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6 years later.

“Alexander Cory Olsen!” I bellowed. “Get your behind down here now.” I stood by the door with my arms crossed. “What’s up?” Cory asked as he stepped down the stairs. “Kitchen, now.” I deadpanned as I marched to the kitchen. I stood by the kitchen island and waited for Cory to scamper inside.

“So, school rang you?” He muttered as he went and sat on the stool. “Of course they did. So, explain yourself!” I snapped. He looked down at the table and took a deep breath. “It wasn’t my fault.” He whispered. “Cory, you attacked 4 of them.” I sighed. “One of them was human, Cory. Do you realise how dangerous that is?” I exasperated. “I know... I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” He apologised.

I took a deep breath and sat down opposite him. “Ok, so what happened?” I asked. “Jake has been going around, telling everyone in the pack that I’m an outcast and don’t belong in the Alpha family.” He whispered, “Then today at school a few of them came over to me and said the only reason my parents died was because of you. They said I was of no use to the pack because of Addi and Dom.” He explained, “I couldn’t help it... I was so angry.” He whimpered.

I rushed around and wrapped my arms around him. “You’re as much a part of this family as Dom and Addi, you know this,” I muttered. He nodded and snuggled into me as he used to do when he was younger. “I have to go pick up the twins, do you wanna come?” I questioned. He nodded and wiped his eyes. I pulled him up from the stool. “Does Rhy know?” He asked as he went over to the fridge. “Yes he does but I’m not going to repeat what he said.” I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

He took a bottle of water and 2 juices out of the fridge and turned to me, “I can imagine. I’ll be expecting a high five or something when he comes home.” He smirked. I shook my head and chuckled. “Next time don’t listen to them and please whatever you do, don’t lash out and hurt people.” I took a deep breath, “Remember, humans, don’t heal like us.” I attested.

We headed towards the pack nursery. “How’s the warrior training going? Are you still enjoying it?” I asked as we strolled along the pack grounds. “Yeah, Drew said I’m getting stronger every day.” He beamed. “That’s amazing... That still what you want to do?” I asked, glancing at him from the corner of my eye. We’ve offered him to take over Rhydian when he steps down but he’s adamant he doesn’t want that. He’s our boy, it doesn’t matter if our blood doesn’t flow through him. He’s ours in every other way possible.

“Yep, I’m going to be a warrior.” He declared, stopping as we arrived at the pack nursery. I nodded and smiled as we waited for the twins to come out. “Mummy!!” They both squealed as they ran towards us. I grinned and waved. I still can’t believe they’re mine.

On our wedding anniversary 5 years ago, I found out I was expecting. I was so nervous and scared. Doctor Reeves couldn’t believe it, they’re my little miracles. They’re both mine and Rhydian’s world... All 3 of my pups are. Addison is my little double, with her red curly hair and bright blue eyes whereas Dominic is his father in every way possible, he has my curly hair but his dad’s black hair and deep ocean blue eyes. Together they’re double trouble... All 3 of them keep me on my toys.

“Did you have a nice day at nursery?” I asked, kneeling in front of the twins. They both nodded eagerly giggling. “Did you see Millie today?” Cory smirked at Dom. He glared at him and I chuckled. “Will you stop it?” He growled in his little tiny voice. “Nope, it’s my job as your big bro.” He grinned. Addi grabbed Cory’s hand and beamed up at him. “Cory, stop picking on your brother.” I groaned, rolling my eyes.

Dominic gripped my hand and we headed towards the packhouse. “I thought daddy was working late tonight?” Addi glanced back at us. “He is.” I smiled, “We’re going to surprise him.” I grinned. “Will Luca be there?” Dom asked, peering up at me. “Probably,” I answered, smiling at him. We reached the packhouse, Addison and Dominic ran ahead and opened the packhouse door. “No running in the packhouse, you two!” I called after them, hooking my hand on Cory’s arm and stopping him.

He turned to me and raised his brow, “I’m going to speak to Rhydian about Jake. I’m not having anybody playing down your role in this pack or our family.” I sighed, “You’re my boy and that’s the end of it.” I professed. He smiled at me and nodded. “I love you, mum.” He wrapped his arms around me and I squeezed him, chuckling. “I love you, more,” I replied playfully.

He first called me mum when he was 9, he had fallen over and cried for me. I thought he was just crying out ‘mum’ because he was hurt but a couple of days later he called me mum again. He doesn’t say it often and I don’t push it but when he does, my heart does somersaults. “Come on, Cory. Let’s go inside.” I muttered, pulling away from him. He nodded and we made our way inside.

As I stepped into the packhouse I could hear the twins squealing with laughter. I followed the sound up the stairs and to Rhydian’s office. I pushed open the door and stood watching my mate and our pups wrestling with each other. My heart nearly gave out at the sight. 5 years on and I still count myself lucky that my past didn’t take everything... I have a loving mate and 3 beautiful pups who I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

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