Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 14


Goddamn! I almost let things go too far with Heather. I know that it was just her need to replace fear with something else, but I couldn't do it. Not that I didn't want to, because I really fucking did. I just didn't want to take advantage of the situation, doing something that she and I would regret tomorrow. I close my eyes and let the hot shower water beat down on my face, wishing for my raging hard-on to ease up. For the first time since I reached puberty, I am going to have to tug one out on my own.
Keeping my eyes closed, I reach down and grab my hard dick. As I stroke, I remember the moans she made into my mouth as we kissed. I wonder if she will moan like that when I'm fucking her. I want to put her tits in my mouth and suck them until her nipples hurt. Spanking her ass while I hammer into her pussy from behind..."Shit!" I let out as my load hits the shower floor. Hopefully she didn't hear that. It takes me a second to collect myself, then wash up.

I get out of the shower, and dry myself off. I'm going to have to just go out in this towel, then I'll dig through my dad's shit to find something to wear. I wrap it around my waist, tucking it tightly so it won't drop to the floor. I open the bathroom door and look at the bed. Heather isn't there. Did she leave? As I am about to walk to the bedroom door, I hear her whimpering. She's on the couch. Why is she there? I walk over to her, and see that she is asleep but having a bad dream. She is crying in her sleep. It's still early in the day, so I let her nap for a bit and decide to do the same. I find some shorts in dad's things so I slip them on commando. Just as I'm getting comfortable on the bed, there is a knock on the door. I dart to it so whoever it is don't wake Heather with another knock. I open the door to see my mom, and a pile of duffle bags. "What's all this?" I ask.

"These tan bags are yours. Your dad went to your place and got you some of your clothes and things. The darker bags are Heather's things from the center." she says while pointing them out as she explains.

"Thanks. She's asleep, but I'm sure she'll be glad to see her stuff. And I was wondering what I would do about clothes too, so thank Dad for me." I tell her, collecting bags and pulling them into the room.

"You need to get her up. Your Uncle Keegan and your dad need to talk to you both. I'll tell them you'll be down in a few." my mom says, walking away.
I dig through one of my bags and grab some clothes that actually fit me. Dad's are a little snug. After I'm fully clothed, I walk over to the sofa. She looks so damn beautiful, that I hate to wake her. I brush some loose hair from her face, lean down and place a small kiss on her mouth. I feel like I am waking Sleeping Beauty. She starts to stir, then pops her mesmerizing eyes open.

"I'm sorry. I fell asleep." she says, pulling her hands over her face like a shield, jumping to her feet. She is holding a blanket around her tightly as she looks down at the floor.

"Beautiful. Look at me." I whisper to her, cupping her chin. "You never have to apologize to me for anything. Okay?"

"Okay, Tyson." I hear her say.
I bring her into my chest and hug her, and say. "Nanna got your things brought here for you. My mom dropped them off a few minutes ago. You need to get dressed. My dad and Uncle Keegan need to see us downstairs. I'll wait just outside the bedroom door so you can get ready." I pull away from her, and kiss her forehead.

I wait outside the bedroom door for Heather. When she finally emerges through the door, she is wearing a very form-fitting tshirt and leggings with running sneakers. Damn, the restraint I'm forced to take...I just want to grab her ass and grind my dick against it. Imstead, I take her hand, and lead her down the stairs to the office. Just outside the door, I stop and whisper into her ear, "Whatever they have to say, just listen carefully and don't be scared. I'll be right there with you the whole time, and I promise I won't ever leave you." She nods, looking at me, then we walk into the office to find my dad, Uncle Keegan, Ace and Doc all sitting and waiting for us.

"Heather, I know you had a big scare today, but we are all here for you. Now, we have three different things that we need to cover with you. You think you can handle talking with us?" Keegan asks.

"Yes sir. I'll be okay with that. Please just don't tell me that I have to go back with Jacob." she says, starting to sob. I reach my arms around her, and hug her close to me, comforting her until she calms down. "You will never go back with him." I whisper into her ear.

"You'll never go anywhere that you don't want to go, Heather." Keegan states. "First line of business. Jacob Fleming has hired Black Sails MC to help him get Heather back. They sent a courtesy notice to us that they want her, and we all know how dangerous those motherfuckers are. Thumper, you are taking her to the cabin. That is the one place they won't be able to find her. You will be staying with her. Got it?" he pauses. I nod my head, looking over at Heather who is looking a little like a deer caught in headlights. "Second. Jacob's manager left a message at the gym...he accepted the challenge for a match. Looks like you'll get to beat his ass again in a month." Keegan says. "Lastly, Doc has something to share with you, Heather."

"Hey there sweetheart." Doc says. "I just got this delivered to my office from the lab. I had them put an emergency rush on it. You ready to find out the results?" he asks.

She grips my arms tighter that are still embracing her. "Yes, go ahead."

"Okay. Ace you ready, buddy?" Doc asks, looking at Ace. Looking as white as a ghost from his chair, Ace nods his head and rubs his knees with his hands. Doc opens the envelope and looks up with a huge grin on his face. He reaches a hand out to Ace to shake, "Congrats! You have a beautiful baby girl." Doc says. And that is when Ace passed out.

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