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Rhydian draped his arm over my shoulder and my body ignited. Sparks were flying everywhere, my whole body tingled. Every sense was filled by him. I panicked and tried stepping away, he tightened his arm around me. He didn't seem to be affected by our touching or he wasn't paying attention to it.

This was the proof I needed. This is the potion.

'No, maybe he doesn't feel it because he hasn't sensed us as his mate.' Aurora said quietly.

'I don't trust him, Rory. I don't trust anyone.'

She was pulling at strings now, I know all she wants is her mate. That's all any wolf wants. Especially mine.

Selena gaped at us, her eyes whirled between black and green, she was fighting her wolf for control. She clearly feels like she has some kind of claim on him. Maybe she's his true mate and she doesn't like what he's doing. Well, news flash little wolf, neither do I!

Rhydian cleared his throat. I glimpsed up at him, in shock. "Selena, this is Amaris." He grinned, she looked at him puzzled before saying, "And?"

"My...' I froze, fear coursing through my body... this was it. He was going to announce me as his mate, destroying me and my wolf in the process. I was getting ready to run.

After the funeral, I'm-

"My Alpha." He declared proudly, interrupting my thoughts. I blinked a few times, trying to clear the surprise from my face. Selena cackled and threw her head back.

"Good one, babe." She chortled. "You really got me there."

I growled, getting ready to launch myself at her. Rhydian slipped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I was immediately relaxed, I took a deep breath and glanced around. Lucas looked completely bewildered at me. I shrugged my shoulders at him.

No one has ever been able to pull me from the darkness. One-touch from Rhydian and I was pulled back. It's definitely the effects of the mate bond even if he's pretending he doesn't feel anything about this stupid fake bond.

"Amaris Thorne, Alpha of The Dark Wolf Pack." Rhydian snarled. "You'll do well to treat her with respect or you'll have me to answer too." He growled.

I stared up at him, his eyes were like two black holes. His wolf was present, he directed his eyes to me and his features softened... only slightly. The black slowly faded until I was gazing into two beautiful blue eyes.

The longer I stared, the more I saw behind his eyes. I had to fight the urge to draw him to me. His eyes told me things, things he'd never probably say. I can see the hurt and struggle he was hiding. He was gazing at me with such intense like he was trying to figure something out... like he was trying to figure me out. And I need to snap out of it before he could.

I looked away quickly and cursed myself for gawking.

"You aren't Eric's daughter." She snorted, folding her arms. "You're nothing but a dirty murdering rogue." She smirked, pushing her chest out and playing with her hair.

I tore away from Rhydian's hold, "Say that again." I gnarled, stalking towards her. I was seething, I was so fucking livid.

"I bet you're here to finish the job." She snarled. "Your and your filthy rogue friends killed our Alpha." She yelled.

My head was spinning. Everything was becoming blurry. "I suggest you shut up, right now," I whispered.

She laughed and stepped closer. I backed away, banging into Rhydian. He grasped my arms to steady me.

"Oh look, you know I'm right. You're scared." She smirked.

I wriggled out of his grasp and snarled at him. For a second, hurt washed over his face before he regained his posture. My anger dissolved a little and I felt kind of bad.

"That's enough, Selena," Rhydian warned. "I may be just be filling in as the Alpha here, but I still hold some authority." He snapped. She rolled her eyes and chuckled.

"I'm still your Alpha." He added, "Don't forget that."

"Amaris, are you ok?" Lucas said with his voice full of worry.

I took a deep and long breath. I couldn't lose control, not now. I spun around to face Lucas, "Shall we have that talk now?" I asked with half a smile. Lucas mouthed "I'm proud of you." And quite frankly, I was damn proud of myself.

"She's the reason your Alpha is dead, you bloody idiot," Selena screamed.

I let out a deep growl and screwed my eyes shut. Lucas was in front of me within moments, "Control it, Amaris. Remember what your dad taught you" He placed his hands either side of my face.

My whole body was convulsing, it felt like I was vibrating. I started shaking my head and tugging at my hair. "Amaris, look at me," Rhydian stated, with a hint of fear in his voice.

I snapped my eyes over to him, "Whatever is happening right now. You are safe." He whispered. He came towards me and removed Lucas's hands from me. He stood in front of me, placing his finger under my chin and coercing me to look at him, "Listen to my voice, not hers." He urged.
"Your dad loved you. You're not the reason for his death." He declared, gazing into my eyes.

"What? Why are you siding with a rogue?" Selena shouted.

"You don't fucking know shit about me!" I whisper yelled, just loud enough for them to hear.

"You've only just shown up now. If you are Eric's daughter, where the fuck have you been?" She provoked. "He died thinking you didn't care." She growled.

"Selena!!" Lucas and Rhydian snarled at the same time but it was too late...

I spun around and pounced on her. We landed with a thud. I started punching her in the face while ranting, without taking a breath, "I'm not a rogue. I didn't kill my dad. I didn't kill my dad. I didn't kill my dad."

Then the rage took over, my vision blurred, my eyes burned and I was losing control.

My Dark Wolf was taking over.

The last thing I remember before blacking out was screaming and blood, so much blood.

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