The Famous Bad Boy meets Little Miss Perfect

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She's an innocent girl, the typical average girl you know. High grades, Normal Status, doesn't have much looks. She studies at Montecarla High, a highschool where rich kids study at, it was impossible for her to get into that school but you see.. for this girl nothing is impossible, for her there's always a way. And cause she's a girl that's always sure of her actions, she got in that school by the means of how smart she was. This girl has yet to see the wonders of Montecarla High, she has yet to meet The Infamous Bad Boy of this highschool... Actually, When you think about it.... What would happen if Little Miss Perfect meets The Famous Bad Boy? ~~~

Romance / Humor
Mary An
Age Rating:

2 - First day *pt. 2


As I walk out of the classroom.. I hear foot steps running towards me.

When I turn around I meet beautiful brown eyes looking right at me


"hey new student! phew I couldn't keep up, what's your next class By the way?"

I look at my schedule

"I have Math, how about you?"

"aw bummer, I have English"

I smile at how she looks upset cause we won't be in the same class

so this is how it feels to have a friend.

"why're you smiling?"
I unconsiously snap out of it and back to Lorraine

"ah, nothing. I guess i'm just happy to have a friend like you"

"really? Well then we're mutual, i've never actually had a real friend before, cause I stayed away from making friends so usually I don't like hanging out with people, but you seemed to have caught my attention."

"well lucky me"

"nahh its me who's lucky, I finally have a friend that's not plastic"

"why would you have plastic friends?"
I say as we start to walk

"cause of my pesty brother, urgghh just the thought of him and his annoyance makes me wanna hurl, that boy is nothing but trouble."

"oh i've always wanted to have a brother"

"well its not fun at all, My older brother doesn't seem older than me, in fact he acts more childish than a five-year old! he has this group thing with all his friends that i'd rather not get involved in"
I giggle at how funny she can be

"sorry to be rude but just out of curiosity, what is this group, you're talking about?"

"its called A3 short for 'awesome three'"
she quotes with her hands

"their group consists of my brother and two of his friends, they are quite famous in this school, although I wouldn't call it famous. More like 'infamous' might I say."

hmm... A3 huh?

"but I suggest you stay away from them as much as possible!"

"why, what's so dangerous about three students?"

"that's three seniors to you"

"oh, i see, okay fine. I'll try my best not to cross paths with them, though as far as I know, their supposed to be on The Fourth floor of this school, right?"
she nodds

Me level's classes are at the second floor, so we're one floor away from them.

That's a good thing, a very good thing.

"anyway... I think preparation is almost over,better head to my next class, BON VOYAGE!"
Lorraine runas away

wait... dang it, I forgot to tell her my name..

oh well, we have a lot of time anyway


second class : Math

I head to Math class which is supposed to be on room 201 if i'm correct

An empty seat at the corner catches my eyes and I immediately sit there beside an empty seat

I bring out my earphones and quietly listen to music putting only one of my earphones on so i'd hear it when the teacher comes in.

*bang bang*

"knock knock ugly newbie, you alive in there?"
someone knocks on my desk and I look up seing three girls

The typical three mean girls you see everyday

"hi, i'm Jurely a.k.a. The schools princess, I'm introducing myself to you so you know who I am and i'm also letting you know that you must follow every word I say, like what everyone does."
She gives me an ever so fakish smile

Putring my attention back to the music i'm listening to, I pretend not to hear this girl in front of me and put my head back to the desk.

"hey you pitiful beggarist, I know you heard me stop pretending, tsk your so shallow"

I look up to her

"Its beggar not beggarist, apaka engot din ng isang to eh"
When I speak in english I can be polight or super polight, just those two choices, but when I speak In filipino, I can be very conceited with myself in short, suplada or maldita.

"excuse me what?"

"please refrain from speaking to me if you can't even understand that simple thing I stated at the end"
In Her case i'm trying my best to be as polight as I can

"ugh, what an attitude, let's go girls, she's not worth it"
Jurerly or whatever her name is walks away.

its called self defense, darling, ever heard of it?

"Alright class let's start, for Math class I am your teacher Sir Rence..."
The whole Math Class I listen at my very best

Trying sooo hard not to fall asleep when Everyone I see around me can barely even lift their eyelids causing them to completely fall onto their desks.









break time

FINALLY! break time has commenced!


that was the sound of my stomach gurgling

"soo hungry"
I groan in hunger

at the cafeteria there are so many stalls!!

ohhh the yummy aroma of food filled my nose

such a delightful scent to smell when your at the brink of complete hunger

Rushing to the food stalls I realize that I'd forgotten to get my money from my bag

and that being said I just realize I forgot my bag at the Math Classroom

Just great Hollister. That's what happens when your too blinded by the wanting to eat food, houwww, wait for my my loving food! you'll be in my stomach right after I get my bag! wait for meee!!

