Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 22


"Tyson...I'm not the girl you deserve to be with. You deserve someone that will be able to give you all of the things that I know I never will. I really like you, but I am terrified that my heart will get broken. Nothing good ever happens to me. What happens if the perfect girl for you comes along, and you see that you can't live without her? Where would that leave me? Are you doing this because of what Ace said? Are you doing this because we are waiting to find out if I have ruined your life or not?" she says, her eyes becoming glassy with tears forming.

"Trust me. You are the perfect girl. I've never wanted to be with someone exclusively before, but I do with you. The way my skin feels like electricity is running through it when I touch you. I can't stop thinking about you, and I am completely addicted to you. As far as Ace goes...his words to me earlier have nothing to do with my asking you to be mine. And whatever the outcome of the other, you didn't ruin my life. So, what do you say? Will you be mine? I'll get on my hands and knees and beg you, if that is what you require of me. I'll do anything to make you happy." he says, with that super sexy pleading face of his.

"Will you stop calling me Rosie?" I ask, trying my best to act like I'm not jumping with excitement on the inside.

"If I say yes, then will you say yes also?" he asks.

I stand up from the sofa, his hand still gripping mine. "We can't have full-on sex, but come make me yours." I say, tugging his hand to follow me to the bed.

He helps me strip out of my clothes, and I help him do the same. We crawl onto the bed, and he says while kissing me, "Tell me what you want me to do to you."

I push him away a little, so I can look him in the eyes. "Make me cum until I forget my own name, Tyson. Own my body. I want your hands on me."

He blinks slowly, like he has never been given such a greenlight before. "Your pussy is going to be screaming my name by the time I'm done with you. Is that what you want?" he asks, licking from behind my ear to my collarbone.

"Yes! Tyson! That is what I want!" I say, letting out a moan as he places his mouth on one of my nipples.

He sucks and licks on my nipples until they start to go numb, then he licks his way from the valley between my breasts to just above my center. My core is dripping, and he hasn't even been there yet. I get brave, and reach down and grab his hair with both hands, pushing his head down. He takes the hint and runs his tongue through my lips, giving subtle brushes against my clit. This isn't going to do it! I'm aching to feel his mouth on me. I let out a grunt, and bump my thigh against his head very gently. "Tell me what you want, baby. I need to hear it." he says, blowing on my hotness.

"Tyson, if you don't eat my pussy like a starving man..." I start to say, but couldn't finish my sentence because he mouth latched onto my clit with a suction that took my breath. He starts rubbing his flattened tongue up and down on my and I'm so close to coming undone. "That feels so fucking good, Tyson. Don't stop! I'm so close. Finger me, Tyson. Any hole you want, or both. I just need you in all of me." I say, starting to move my hips in sync with his tongue. I don't know where my outbursts Re coming from, because I'm not a very vocal person about anything, especially sex.

"Anything you want, baby." he says. I feel a finger seep into my opening, and it brings me closer to my release. He kisses the inside of my thighs as he adds another finger, moving them in and out with slow yet steady motions. He removes them and starts rubbing my juices on the opening of my ass, then I feel one of his fingers go back into my pussy. His mouth finds it's way back to my lips and clit, and he gets his finger soaked inside me. I grab his hair again with one hand, and use my other to kneed one of my own breast.

"Make me cum big, Tyson. I'm so close. Please make me cum." I moan out in desperation. I feel his mouth continue to work it's magic on me, and his finger slowly enter my ass. It feels so good. He starts pounding into my ass with his finger, and I feel that his mouth has left my center. A finger enters my pussy again, and that drives me over the edge. "Fuck, Tyson...I'm about to cum...don't stop...please don't stop...." I yell out at him as I let myself go completely. He pulls his fingers out of me, and kisses my body all the way up to my mouth. I'm so out of breath and I honestly can't think straight.

"Let's go take a quick shower, love. You made a mess." he says with a very loving chuckle. " forget your name or do I need to try again?" he asks as he turns on the shower.

"I don't even know where I am right now." I say, trying to shake the fog out of my brain. We get in the shower and wash ourselves quickly. We dry off, and leave the towels wrapped around us as we make our way back to the bedroom. I look at the bed and realize that I did make quite the mess. "I'm sorry for making a mess. Grab some clean linens and I'll strip the bed."

"I'm not sorry." he said, strutting to the closet. "Hell, I'm pretty fucking proud of it, if I'm being honest. I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Oh not at all." I say, pulling the fitting sheet onto the bed. "I don't know what came over me. I've never talked like that or acted like that before, and I'm actually a little embarassed that I did."

He pulls the top sheet onto the bed, and tells me, "Don't be. I asked you to be mine, but the reality is that I want you to own me too."

I unfold the comforter, and toss it onto the bed. We pull it across the bed, and now the bed looks as good as new. Tyson grabs a pillow and tosses it on the sofa. "What are you doing?" I ask, pointing to the sofa.

