Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 26


I have been training for hours on end for the last few days. Jumper has really put me through it all. He is right though. I may know how to end Jacob, but obviously he has gotten good at protecting himself. All I have to do is get one jab or kick right in the chest at his heart, and he will be done for good. His condition also explains why he fights dirty, often with cheap shots and illegal leg sweeps. Heather told us the name of the doctor that Jacob's manager paid off to lie on his physicals, so we paid him a little more to give us the information that we wanted to know. Everything really does have a price tag. That stupid fucker never thought she would get away from him, so he didn't hide shit in front of her. She said he would have his manager come over and they would talk about shit, with her in the next room. She heard it all. Well, now I know what he has to hide and I plan on using it. Three days. That is all that remains between me and Jacob Fleming.

Heather has been taking her prenatal vitamins, and she has started walking on the treadmill for an hour a day and doing lots of yoga exercises. I told her that things like that will help throughout the pregnancy. I wish she could go into the gym and do all this, because the girl that teaches the yoga class there is also a midwife and holds a class each week for expectant mothers. Once this Jacob deal is done, she can start to live again. We decided to use the same OB/GYN that all of the club's old ladies use. Heather has talked a lot with my mom and some of the other ladies, so that has been really good for her to have the support of other women that have experienced birthing babies. She has gotten a lot more relaxed, and has really started being more open about everything. Doesn't hesitate to speak her mind now, and is even more aggressive in bed. Her spirit is just free. I know that it is all because of Dr. Alkin. My sister just went through some shit and she is helping her through it also. The lady is a miracle worker, no doubt. I wish I knew what she said to help people.

She was supposed to start school this coming week, but now because of the Jacob issue, she is having to do it all virtually. I told her that we could try to find a homeschool co-op here in town, and sign her up for that. At least that way, she will make some friends and she can still complete her senior year like a normal person. I wish I could do more for her than I am now, but I know that I can't.

Jumper and I just finished training, and I head up to our bedroom...I say ours because it is for the next few days at least. She is napping, so I get a quick shower. Feeling satisfied that I am clean enough to be in her presence, I get out of the shower and wrap the towel around my waist. She is sitting up in the bed, stretching and yawning. "You have a good nap?" I ask her.

"Nope." she says, frowning at me. "You weren't with me, so it was horrible." then she smiles.

"Well, I'm here now. How about we venture out today? You want to go with me to town, and we can grab a late lunch?" I ask. She has only left this clubhouse twice since Jacob found her, so I don't want her to feel that we are imprisoning her here and I don't want her to imprison herself here either. She needs to have fresh air and feel a little sense of normalcy.

"I would love that, Tyson." she says, jumping up out of the bed. She runs into my body, hugging me so tight with her little arms. "Let me just get changed."

I start pulling on my clothes, watching her strip out of her pajamas. I finish getting my shoes on, and pull my phone from the table. I send a text out asking who can follow us to town. Everyone responds and says that they can be here in 10 minutes, which gives her plenty of time to finish getting ready.

We make our way downstairs and out of the front door. She lights up when she sees all of the bikes lined up to escort us to town. I help her get into my truck, and we head down the road with our entourage. I pull into the local BBQ restaurant, and help her out of the truck. She stands between two burly prospects while I go in and make sure her tormentor isn't in there waiting for us. Coast clear. I come back out and lead her inside. We get a booth, and order. "Don't freak out when you see all the meat coming out. I am on protein overload right now because I'm training harder." I warn her. The full rack of ribs, one pound of sliced brisket and one pound of smoked sausage would normally feed a lot of people, but today it is just feeding me. The waitress brings out our food, looking at me, "Wow honey, you going to be able to eat all of this before you leave?" she asked.

Without missing a beat, Heather says "It's all for me. He is the one eating the chopped brisket sandwich." The look of pure seriousness on her face is priceless, and leaves the waitress looking shocked and amazed. We burst into laughter when the waitress walks off, knowing full well that Heather will barely get through her own sandwich.

We chat a little about how she is feeling. According to the stuff Doc gave us, if she was going to get morning sickness then it will happen at any time, but so far we have managed to avoid it. I just want her to have a happy and stress-free pregnancy.

I look over and she has managed to eat her entire sandwich, the slaw that came with it, and now she is stabbing into my smoked sausage slices and dipping each one into a bowl of the restaurant's homemade sauce. "Woman, you hungry?" I laugh out.

"I just can't get enough of this sauce. Can we get some to-go?" she says, stuffing another piece of the meat into her mouth.

"Yes ma'am. We sure can." I tell her.

We finish eating, and when the waitress comes with the check I have her add a gallon of their barbeque sauce to it. That should hold her over for a least I hope it does. We head to the exit, and I poke my head out and see that our people are still waiting right where we left them, so I lead her to the truck with her gallon of sauce cradled in her hands like it is a damn trophy or something. I let out a laugh as I close the truck door, heading to get in myself. I pull out of the parking lot. "Baby, is there anything else that you want to do while we are in town?" I ask her, reaching over holding her hand on the center console of the truck.

"I can't think of anything. Do you need to go check on your gym? You haven't been in such a long time. I know you said that Jumper is handling it for you, but if you need to go in after you drop me at the clubhouse then you can go?" she says.

"That might actually be a good idea. I just need to make sure that he has taken care of all the bills and stuff. You sure you don't mind?" I ask her.

"Not at all. I don't mind being at the clubhouse all the time, but I'm sure you miss getting out and doing the things you did before." she tells me with a soft smile.

I smile back at her and head to the clubhouse with our little posse following behind us. She gives each of the guys a hug and thanks before heading into the clubhouse. These guys turn to mush when a pretty girl shows them any attention, and I am grateful for their willingness to help protect her. I get her back to the bedroom and situated. "I won't be but a couple of hours at most. Call me if you need anything. If possible, don't leave the room until I get back. You're perfectly safe here, don't get me wrong, but I just would feel better about leaving you if you would." I say, hoping like hell that she doesn't think I am trying to run her life for her or give her orders. Honestly, I just don't want the club girls to give her a problem because I know they would. I kiss her and head to check on my gym. She is right. It's been too long since I've been in. Soon, I'll be back here every day like before.

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