caged me between the sink and his body. “Rhydian, Cory’s upstairs.” I whimpered. My body was humming with need. “He’s asleep.” He countered as his nostrils flared.

Good enough for me. I slammed my lips into his and made quick work unbuckling his belt. “Amaris.” He moaned. “Not here.” He gasped as I pushed my hand down his boxers and wrapped my hand around his cock. “We can go upstairs and make love after.” I groaned. “Take me, Alpha. I’m yours.” I moaned. He growled and knocked my legs apart with his knee. I started to pull the dress off but he stopped me, “No, keep it on.” He growled.

He spun me around, “Lean on the table, hands flat and arse out.” He ordered. I did as he said and he bunched my dress up to my waist, exposing my panties. He pulled me back, gathered my dress so it was in front of me and shoved me carefully back against the table. “Need to be quiet, no shattering windows or waking Cory.” He stated, his voice thick with lust. I moaned as he brushed his fingers along my panties. “How long have you wanted my cock buried inside your tight pussy?” He whispered. He moved my hair from my neck and planted little kisses all over.

He reached my mark and lightly sucked at it as he ripped my panties from me. He pushed his fingers between my folds before thrusting his fingers inside. I moaned and arched my back. “No teasing,” I whined. He growled and bit down on my mark. I moaned and bit my lip. “We go at my pace.” I felt him smirk against my neck. He withdrew his fingers and circled my clit gently eliciting a strangled moan from me.

“Rhy... Plea-” A loud moan escaped as he thrust his cock inside, he covered my mouth with his hand and sucked at my neck. “You need to be quiet, baby.” He moaned as his cock was thrusting at a slow pace. I nodded my head and he removed his hand. He gripped my waist and began thrusting harder. I bit my lip and scratched my nails down the table. “We need... to... change.” I moaned breathlessly.

He pulled out and spun me around. He cupped my thighs and lifted me, sitting me on the table. He pulled me to the edge before thrusting his cock back deep inside. I crashed my lips into his and kissed him hungrily. I tangled my fingers into his hair as he dove his tongue into my mouth and deepened the kiss. My moans were lost against the kiss. He wrapped his hand in my hair and tugged my head back, causing me to arch and shove my chest into him. He placed his hand over my mouth to muffle the sounds.

He held my hair into a vice grip and hammered it into me. “Your pussy feels so good... So fucking tight.” He groaned. He knows I love his filthy mouth, my eyes went wide as I felt the pressure building. “That’s it, cum all over my cock.” He moaned as his thrusts were eager and frantic. He pulled harder on my hair, jerking my head to the side. He leaned forward, licking and sucking my mark. I tightened my legs around his waist, a strangled scream erupted as he pushed his hand down on my mouth to quiet my screams. “Uh, I’m close.” He moaned.

I shoved him back, he knew what I wanted as he lifted me and slid down onto the floor. I placed my feet flat on either side of him and pulled a drawer out. I held onto the drawer and began bouncing up and down. “Fuck, yes... Uh, just like that.” He moaned as his fingers dug into my hips.

“Cum with me.” I moaned against his shoulder. He thrust his hips up meeting me. I moaned, biting his shoulder and gripping his shirt. I rolled my hips, “Your cock is so deep right now," I moaned, "Rhy, fuck me harder." I groaned. He growled as he jerked his hips. “Fuck Red, you... Fuck I’m gonna cum.” He moaned as his thrusts became erratic. I tightened around his cock as wave after wave of pleasure washed through me. I started to let out a scream as he crashed his lips against mine, swallowing my moans. We both rode out our orgasms as we clung to each other.

He took me upstairs and did it all again... But this time it was slow and passionate. It was as husband and wife.

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