Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 18


We have made it through a solid week at the cabin. Heather barely talks to me. I hate not being near her, but I know that if I do then we will both be fighting our own frustrations. What would be so wrong with being with her? She says she is fine and wants it, but my rejections of her ended up causing her to pull away from even wanting to talk to me. One more week. I'll give her one more week, then I'll sit down with her and talk about the possibility of us dating or something when we get back to civilization. Dating can lead to other stuff, eventually.

I check in with Keegan everyday, sometimes twice a day. They are monitoring the Black Sails MC around the clock. There are changes going on it that club, but he isn't sure of what exactly just that they have a new President. There are a couple of guys on Jacob to make sure he isn't sneaking around doing shit. Ace brings things for Heather every few days and leaves them in the tunnel for her. I can tell he is really trying to be a part of her life now that he knows that she exists. I can't blame him.

Heather spends most of her time out on the front porch, only coming inside to eat, bathe and sleep. She refuses to sleep in the bed, even though I told her that I would take the chair. I'm laying in the bed, unable to sleep knowing that she is in the next room. I toss the covers back and walk in the living room. As I approach her, I can here her crying. "Are you okay?" I ask her, squatting down in front of her and resting my hands on her knees.

"I'm fine. Just go back to bed." she says, trying to wipe the moisture from her face.

I stand up, and take her hands in mine. "I'm not going to bed unless you come to." I say.

She sucks in a deep breath, "You only say that because you feel sorry for the poor crying girl. Please Tyson, just leave me alone."

"That's it woman. You are coming with me. I want you with me and I know that you want to be in there with me, so your coming to this bed with me." I say, swooping her off of her feet. I carry her to the bedroom, and as soon as we reach the side of the bed she cups my face in her hand. I lay her down in the bed and walk around to my side, not breaking eye contact with her. I cover myself up and just look into her eyes. "Do you want me to be honest and tell you how I feel when I look at you?" I ask her. Maybe if she hears my deviant thoughts, she will realize that pity is not at all what I feel for her.

"Okay." she says in a whisper.

"I've had know...get myself off everyday since that first shower at the clubhouse. I close my eyes and imagine myself with you, inside you, tasting you. I think of what your tits would feel like in my mouth, and how your pussy would pulsate against my tongue. I want to know...God help me...what it would be like to have your mouth wrapped around my dick. That is what I think about when I look at you. Not pity. Sorry, I know that is all kind of crude and blunt..." I can see a small smile start to creep it's way onto her lips. "I also think about what it would be like to have you ride on the back of my bike. To ride through town with you in my truck, listening to the radio. To wake up with you each morning. To be able to call you mine for as long as you'd allow it. I want you to let me worship you the way that you deserve because you, Heather, are a fucking goddess."

She leaps at me from her side of the bed, and lands her lips hard on mine. We kiss passionately, and I can feel the importance within my gut that is telling me not to fuck things up with her. She pulls away from me and says, "I've touched myself every single day since I met you. I have dreamed of having your hands on my naked body." and then she brushes her soft lips down my neck. Did she just say she played with herself while thinking about me? I know she isn't the only woman to ever do it, but to hear it...I think I came a little just now.

I can feel her planting open mouthed kisses along my collarbone, and that is driving me overboard with lust. I can't even think straight right now. I pull her face back up to mine, and kiss her until I can feel her lips swell. "Let me worship you." I tell her in between kisses. She looks at me and nods. I pull her shirt off, revealing those perfect and dreamy breasts. I latch on to one and give it gently and wispy strokes with the tip of my tongue, while running my hand over the other one...can't have it getting jealous. After spending some quality time getting to know the boobs that I plan to keep myself buried in, I start kissing down the valley between them to her bellybutton, giving some licks along the way. I run my index finger along the hem of her shorts, and give them a light tug. "I can stop if you want me to." I tell her, but praying she doesn't. She doesn't say anything, instead she grabs the hem of her shorts and starts pulling them down. I help her get them all the way off, and notice that she is looking down at my face. I slowly lower my head to one of her hips and run my tongue from it to the other across her belly. Her skin is so soft that it feels like I am touching flower petals. She lets out a moan and wiggles just a little as I blow down on her pussy. "I'm about to put my mouth on you. You sure you want this?" I ask one last time.

"Please! Tyson. Touch me please!" she is begging me.

I lower my mouth to her hot, glistening center. She smells so fucking good. I run my tongue up and down her clit, feeling her throb under it just like I had hoped. "Fuck, you taste so good." I tell her as I take my first dip inside her opening. I could easily feast on her pussy for hours, it is so delicious. I can feel that she is wanting to release, so I speed up my efforts on her clit and slowly insert a finger into her opening. "Shit, you are so fucking tight. Does this hurt?"

"It feels so good. Please don't stop. I'm so close." she struggles to say. Yeah, that's right baby...I'm making you feel this way, this good. She starts grinding down on my finger and I can feel her starting to tighten so I insert another finger. She is moving her hips and grinding down on my fingers and her clit is rubbing my mouth just right.

As she starts to really clamp down on me, I whisper to her, "Cum for me love. Tell me how good it feels."

"Oh fuck, feel so good...oh fuck...I'm cumming..." she yells out, and sprays her hot juice all over my face and hand. I've got myself a squirter. Hot damn! Hearing her cuss turns me on even more for her.

I wipe my face and hand off on her shirt that was laying on the bed...I know, I'm an asshole. I pull my boxers off in one motion and position myself between her legs. I lean down to kiss her, and she licks over my mouth, making a 'mmm' sound. Oh hell! "Can I be inside you?" I ask her, kissing her neck and collarbone.

"Please, Tyson. I need you to be inside me." she pleads, pushing her hip up like she is trying to reach for me.

"I promise I will stop if you tell me to." I say. She grips my shoulders and groans, bucking her hips up and down on the bed. I guide myself over her opening until I feel the wetness touch my tip. I lean down and kiss her, our mouths are fighting for dominance. I slide my tip in and her breath hitches. "Are you ok?" I pause and ask. She just nods and reaching back up to kiss me. I move my tip in a little more, feeling her juices counting it. I thrust more and more until I'm about halfway in and I hear her gasp. I ask if she is okay, again, but she just starts thrusting her pussy up and down letting me know that I need to finish what I started here. I get inside of her more and more, and I am fast becoming addicted to how her pussy is gripping my dick. "You are so fucking tight. So wet for me, baby. Do I feel good inside of you?" I whisper into her ear. I can feel that is she approaching an orgasm, and I'm honestly not far from my own.

Heather shocks me out of my steady, light rhythm when she yells out in a moan, "Harder Tyson. Fuck me harder. I need to go..."

I pick up my speed and thrust into her harder. Her perfect tits are bouncing in sync to my thrusts. I feel like she has my dick in a choke hold, and it's getting harder for me to hang on. "You need to cum for me, baby. I can't hold on much longer. Cum for me." I manage to moan out. I soon feel warmth coat the inside of my thighs and pelvis. This god she has me addicted already. Feeling that she has now released all that she can, I thrust twice more and let myself go. I move in and out of her, kissing until I feel our breathing regulate. I pull away from her and see that she has the brightest smile on her face. I kiss her forehead and move off of her.

She runs to the bathroom, to clean herself up I'm sure, and a sense of pride fills my chest. She comes back from the bathroom, and I get up to do the same. On the way back to the room, I stop at the hall closet and get clean linens for the bed. I come back in the room and she is already stripping the bed, still holding that same smile and still butt naked. I have to take her in for a minute, because she is truly spectacular.

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