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3 years later.

"This is stupid!" Dom whined. I watched as they all argued who was giving me my presents. Even though they all had a couple of gifts to give me each. Dom and Addi are like a mini Alex and me when were their age. They're nearly 8 and my Goddess, they drive me insane. Cory turned 16 a few months ago, he shifted with all of us there to support him. His wolf, Copper, is stunning! He's going to make an incredible warrior, he already is.

Life with the twins and Cory is a little hectic but I wouldn't change it for the world. They keep me on my toes, constantly running around after them.

"Dom, you have 2 presents in your gift bag. The same as us." Cory groaned, pointing at his bag in front of him. "But Addi's present is bigger." He shot, glaring at him. Cory chuckled and shook his head. "You chose that." He reminded him. Dom shrugged and grinned at me. "Are you ready, mum?" He asked. I chuckled and nodded. "I am if you are," I answered. Dom came over to me and handed me his bag.

"Thank you." I smiled. I placed my hand in the bag and pulled out a black wolf teddy, I grinned and smiled at him. "I painted the red on his ears and tail so he matches you." He beamed at me. "I see that, he's gorgeous. I love it, thank you!" I gushed. I placed my hand in the bag and pulled out a photo frame. I turned it around and gazed at the photo. It was of the pups and me, in the back garden. I chuckled and smiled brightly at him, "I love it, thank you, Dominic." I bubbled.

Addison ran up to me and handed me her bag. "Happy birthday, mummy!" She sang. "Thank you." I grinned. I looked in the bag and laughed. "Have you been talking to daddy?" I raised my brow and chuckled. She nodded sheepishly, "I didn't know what to get you." She shrugged. "You could have picked me a flower out of the garden and it would have been the best because it was from you." I poked her nose playfully. I took out a folder and notepad, I chuckled as I read it. "Luna Duties," I repeated and chuckled. "It's just what I needed, thank you, Addison." I burst.

She went and sat back next to Dom and Rhydian while Cory nervously stepped in front of me before sitting down. "Um, I didn't know what to get you." He rubbed the back of his neck and I giggled. "Cory, like I just told Addi, anything will be amazing because it's from you." I smiled. He was anxious and I hated it. "I spoke to Rhydian-"

"Dad!" Dom and Addi shouted together. "Sorry, I spoke to dad." He chuckled, rolling his eyes. "I wanted something special, but I didn't know how to do it." He was stalling. I placed my hand over his and smiled at him. "It's ok, show me." I breathed. He shakily picked up the card from his lap and handed me it. He started biting on his bottom lip as I opened it. I pulled it from the envelope and scanned my eyes over it. "Is... Is this what I think it is?" I choked. He nodded slowly and his eyes filled with tears.

I glanced back at the card and took a deep breath. It was a plain piece of paper with a single sentence written in the middle... 'Will you be my mum?' My eyes darted between everyone, Rhydian was watching me closely. Cory had tears falling down his cheeks, I reached my hands up and wiped them away. "You... You want me to adopt you?" I choked. He nodded and took a deep breath. "If you want to." He whispered. I wrapped my arms around him. "Of course I do." I sobbed.

After the initial shock of everything, Cory took the other two to the park around the corner. "Are you ok?" Rhydian asked as I stared at the paper again. I nodded and sighed, "I didn't think he wanted us to adopt him." I whispered. He chuckled and pulled me against him. "Amaris, he loves you." He muttered. I sighed and nodded. He held a box in front of my face and shook it, "I haven't given you my present." He chuckled.

I sat up and rolled my eyes. "I said I didn't want anything." He shrugged and watched me open the box. I smirked as I stared at the open box. "Really, Rhydian?" I raised my brow at him. "It was a pretty necklace," He chuckled. He took the box from me and motioned for me to lift my hair. He fastened the necklace around my neck and stuck his face into the crook of my neck. He inhaled deeply and a low rumble vibrated against me. "This one is better, I can still smell my mate." He growled.

I chuckled as he planted his lips against my mark. I moaned and tangled my fingers into his hair. He peppered kisses on my neck, leaving a trail of hot kisses until he reached my lips. "Happy birthday, Red." He whispered before planting his lips firmly against mine. "I love you." I breathed. He groaned and rested his forehead on mine. "I'll never grow tired of hearing you say that." He panted.

I pushed him back and climbed on top, straddling his waist. "Good, because I'll never stop telling you," I whispered before leaning forward and sucking on his mark. He gripped my hips and jerked his hips. "They'll be back soon." He moaned. I circled my hips, hitting his length, "We can be quick." I smirked.

"Fuck, Red." He growled. "That's the spirit, Alpha." I goaded. He pushed me onto my back and pushed my dress up, I reached down and pushed my panties to the side. His eyes flashed red and a strangled growl escaped him. I pulled my wolf forward, needing that little bit of extra confidence. "Come on, Alpha. Bury your cock deep inside my pussy." I moaned, spreading my legs wider.

He unbuttoned his trousers and freed his raging erection. He lunged forward, holding his dick and thrust into me. I welcomed the burning sensation of him stretching me, I clawed at his back and moaned. "Fuck, how are you still this tight?" He moaned breathlessly. "You're lucky you're fucking me right now or I'd knock you the fuck out," I growled before leaning forward and biting down on his neck.

His thrusts were wild and fast. "Rhy... I'm gonna-" I moaned and bit my lip, hard as pleasure coursed through my body. I could taste the metal tang of blood in my mouth, he leaned forward and swiped his tongue against my lip. I moaned and he kissed me, sliding his tongue in my mouth.

"Are you gonna cum, baby?" I moaned through the mindlink. I dragged my nails up his back and dug my heels into his ass, bringing him closer. "I love the feel of you inside me, you fit perfectly. You're mine." I continued moaning. I knew he was close and I knew hearing me talk like this would push him over the edge. "Your cock was made to fuck me, harder, Rhydian," I growled through the link.

He jerked forward, thrusting in deep and came, moaning my name over and over. We laid together, panting catching our breaths. He looked at me and frowned, "Your lip is still bleeding." He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against mine, licking gently at my lip.

"You're not part vampire, right?" I chuckled. He laughed and shook his head, "Come on, the kids will be back soon." He added as he pulled out. I whined and pouted. "Later, baby." He winked.

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