Bad Girl Off To College

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Just read the damn story. It's a sequel to Bad Girl's Nerd. All the best, you brave readers!

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Chapter 1: "What's Doctor Douche's Problem?"

Lia’s POV:-

“Natalia, I love you. I have known it, since the day I laid my eyes on you. You are the only one I want. The only one I need. I can’t imagine a life without you. I-”

“That’s my girlfriend, you sick, idiotic, s-”

“Luke calm down!” I push Luke back, standing in front of him.

“L-Luke I didn’t know, you were not gone,” Oliver stutters.

“Baby!” I whisper scold, when Luke tries to move past me.

“Oliver, as flattering as this is. I am sticking with this one,” I tilt my head towards Luke, eyeing the red rose in Oliver’s hand. “Sorry,” I smile at him. Oliver gives a gloomy nod and walks away. I would have turned him down in a much colorful and creative way. But that boy did most of my classwork for me, so I had to be polite.

“It’s been two days since I left the school, and boys are hitting on you?!” Luke snaps. My school was over and we were going towards Luke’s car. He had come to pick some of his documents from office.

“I’m gonna miss you so much,” I dramatically wail, and put my hands around his neck.

“Not funny Lia,” he mumbles sulking.

“Baby, unless I find a boy with dark hair, and green eyes, you have nothing to worry about,” I assure him.

“Sup Natalia.” We both watch Aaron, from my class walking past us. He had brown hair, and light green eyes.


“I’m repeating school,” Luke says to himself, still watching Aaron.

“He’s not even tall! Would y-”

“I could make some excuse. Maybe say I had short-term amnesia..” he continues.

“Get in the car,” I slap his ass. “Stop being ridiculous. Let’s go pack.”

Yes, that’s right. Ignoring Luke’s protest, I was his official packing-helper. I mean, yes he didn’t need help cause he was an organized freak, and obviously I did more damage than help, but it was fun to hang around and mess up his packing. My favorite part was when I would push his buttons too far, and he would pick me up and dump me on the couch away from his stuff. Then I would lure him into angry make-out sessions.

Yeah I’m a cheap woman..

New session had started at school. By some miracle, Julian and I were promoted. I remember how Julian gave his literature exam with bloodshot eyes, because taste testing of new wine bottles couldn’t wait another day. The seniors were given a boring farewell. Max and Dylan poured fresh lemon juice over their Chemistry sir. He was taking a nap in the sun, and they did the honors from the roof. In their defense all they could say was, “Lemon has cleansing properties. And that man needed it.”

The boys went to parties almost every night. No one showed it, but all of them were heart-broken to be separated from each other. All of them got into decent colleges with sports scholarship, or like in Alex’s case via generous donations. Julian and I let them be, not wanting to witness any weepy goodbyes or group mourning. Understood I’ve grown emotionally, but I really didn’t want to see my brother and Alex bawling like children, because they can’t be each other’s wingman for the next few years.

Luke was calm as always. Although the way he moved against me at nights, told me he would miss me. When he wasn’t with his friends, he would stay with me. And I’m not complaining. In fact I would encourage him, cause I would be here, but there are thin chances that the boys would get holidays on the same time. Plus it was hard to ignore, Dylan’s crying out often, “This might be our last time together. In the next few years, anyone of us could be abducted, someone could turn into a misandrist, one of us could die I’m telling you!”


“Seriously Lenny. Girls deck up like Barbie dolls, to meet their boyfriends. You could at least put some effort,” Julian says in disapproval, looking at my sweatshirt. It was Luke’s, so it was a little loose, almost covering my jeans shorts. I had bunched my hair into a messy bun.

“Julian, he jumped into the shower with me,” I say, leaning against Luke. We were at our place, waiting for the rest of the boys. “He got past pruny fingers and wrinkly nipples, and still sticks around. So it doesn’t matter,” I shrug.

“Thinking about that shower,” Julian asks Luke with a sly smile.

“Good times,” he sighs making me chuckle.

“Can you believe that? 3 girls turned me down!” Ian exclaims, coming through the front door.

“Oh the horror,” Dylan mumbles from beside him, typing in his phone.

“Dry spell?” Julian questions. Ian blinks, then turns to me.

“Lia, you have to help me,” he pleads.

“Ian, I said no before. I will say no now. And I’ll keep saying no,” I rebuke.

“Please. Just one look. That’s all I want,” Ian begs.

“You might wanna interrupt,” Julian suggests to Luke.

“Oh God, no,” Luke scoffs, and walks into the kitchen with Max and Alex.

“Fuck off Cooper,” I snap, sitting beside Luke.

“Lia I promise, it’ll be quick,” Ian squeezes my arm hopefully. I shake my head.

“Luke?” Julian beckons towards Ian and me. “Julian, it’s not that. Ian’s not that daring,” Luke mutters adjusting his wrist watch.

“You never know Wright,” Ian snaps mockingly. “He’s right. I’m not that daring,” he says quickly to Julian, when Luke gives him a look.

“What’s Doctor Douche’s problem?” Alex asks.

“He wants to go into a Victoria Secret showroom,” I answer.

“Lia please,” Ian begs. “I just want to roam around and look. I promise I won’t touch anything,” he joins his hands in front of me. “I’m scared to go alone. Please.”

“Ian no, I have never even visited Victoria Secret,” I reply.

“You have a discount coupon,” Julian laughs. “Shit, secret discount coupon,” he winces. I give him a pissed look.

“Please, please, please,” Ian gives me puppy eyes.

“Ian, I have never used the coupon. I don’t like VS,” I answer.

“Yeah sure,” Julian scoffs. “You dressed up in a cheer-leader outfit for Luke the other day, who also dressed like a fire-man for you... Somebody stop me!” he slaps a hand over his mouth. Luke and I look at Julian with regretful smiles.

“I love these heart-to-hearts we do,” Max forces a smile.

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