Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 10


I finish telling Thumper my story. Leaving out on the minor details. He looks at me with concern then says, “That is a lot to have to deal with, Heather. I’m really sorry that you had to live through all of that. You used my real name. I usually don’t like it, but hearing you say it makes it sound pretty fucking good. Hey. Did you say that your dad’s name is Henry Randall?”

“Yes. Yes I did.” I say. Why is he asking me about my biological dad.

“Woman, today is your lucky day. I know Henry Randall, and so do you.” he says, standing up.

“You do? I do?” I ask. Now I am really confused.

“Yes ma’am.” he says, with a huge stretching across his face and reaching out for her to take my hand. “And I’m about to take you right to him.”

"What? How is that possible? If this is your idea of a cruel joke, please stop. I'm begging you." I plead. Because this has to be a joke.

"It's no joke Rosie" he says while pulling me in the direction of the shooting range showroom. Ugh! That nickname...

"Why are we going in here?" I ask him.

"You'll find out in just a minute." he says, still smiling up a storm. We go down a small hallway and stop at a door. 'Ace's Office'. He knocks on the door, and I hear a voice say 'Come in.' We walk inside, and see Ace sitting at his desk.

"What can I help you two with?" Ace says will stretching back in his office chair.

Thumper starts chuckling, then says "Hey man. Your real name...isn't it Henry Randall? You got the nickname 'Ace' because you had a perfect score in sniper training. Am I right?"

I am standing there in shock. Could it be that my real dad has been this close to me this whole time? What if he isn't the same guy my mom told me about? What if this is a different Henry Randall? What if he hates me?

"Yeah, that's my name, you little shithead. You know better than to use it. Why you asking?" Ace says, with a frown on his face. He must really hate his name.

"What was your mom's name, Heather?" Thumper asked me.

"Leah. Leah Greenly." I whisper out.

Ace sat up straight in his chair, and looked at me like he was trying to read my mind. "Did your momma live on Camp Pendleton about 19 years ago?" he asked.

"Yes sir, she did." I say, letting out a panicked breath. "My grandfather was Master Sgt., Eugene Greenly."

Ace just stares at me, like he is trying to visualize whether or not I could be his daughter or not. "How old are you, Heather? he asks, and I can tell that his mind in going wild.

"I just turned 18 years old." I say. And with that Ace picks up his phone and makes a call.

"I need an appointment, Doc....yeah we can be there in, no one is injured....okay, see you in a few." he says then hangs up the phone. "Did your mother ever tell you about me, Heather?" he asks, standing up and grabbing keys.

"Only that my real dad's name is Henry Randall and that she spent one night with him before she had to move, when my grandfather was transferred out of the country."

"Well, I know your mom. Hell, I know your granddad, because he is the one that gave me this scar." he said, turning his head to reveal a scar on his neck. "He gave me that as a parting gift for deflowering his little girl." he says, letting out a light laugh. "Here's what we are going to do now. We are going to head over to Doc's clinic, and do a paternity test. Either way it goes, I hope you know that I will always look out for you." he tells me, and I nod. I think I'm in shock. "Let's go then. You can ride with me." Ace said.

"Can I call Milly to let her know that I am with you?" I ask.

"I'll call her on the way. Thumper, you follow us." he said.

Ace and I loaded up in his jeep and went down the road in silence. We ended up at a small 'Family Practice' clinic. Going inside, we are met by a gentleman that doesn't look old enough to be a doctor, but Ace whispers something about him being fairly new to the club and town. "Right this way." he tell us. He gets swabs of the inside of my cheek and the inside of Ace's. "I'll have results sometime tomorrow." he says as he puts the swabs into a 'Lab' baggie. When we walk out, Milly is waiting in the waiting room with Thumper. I can't believe he stayed. He did say that he had something to talk to me about, but we never got around to it.

Milly says, "Come on honey. It's been an exciting day for you. Let's get you home."

I go with her, but not before I look back at Thumper and Ace staring at me. Gosh! What are they thinking?

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