"I'm sleeping on the couch. Didn't know if you would want me in bed with you or not." he says, looking defeated.

"I can't sleep unless you are next to me. Will you please lay with me?" I ask him. Truth is, I can't sleep without him. I have gotten so used to his body being next to mine, that it causes my heart to ache when he isn't with me.

"Are you still angry with me?" he asked.

"I'm not angry at you, Tyson. I never was. I was just upset because I saw that Tara girl with her hands on your chest and then I saw her kiss you. I got jealous, which made me upset because I didn't feel that I had a right to feel that way about you. I like you, alot...maybe even love you a little. I just didn't like seeing someone else touch you like that. Ace saw me when he walked in. After he hit you, he came up here and found me crying in the bathroom. I told him that I really liked you, and that I was scared you wouldn't feel the same way about me because we had unprotected sex and you were going to hate me if I end up pregnant because of it." I tell him, crawling into the bed and under the covers.

"What did he say to all that? I mean, I did get knocked out over it..." he says with a shrug, climbing under the covers also.

"He said that things will go how they will go, and if I am pregnant then he would take care of me and the baby if you wouldn't. I'm sorry he hit you." I say, wiggling my head into the pillow to get it shaped for my comfort.

"I texted Doc while you were in the bath earlier. He said that for best results, we can get him to do a blood test in a couple of weeks. I know you are late already. Maybe stress is causing the delay, so we may be worrying for nothing. You know? But he said that he can take some blood and run the test." he says.

I take a deep breath and tell him, "Thank you for not acting upset at me about all this. I'm going to try to get some sleep now. I'm completely wiped out...thanks to you." I reach out and rest my hand on his chest. He puts a hand on my waist, and pulls my body closer to his.

"You belong here..." he says holding my body against his massive tattooed and muscular chest. "I can't sleep unless our skin is touching. Is this okay? I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

"This is perfect. I was hoping that I wasn't the only one that felt that way." I say, snuggling into him. He rests his arm across my hip, and it is the best feeling in the whole world to me.

"I think love you, Heather." he whispers, kissing my forehead. "Sweet dreams."

"I think love you too, Tyson." I tell him, knowing that my heart is starting to beat again after the long period of heartbreak that I have lived through.

It doesn't take long for sleep to take over my mind and body.

"Heather, baby. I need you to wake up for me." I hear a voice. I slowly pry my eyes open to see Tyson's face hovering over mine.

"What are you doing? What time is it?" I ask, rubbing my eyes to remove the sleepiness.

"It's close to 9am, sleepyhead." he says with a smile.

"Oh god. How did I sleep so late? Why didn't you wake me sooner?" I ask, throwing the covers off of my body and sliding off the bed, still trying to wake myself up.

"I need you to get dressed real quick and come downstairs with me. Nanna needs to talk with you about something. She has your therapist with her." he says, starting to look a little more seriously at me.

"Okay. Give me a few minutes to get ready." I say, walking over to the dresser to grab some clothes.

I get ready in the bathroom so I can handle my morning routine...pee, wash hands and face, brush teeth, brush hair.

We make our way down the stairs, and I see Milly sitting with Dr. Alkin and Ace. What's going on, I wonder.

Milly looks up from her cup of coffee and smiles softly at me. "Good morning, honey. Come have a seat with us." she says, patting the chair next to hers. I take a seat and Tyson stands behind me with his hands on my shoulders. "Heather, we have some difficult news that we need to share with you. Dr. Alkin is here in case you need to talk to her afterwards. Your dad is here for you also." she says, taking my hands in hers. I nod, so she can continue to deliver the news. "Honey, there is no easy way to say this so I will just shoot you straight. The prosecutor's office called me first thing this morning. They are having to drop all charges against Jacob. There is not enough DNA evidence that can link him to your assault, and they are saying that even with your testimony it would be considered hear-say because of the lack of evidence. Heather, I am so sorry honey." Milly says, holding my hands tightly.

I'm shaking. How could he get away with it all? I raped me before he started beating me up. "Did the hospital not do a rape kit when she was admitted?" Ace asked her.

"They did, but there just wasn'tenough left. They were too worried with trying to keep her alive when she came in, and they didn't know at the time that she had been molested when she was brought it. It didn't come out until she woke up a month later and spoke with the police. By then it was too late to get enough evidence." Dr. Alkin states.

I am numb. He is getting away with it. He tried to kill me, and wants to finish the job. Why does God hate me so much? I know that tears are falling from my eyes, but I can't move myself to wipe them away. I see Ace look up over my head, and nod to Tyson before getting up and walking out of the clubhouse. Why is he leaving me? Is he ashamed of me now?

"Can I take her up to her room and talk with her in private?" I hear Dr. Alkin say to Tyson, who is now sitting where Ace was a few seconds ago.

"Whatever she needs." he says to her.

"Why don't you come with me, Heather? Let's go talk a bit." Dr. Alkin brushes my arm. I stand up and walk to the stairs with her. This is going to be the hardest session we have had yet.
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