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UPDATED, EDITED AND ADDED CONTENT 12/25/2020 Thumper loves a good fight, and he is willing to fight for everything that he wants without a care of what anyone else thinks. When he least expects it, a girl is thrown into his life and for the first time he is a little scared. He doesn't realize that his world is about to change forever when he meets Heather. Heather was helped out of a horrible situation, and ended up being relocated to a quaint town with lots of people to help her with a fresh start. She has even taken up going to the local gym as a form of therapy. She felt that life was starting to finally go in a positive direction, when her past comes back to try and claim her.

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Chapter 1

Tyson 'Thumper' Ponder is the eldest son on Dorian 'Rabbit' Ponder. His twin sister is Farrah 'Bunny' Ponder. Thumper is just one of eight children. His parents taught him that love will find him when he least expects it to, and when it does he fears that he will end up having a large load of kids like his parents and sister. Hell, she has seven kids of her own and wanted more until she was told that her body couldn't handle any more.

Thumper's dad is the VP of Atoned Souls MC. He grew up in that world, and learned how to use it for his advantage. Everyone in the MC is either a brother or a sister to his dad, so Thumper has a lot of uncles and aunts. Uncle Jumper was a very successful MMA fighter, so he trained everyone at the club how to fight. Fighting came natural to Thumper. It was something that he rather enjoyed doing and he was very good at it, earning his way up in the fighting world doing underground matches since he was 12-years old.

Having turned 18 not long ago, and seeing his twin go through some personal hardships, Thumper has decided that it is time for him to start getting his shit in order. From the time he hit puberty, until just a couple of hours ago, he nailed anything with a pussy and a pulse. His dad said that he was no different at his age, and to get it all out of his system now because once he finds an old lady it will all come to an end. But, Thumper is not the relationship type. He doesn't let girls ride on his motorcycle, and he damn sure won't let them get in his truck. They want his dick, they have to drive themselves to come get it. He is definitely confident in himself.

Since he has been able to save almost all of the money from his fights, he was able to use that money to open a new gym in town. It has state-of-the art everything inside, and in the short time it has been open it has been very successful. His Nanna Milly hosts a yoga class there on Thursdays for the girls that she works with. She runs a secret relocation service for girls and women that have been trafficked and abused, with Thumper's mom being one of the girls she has helped over the years. The whole family helps with whatever Nanna needs, and Thumper was raised to never harm a woman.

Thumper has a goal of taking the next year off from fighting so he can train more, then he wants to try his luck at a more professional circuit. His mom doesn't like the idea much, but she is proud of him for knowing how to take care of himself. After the gym opened up, Thumper bought a house that is fairly centralized between the clubhouse, the gym and his parents. He knows the importance of being close by in case of an emergency.

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