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2 years later.

“Why do we have to have a joint birthday party?” Addi snapped. “Because you do.” I rolled my eyes. It’s the twins birthday in a few weeks and they’re turning 16. All I have had for the past few days are complaints because their parties are joined. I don’t know what they expect from us, it’s not like we can be in two places at once.

“Why can’t we have the parties on different days?” Addi asked, cocking her hip with her hand resting on it. “Addison, that’s enough.” Rhydian scolded as he exited out of the bathroom. “But dad.” She whined. He shook his head and went into our room, shutting the door behind him. “Mum, I’m going over to Uncle Alex’s house tomorrow is that ok?” Dom asked, poking his head around his bedroom door. “Yeah sure.” I smiled, glancing over my shoulder.

“Mum, can we-?” I shot my head around and glared at her, “You and your brother will be having a joint birthday party. I don’t want to hear anything more on the matter.” I deadpanned before trudging towards my room. Addi huffed and slammed her bedroom door. I groaned as I opened my bedroom door and walked in. “Tough day, love?” Rhydian asked. I glanced at him, he was laid in bed with his arms behind his head. I nodded and sighed. “She’s going to be the death of me,” I groaned, sitting on the edge of the bed. He chuckled, I felt his arms around my waist and I leaned into him.

“She’s just like you, you know?” He chuckled before placing a sweet kiss on my neck. “I know, which is why I know she’ll not stop asking about separate fucking parties,” I grunted. “I’ll speak to her tomorrow, I don’t mind being the big bad wolf.” I could feel his smirk against my neck. I shivered and giggled. “No, I bet you don’t.” I breathed. He pulled me back so he was hovering over me, “You scared, Red?” He smirked. “Of you? Never.” I winked. He leaned forward and captured my lips in a sensual kiss.

We parted to catch our breath as Alex’s frantic voice appeared in my head. ”Amaris, you need to get to the west lake now!" I sat up and looked around at Rhydian. His eyes were fogged over. I began pulling on my hoodie and trainers as he stood up. “I’ll tell the kids to stay put. They’re safer in here than anywhere,” He announced as he reached the door. “I’ll tell Lucas to stay alert.” He nodded before rushing out of the room.

I left the room, Addi and Dom were stood at their bedroom doors with worried looks on their faces. “We’ll be ok, kids. If you need either of us...” I started. Addi ran towards me and wrapped her arms around me followed closely by Dom. “We’ll link you.” They replied in unison. “Stay safe, we love you.” They added. I kissed each of their heads and pulled away. I darted down the stairs, as soon as I reached outside, I was greeted by a gorgeous grey and crimson wolf with his eyes shining red. I called my wolf forward and began the shifting process. Within seconds, I rose on 4 legs and we shot towards the forest.

I have complete control now. Aurora is barely here anymore, when I shift or I bring my wolf forward, it’s always the Dark Wolf. We are complete as one, I’m the wolf. It’s the same for Rhydian, he’s just as strong and fast as me and his eyes are either blue or red.

"Alex, we’re close. We’ve caught your scent and one other." I linked him. ”He’s scared. I can’t shift back to human, my wolf feels threatened." He answered. ”Shift and approach in your human form, Amaris. He’s just a kid." He added. I halted, my paws skidding in the mud. Rhydian stopped and glanced at me, I shifted and straightened myself out before looking at Rhydian. “Alex can’t shift back because his wolf feels threatened.” I relayed what Alex had said. Rhydian growled and nudged at my legs, “Shift!” He growled through the link.

I shook my head and pushed him away. “He’s just a kid, Rhydian.” I rolled my eyes and started towards the scents. He jumped in front of me and snarled. “Fuck off, Rhy. I’m capable of looking after myself.” I growled. He huffed and walked beside me, making sure his fur was touching my leg. I rolled my eyes and snorted. “I love you, you big softy.” I giggled, brushing my fingers through his fur. ”You’re lucky I love you, Red." He answered gruffly.

I could see Alex’s wolf just beyond some trees with a young pup cowering under a tree trunk. ”You go calm Apollo, I’m going to see if he’ll talk to me," I muttered through the link. He huffed but did what I asked. Rhydian went towards Apollo and covered his body with his. I sighed and slowly made my way to the pup.

“Hey, I’m not going to hurt you,” I whispered, holding my hands in front of me. He glanced at me then at Rhydian and Alex who had now shifted back. “I promise, he won’t hurt you either,” I promised, bending down so I was at his level. “I’m Amaris, can you tell me your name?” I asked, quietly. He shook his head quickly before taking a deep breath. “Caleb.” He whispered. “Caleb,” I repeated. He nodded.

I crawled forward a bit to get a better look at him. The poor kid looked dreadful. He had 3 claw marks down the left side of his face and so many claw marks on the parts of his body I could see. He had an Alpha aura around him. “Listen, I have a special gift. I can heal wounds...” I announced, slowly. His eyes went wide and he backed away more. “No, I won’t hurt you. I want to help.” I added. He watched me as I crawled closer to him. “Will you give me your arm?” I asked, holding my hands out.

He held his arm out apprehensively and I gently closed my hands over his wounds, he winced as I touched one of the wounds. “Relax, I promise I won’t hurt you,” I whispered. I felt his arm relax and I focused all my energy on my hands. I saw the familiar red glow, his eyes went wide as he watched his wounds closing on their own. I healed the wounds on his arms and legs that I could see without getting too close. I glanced at him and sighed, “That looks painful on your face, can I heal that?” I asked, looking at him sadly.

He took a deep breath before crawling out from under the tree trunk. I could see him clearly, he had jet black hair with piercing silver eyes. He looked no younger than 16. I held my hands over his face and focused my energy again. The glow appeared but disappeared just as quickly, it wasn’t healing. I frowned and removed my hands. I looked a little close and pulled away. “Who did that?” I asked.

He stared at the floor and pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. “You can tell me.” I urged, placing my hand over his. He took a deep breath, “My dad.” He whispered. A small growl slipped past my lips and he backed away. “I’m sorry.” I took a deep breath and sighed. “Your dad’s an Alpha right?” I asked. His eyes went wide, he looked petrified. “Don’t worry.” I reassured him, “You have an Alpha aura, so I know you have Alpha blood.” I disclosed. He sighed and nodded.

“What pack are you from?” I asked. “The Yellow Stone Pack.” He replied, keeping his eyes on the ground. “That’s in Cornwall...” I gasped. “Why are you out here? What’s your Alpha and Luna called?” I asked. I don’t know many Alpha’s names but I do know Luna’s.

“Alpha Henry and Luna Malia.” He responded shaking a little.

Sequel out now... Caleb.

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