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8 years later.

“Dom, get lost!” I heard Addi snap as I walked into the kitchen. “You’re just jealous I’ll find my mate first.” He replied, smirking at her. I rolled my eyes and went straight for the coffee machine, I need coffee first if I’m to deal with these this morning. “We’re twins, you idiot.” She chuckled and I heard him grunt in reply. I placed my cup on the coffee machine and switched it on. “So, are any of you hearing anything?” I asked, glancing between them both. They shook their head and looked at me. “We’ll tell you if we do, mum,” Dom answered.

I told them about my wolf when they were old enough to understand. I left out the details of my past because they don’t need that in their heads. All they needed to know was, my wolf is special and that if it happens to them, they’ll be special too. I’ve asked them every morning since they turned 13, I know they’ll tell me but I like checking.

“I know,” I smiled before picking up my coffee. “I won’t be home after school tonight,” Addi announced. I raised a brow as I brought my cup to my lips. “Uncle Alex is training me tonight.” She said with a grin. I nodded and glanced at Dom, “What will you be doing tonight?” I asked. “He’ll be with me,” Rhydian stated as he strolled into the kitchen, fresh out of the shower. I beamed at him as he kissed Addi on her forehead and ruffled Dom’s hair, he’ll freak out if his dad kisses him. “That’s what I’m doing tonight,” Dom groaned. I chuckled as Rhydian reached me. He leaned forward and planted a kiss on my lips. “Eww, gross. Not in the kitchen.” Addi squealed.

I pulled away and chuckled. “Good morning, beautiful.” Rhydian smiled down at me before going and getting himself a drink. “Kids, remember Elijah is picking you up and taking you to school with Kayla,” I mentioned as I glanced at the watch on my wrist. They nodded and began clearing their plates and cups away. “Dad, when’s Cory going to be home?” Dom asked as he stopped by Rhydian’s chair. He smiled at him and chuckled. “Soon, son. He’ll be bringing his mate with him.” He beamed at Dom.

“Will he be staying or going back to her pack?” Addi asked. I went rigid and Rhydian placed his hand on my thigh and squeezed. “We aren’t sure yet, sweetheart. We’re hoping they’re going to stay here, but it’s up to them.” Rhydian answered. She smiled and nodded.

Cory met his mate a few weeks back. It was one of his friends 21st birthday, he went to his pack for a party and met his mate there. Cory has been pining for his mate ever since he turned 16, he finally found her when he was 21, Rhydian used to wind him up and tell him she’ll appear in front of him when he’s old in her wolf form, angry. He loves telling people how we met. I can’t wait to meet his mate, I’m just hoping he decides to return home and stay for good.

The doorbell rang and pulled us all from our little trance about Cory. “I’ll get it, it’ll be Elijah and Kayla.” I said as I stood up, “Kids get your things.” I instructed as I left the kitchen. I opened the door, “Morning,” I greeted as I held the door wider for them to step in. “Hey Kayla, how are you settling in?” I asked. She smiled shyly at me and nodded.

Kayla was rescued from a pack 50 miles from Clovelly. The wolf council come to our pack for help when a pack has been reported for negligence behaviour towards their members. They use us because of our Dark Wolves, which I don’t mind but I don’t like the way they throw our name out as a threat. A few packs offered to take some of the members in but there were a few that decided to go off on their own and declare themselves lone wolves.

Kayla was abandoned, her parents had died years ago and she was treated appallingly in her old pack, we don’t know to what extent. She was terrified of us, the only 2 she seemed to be at ease with were Elijah and Alex. Alex couldn’t take her in because he was never in one place as he’s still searching for his mate but he comes back when the wolf council call. Elijah and Lucas took her on, Lucas dotes on her and she has warmed to him, it’s heartwarming to see. She and Addison have made a cute friendship with them being roughly the same age, Addison is a little older but she has taken her under her wing.

“I like it here, Luna Amaris.” She whispered. “Oh, it’s Amaris sweetheart,” I replied. “I’m glad.” I smiled. I turned when I heard the twins behind me. “Kayla, hi!” Addi squeaked. I cringed at her high tone causing Kayla and Elijah to chuckle. “Goddess, Addison. Do you have to?” Dom whined. She stuck her tongue out at him before kissing me on the cheek and running towards Elijah’s car dragging Kayla behind her. “See you later, mum,” Dom shouted over his shoulder as he followed the girls.

“Addison has been great for Kayla.” Elijah smiled, “She’s definitely coming out of her shell more.” He chuckled. “She told Lucas, life was unfair last night because he said she had to make sure her homework was done.” He rolled his eyes. “Addi is rubbing off on her.” I snickered. “Soon, you’ll have the full-blown teenage years.” I joshed. He groaned and ran his hand through his hair, “Well, I don’t envy you, having two of the same age.” He winked before waving and heading to his car.

I waved as they drove off and went back into the house. I went back into the kitchen and Rhydian was stood against the counter. “Aren’t you going to be late for any meetings?” I quizzed, raising my brow. He shook his head, a smirk appearing on his face and sauntered over to me. “We’re alone in the house for once... I have no meetings...” He stopped in front of me and lifted my head, “There are no kids running riot...” He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. “It’s been a long time since I have been able to fuck my wife and not have to keep you quiet.” He groaned, forcing his tongue into my mouth, searching for mine. I moaned and thrust my hips against him.

“Take me, Alpha,”

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