After rushing to the classroom I finally arrive there but I saw out teacher spraking with a Male student which looks like he was from a higher level.

"Mr. Cruz Since you have not passed any of my classes, you will be studying in this floor in Math Class"

"whatever old man"
I can't help overhear their conversation, and I know I don't have a right to comment on this, but this boy is so bizzare, outrageuos, ill-mannered, abrupt!

how could he have the guts to say that to a teacher!?

"what can I do with you Mr. Cruz... You may go now"
Sir Rence sighs

and before I knew it this so called Mr. Cruz was walking out the door

As our eyes locked for a second, I just sprinted in the classroom planning to ignore him but before I could completely go in the classroom he got hold of the back of my blouse.

"excuse me but evesdropping on private conversation is rude, if you must know"
My eyebrows touch each other as they form a knott on my face

"And talking back to a teacher like that is far much more rude.. if I must inform you."
I stare daggers at him and he gives me a look I can't quite decipher.

"cute, but some advice, don't evesdrop on conversations that don't concern you next time, buttercup"
he lets go of the back of my blouse and I take a deep breath in and a really deep breathe out.

Gosh he really heats up my blood, my blood vessels and my blood pressure.

Nakakainis itong Mr. Cruz na ito.


Returning to the cafeteria with my bag already retrieved

I finally get my wallet and stand in line for food.

when My turn comes I quickly order a meal and Scrumptiously eat it while sitting on my table.

When I was just here minding my own business suddenly I notice two boys that sit at the table across mine.

They were two boys that all the girls were staring at exept for me.

I was staring at my oh so delicious foods.


" 'scuse me Miss? mind if we sit here?"
Those two boys that were sitting on the table across me just a while ago were now in front of me asking me if they could sit here with me

I look at the table across me where they sat on and saw girls sitting there...

maybe they just wanted to sit on my table, hmm... I don't mind eating in another place.

"sure. not at all"
Once they sat down on my table, I stood up packing my stuff

"what're you doing?"
one of the boys asks

"Packing my stuff to eat somewhere else"
I say while and bite my hamburger cause both my hands were carrying my bags

"you know, you could just sit here, we don't mind- at all"
The other boy speaks

"ah, okay then"
When I spoke, I totally forgot I was biting my burger which caused it to fall on the ground because I opened my mouth

"dang it, The money I have left is for other stuff... hm guess i'll just not eat."
After I said that I look at the two boys staring at me in awe


"your not just going to buy another one?"
Again one of the boys say

"well I don't have enough money"
I shyly say

"we'll buy you one"
I completely freeze more frozen than a statue made from the hardest cement on earth

"w-what? w-why?"
with a confused look I suddenly start to blush

"its no biggy, plus, you let us sit at your table, just stay here, i'll go buy you one"
The other boy winks at me, stands up and goes in line while the one left with me at the table tells me to sit down

Quietly, I sat down

"i'm Blaire By the way, and that one over there"
he says pointing to the guy waiting in line to buy me a burger

"That's Chris, who are you?"
who am I?

"who am I as in what status or who am I in this world, or who am i as in what's my name?"

"your being too... complicated... I was just asking for your name, don't get me wrong."
Blair replies flustered

"i'm kidding"
I immediately make up an excuse and pretended to laugh so he wouldn't feel like I was being mean

"I'm Hollister but you can call me Holly for short, nice to meet you. Thanks for the burger too by the way"
He just gives me a salute with two fingers

Then Chris comes back with a burger in his hands and only then did I notice how much the girls were glaring at me, ah-but why?

"Here's your burger madamoiselle"
Chris hands me my burger and I quietly thank him

"erm... B-blaire?"
He looks at me

"what's up?"

"Well... might I ask, do you-- I-i mean are you famous here? or do you have a reputation in this school?"

"I guess you could say that"
Chris replies while laughing and Blaire elbows him

"ow! what was that for you dingbat?"
he looks at me and I look at him then he looks at him and then me and I look at him


"nothing, sorry"

"sorry for what?"
Once again those two pairs of eyes stare at me as if I was a completely different species of human

"woah, are you a different kind of girl species?"
what is... that?

"sorry what?"

"nothing I.. nevermind"
Blaire scratches the back of his head which was slightly cute by the way, I can't help but notice how these two boys have extreme looks and sits with me,

A girl with absolutely no looks at all


This girl wearing Big round glasses with her hair in a ponytail is clearly beautiful, its just covered by her glasses and messy hair

she also has a cute attitude, if I say... she's quite peculiar from other girls

Like a different species of a woman

which kinda takes my interest, I mean I have interest in a lot of stuff

But right now is the first time I wierdlyget intrigued to know more about a girl.

A girl named Hollister but wants to be called by Holly

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