Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 20


How the fuck could I forget to use a condom? We had sex two days ago, and now that is all that I am worrying about. I am keeping it to myself, because she was pretty hard on herself about it and even blamed herself for my lack of consideration. I'm not ready to be a dad yet.

Our day's have been going pretty normal, or at least normal for us. The only exception being that at night, we enjoy each others bodies. My dick is staying out of her pussy until we make sure there is no baby growing, but that doesn't stop me from feasting on her and her blowing me. I have a hard time keeping my hands off of her. She is a temptress, and she isn't even trying. She told me about how Jacob blamed her the two times he didn't wear one, and both times resulted in pregnancies that he took her to terminate. How fucked up is that to blame your rape victim? I told her that it wasn't her fault. She was a rape victim, not his girlfriend. She has now settled down, but I know that she is probably freaking out on the inside like I am.

I talk to Keegan or my dad every day, so I can let them know how things are going. I asked my dad this morning what I should do about Heather. I'm scare shitless, to be honest. He just said that having babies is nothing to be scared of, and he would not change a single thing about how him and mom brought eight of us into the world. I asked him not to tell Ace or anyone else, just in case it turns out to be a false alarm. I damn sure don't want Ace to shoot me for knocking up his new-found daughter.


It is finally time for us to pack up and head home. Stress is starting to build up around here, because Heather still hasn't had her period. It hasn't been discussed, but I know she is panicking about it. I have actually come to grips with the idea, either way it goes. What could be so wrong with having a kid? I'm not completely in love with Heather, but I could see myself getting there. I don't know.

We make the 5-mile walk in near silence, then we are back at the farmhouse. I get my cell phone from the truck and get the battery back into. Once it powers up, I call Keegan and tell him that we are headed back. I make a few last adjustments to Heather's costume and get her situated in the front seat while I slide into the passenger seat. We start down the road, and all I can do is stare at her. Sure, she has a face covered with hair and she looks like a dude, but her eyes are the same...enchanting and hypnotizing.

We pull into the clubhouse gates without an issue. A couple of the club prospects come out and help unload our bags and haul them up to the VP bedroom. Home away from home! We walk into the clubhouse and are immediately swarmed with club girls. They all want to know who the new member is...those of us who know the truth just laugh it off. Heather makes her way up to the bedroom, and I hang back because I figure she needs a minute to just collect her thoughts. I stroll over to the bar, and join the conversation between my dad, Keegan, Tank, my sister and Jumper. I thank Jumper for allowing me to use his truck. I visit for a few minutes and tell everyone that I am going up to check on Heather.

As I am walking towards the stairs, I am stopped by the same blonde that I fooled around with a few weeks ago. "Hey stranger. You want a little company?" she asks.

"Nope. I'm good on that end. Have a good night though." I tell her, trying my best to walk past her.

"Come on, Thumper. Let's go fuck like I know you need." she says, pushing her rather large tits into my chest.

Before I could say anything, I see Heather in the corner of my eye. At the moment I turn my head to look at her full on, blondie plants a kiss right on my cheek. Heather sees this and takes off back up the stairs. Sadly, Ace also sees it as he is walking in the door...and that is the last thing I remember before my body hit the floor and my lights went out.

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