Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 23


Heather is upstairs talking with her therapist, which I'm hoping will help her with the news that my Nanna just dropped on her. This is fucked up, for sure. Ace is going to hunt this fucker down, and learn his movements. I know what Ace's nod was about before he left. He is about to go do what he does best...stalk his prey. I have a plan though. I text him that I want to talk to him as soon as possible.

My poor Nanna looks like she is about to break. "Nanna, you know that none of this is your fault. You tried to help keep him in jail. The system is fucked up, and people like Heather pay the price for it. How could they not have something on him?"

"I don't know, honey. I just know that they were calling his lawyer to let them know about the charges being dropped as soon as they got off the phone with me. You have to keep her safe. Ace needs to keep Betty locked up, because if Jacob ends up dead they will look right at this club. We don't need that happening." she says, dropping her face into her hands.

I rub her upper back, "Nanna, I will talk to Ace. I have a plan that doesn't include shooting Jacob. I'm sure he will go along with it, but he needs to cool off. You know how he is. I'm sure he is collecting intel on Jacob as we speak. I'll get him to calm down. And don't worry about Heather. I will protect her with my life, Nanna. I promise you and her that." I say, standing up from the table. "Come hug your favorite grandbaby. I have to get in the gym and start training. I have a piece of shit to beat up in 16 days." she stands up also, and we hug really tight. She has always given the best hugs. "I love you, Nanna. I'll be in the gym here for a couple of hours. If you see Heather before I get done, will you tell her to come in there and find me?" I ask.

"Absolutely. You two have gotten close, I see." she says, wiggling her eyebrows.

"Yes ma'am. I think I love her. I know we haven't known each other but a few weeks. I just know that I feel whole when I am with her." I tell her. "I gotta run, Nanna. Jumper is going to be pissed if I'm late to train." I head off towards the gym.

"Move your lazy ass, Thumper." Jumper yells at me while I'm struggling through my pull-ups.

"Fuck! I'm doing all I can asshole." I yell back.

"Five more reps, then we will call it a day." he says. I count out my five, and drop from the pull-up bar. I'm downing a bottle of water, wondering how Heather is doing. "You have 16 days until the match. You may know where his weakness is, but he obviously is good at protecting it. Starting tomorrow, we are going to focus only on your blocking techniques. Go check on your girl. I'll see you tomorrow." Jumper says, walking towards the gym's ensuite to get cleaned up.

I wrap my sweaty towel around my neck and make my way up the stairs. 16 days until the fight. I plan on ending Jacob Fleming, so he won't hurt Heather or anyone else for that matter. I unlock the bedroom door, and walk into the room. The bathroom door is wide open and I can hear the shower running. I walk over to the door, and peek around the frame. I search the shower for Heather's silhouette but don't see her standing in the shower. I walk over and open the shower door, and see her curled into a ball on the shower floor, holding her legs tightly against her chest. I lunge into the shower, turn the water off, not caring that I have clothes on. "Oh Heather. Come here, baby." I say, picking her up and lifted her out of the shower. I grabbed a towel from the rack and wrapped it around her as I carried her into the bedroom. "I'm going to get you dried off. How long were you in there, love? Your skin is freezing." I work the towel over her skin in an effort to dry her and warm her body. It isn't working. I pull my wet clothes off and toss them on the floor. I yank the covers back on the bed and scoot her to the middle of the bed so I can have room to lay next to her. I pull the soft sheets and heavy comforter over our bodies, encasing her body in mine, rubbing my hands up and down her back to help generate some heat. "Say something Heather. Please. You're scaring me, baby. Let me hear your voice." I'm begging her.

"Tyson. I'm so sorry." is all she could get out before breaking into tears.

"Cry it all out, love. I've got you now. Just let it all go." I say in a whisper.

She cries for several minutes before I can feel her breathing change. I pull away and look at her to see that she has cried herself to sleep. I wish I could take all of this hurt away from her. I lay with her for just a few more moments, just rubbing my hand up and down her back. I'm convinced that she is sound asleep and that she has warmed up to a healthy enough temperature, so I decide to go get myself a shower. I leave the bathroom door open so she won't be scared when she wakes up to find me gone from her side. The hot shower water feels great on my overworked muscles. I scrub every part of me, eliminating any proof that I was dirty to begin with. I get out, dry myself off and wrap the towel around my body. I walk into the bedroom to find Heather still sleeping. God, she has no idea just how beautiful she is to me. I put on a pair of boxers, sweats and a tank top, and crawl back into the bed next to her. It's well past lunchtime, so I try to think of options for us to eat when she wakes up. Maybe we can have a 'tv and junk food' afternoon. Something relaxing. I close my eyes, thinking that a small nap wouldn't be such a bad idea. I draw her into me as much as possible, and drift off.
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