Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 25


Tyson and I received the news that I am pregnant. A couple of weeks isn't far along at all, but it's enough to register on a blood test. We invited everyone to come to the clubhouse so we can share the news. I'm so afraid that people will call me names and blame me for messing up Tyson's life.

Tyson lets out a really loud whistle to get everyone's attention. The room suddenly is void of all noise, except the beating of my own heart pulsating in my ears. "Thank you all for coming. My beautiful girl and I have some news to share." he says, smiling so big, that I'm certain his face must hurt. Everyone looks at us with curiosity, wondering what is going on.

Keegan says, "Well, spit it our Junior. We don't have all fucking day here."

Tyson laughs and looks at me, moving his hand around my waist to pull me into his side more. "Heather and I are pregnant. We just found out." The pride just radiating off of him.

Everyone starts clapping and hollering. They are happy! Katrina and Dorian come up to us, hugging and kissing us both. "We are so happy for you both." Katrina said. "Heather, you are such a blessing to my Ty. He is lucky to have you." I have never felt so much love in all my life.
Ace walks over to us, giving Tyson a very stern look as he pulls me into a hug. I see his hand come up and I pray it isn't to hit Tyson or me. He extends it out, and Tyson shakes it. "I'm happy for you both, and break my girl's heart or hurt my grandbaby, I will bring out Betty." He moves his body in front of me, bringing me back in for a hug. "Will you allow me to be a part of your baby's life, Heather?"

"Of course, Dad." I respond. That's right, I just called him Dad. I can tell by the look on his face that I've caught him off-guard. Hopefully he doesn't mind, but the timing just felt right.

"Girl, I was wondering if you were ever going to call me that. You just warmed this cold man's heart right up." he said, hugging me a little tighter. He gives me another cheesy smile. "I've got to run, but I want us to catch up soon. Thumper, I'll talk to you later about the other thing." he says, walking off towards the door.

Milly makes her way over to us, "I wasn't sure what kind of news you were sharing, so I brought food. You know me, food is the cure for anything...good or bad. Heather, I'm so very proud of you. Dr. Aklin will be here tomorrow to chat with you, so you won't have to worry about going to her office. I'm so happy for both of you. Ty, you better be good to her." she says, wagging her finger at him.

We wonder around the room, his hand firmly holding mine, never letting
it go. This is what love is. Having people hug you and congratulate you on things and want the very best for you. Part of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Nothing good ever happens to me, and as much as I want to keep my hopes up, I know that I should maintain a level of pessimism so my heart won't be so devastated when shit really does go downhill.

The last of our fans (as Tyson calls them) have left, and it is just me and him left inside the clubhouse. We have been talking and laughing with people for hours, and I am so glad for the quietness. I know we aren't completely alone, because there are people standing guard all around the property, but it is nice to know that we do have a certain level of privacy here. "I bet you are starving. Let's get my baby something to eat." Tyson says, patting my belly. I follow him into the kitchen, and get us some plates and forks ready. "Nanna made lasagna." he lets out, sounding like a small child getting a prize from the cereal box.

"I love her lasagna." I say, sharing his excitement. He doles out a portion for me and piles his plate full. I stop him as he is about to place my plate in the microwave. "I want mine cold. It taste better that way."

"I thought I was the only one that liked it that way. Good to know." he smirks. He still has the same smile plastered on his face that's been on his face all day.

We eat in silence, and honestly I am thankful for it. I am mentally drained, and the day isn't over yet. I'm also a little physically drained too...Tyson wore me out earlier. I don't know what has overcome me with him. It's like as soon as I am naked with him, I become a whole different person. I'm not sure if I like it, or if it scares me. I'll have to remember to talk to Dr. Aklin about that tomorrow.

I get the dishes washed and put away, while Tyson gets the food stored back in the fridge and gets the countertop wiped down. We get back into our room, and all I want to do is get into something baggy and comfortable and watch some tv. Tyson seems to have the same idea, because he is grabbing a pair of sweats and a tank to put on while I change into my fluffy pajama bottoms and one of his t-shirts. "You look good in my shirts. You know that?" he says, pulling me into him. "I hope you know how happy I am with you and that I'm certain that I love you." kissing me on my forehead.

"I'm pretty sure that I love you too, Tyson." I whisper out. "I know it isn't quite bedtime yet, so I was thinking maybe we could watch a movie or find something to watch on tv."

"I was hoping you would want to. How about we find a series to watch? Something that we can start now and it'll be our thing to do after dinner. I've always wanted that, but never had anyone to do it with." he tells me, walking me over to the sofa.

I lay down, with my head on his leg. He is flipping through the listings of shows when I spot one that gets my attention. "That one!" I shout, raising up a little to point at the tv.

"You want to watch Star Trek? Really?" he chuckles.

"Yeah. Have you already seen it?" I ask, puzzled by his laugh. "If you don't want to, then we can find something else."

"Oh no, I haven't seen it. I just didn't picture you would want to because it is sci-fi. Star Trek is it, love." he selects the option and starts our new after-dinner activity. By the end of the 6th episode, I could feel my eyelids getting heavy. "I think I'm going to call it a night, Tyson. I am exhausted." I say, standing up.

"Okay, baby." he says, turning off the tv. "I should try to get some sleep as well. I have a busy day of training tomorrow, since I missed today. And before you start stressing out, I missed so I could spend the entire day with you which is what I wanted to do." he explains, knowing that I am freaking out that I may have caused him to miss training. He knows me too well. We climb into bed, and I wiggle my head into my pillow to get it into the right and comfortable position. "It sure is cold over here...sure wish I had a pretty black haired girl to snuggle up to me..." he breaths out, sighing loudly. I look over at him, and he has his eyes closed but is smiling so big. He is so cheesy. I let out a giggle, and scoot my way over to him, wrapping my arm around his waist, looking up at his face. He opens his eyes and looks down into mine, acting surprised. "Oh my! Wishes do come true. I was just laying here thinking how nice it would be to have you snuggled up next me, and here you are. You're my dream girl!"

I let out a laugh. "Wow! You are such a charmer, Tyson Ponder." I grip his waist tighter, because he feels so damn good.

"Only with you, baby. Only with you." he says, matching my laughter.

He runs his hand through my hair, while tucking his other arm behind his head. I could let him play with my hair for hours. It is so relaxing and I love how it makes my scalp tingle. I let myself fall into the most relaxing sleep, knowing that for tonight I am loved.
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