Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 27


"Tomorrow is the big day. You ready?" Jumper asks.

"I'm beyond ready." I say, doing my last cool-down rep.

"You know the rules. Eat good tonight, light tomorrow until showtime. NO SEX!" he says.

"I know, I know. I already told Heather that she has to keep her hands to herself tonight and tomorrow, but after that she can have at me." I let out a laugh. She is about to hit the 5-week mark and sex has been sometimes twice a day, with her attacking me like she is devouring prey.

"She coming to the fight?" Jumper asks.

"She wants to. She said she wants to see him 'ended'. I don't know whether to be proud or worried about her for saying that. I'm pretty sure she has hung around all the ladies around here too much...they are starting to make her savage. I don't know if it is a good environment for her or not though. I know she'll be well protected, but I don't want her seeing that side of me." I say. Seeing me fight could trigger something in her mind, and I don't want her to think that I would ever use my skillset against her. My hands are for touching her, loving her, not hurting her.

"Let her go. It's her right. She needs this for closure, I'm sure. A lot of the guys are going anyway, so just make sure she is right in the middle of them all. They will keep her safe." he said, tossing me another water.

"I'll talk to her about it. I'll see you at the match tomorrow. You still walking me to the ring?" I call out to him as I get to the door.

"You know it." he yells back.

I make my way upstairs, ready to see my woman. I open the bedroom door and she is laying on the floor next to the bathroom door. I rush to her, lightly tapping her face to try to wake her. "Heather, wake up baby. Come on, open your eyes for me." feeling tears welling in my eyes. She starts inhaling deeper and I see her eyes flutter open gradually. "What happened love?" I ask her.

"I got dizzy and felt a little nauseous. I was walking to the bathroom, and that is the last thing I remember." she says, trying to pull herself up.

"Let me get you on the bed, and then I'm going to call Doc to come look at you. Do you hurt anywhere?" I ask, pulling my phone from my pocket.

"Just my pride. I'm so embarrassed." she says, with a chuckle.

Doc comes within a few minutes and makes me wait outside while he talks to Heather. After what seems like an eternity, he opens the door and tells me to come back in the room. "I drew some blood for tests, but everything on the outside looks fine. It's normal for pregnancies to cause fainting. I told her to stay calm, and maybe take it easy the next few days. She insisted that she is going to watch your fight tomorrow, but for her own health I advise against that." he said, collecting his medical bag.

"Thanks, Doc." I say to him, shaking his hand. He leaves the room and closes the door behind him. "Woman, you scared the shit out me. My heart is still racing. I was so worried. What can I get you? You hungry? Need more pillows? Tell me what you need so I can take care of you." I fire off at her.

"I would really like to just lay on the couch and watch some more of our show, if that is okay?"

"I would love that. Can I shower real quick? I know that I stink?" I ask her.

"I love how you smell when you sweat." she says with a smirk. Waving me on to the bathroom, "Go on. Make it quick though. I'll get the tv ready."

"Yes ma'am." I tell her. I get my shower, dry off and get dressed before joining my beautiful woman on the sofa. As soon as my ass hits the cushion, she presses the button on the remote to start Star Trek. We've actually really gotten into it, and I look forward to this time together everyday.

"I really want to go tomorrow, Tyson." she says, with her head laying on my lap. "I know that Doc doesn't recommend it, but I want to be there."

"Doc's orders, baby. It isn't a good environment for you to be in. My mom and sister are going to come here to spend the evening with you. Tank is going to video call my sister when the fight starts, so you can watch it that way. I'm sorry, but I'm begging you to please follow Doc's orders on this." I say, running my hand through her hair.

"I know you're right. I just wanted to be there to see it all be over." she lets out a deep breath. "Please be careful. He doesn't fight fair. Remember everything that I told you about him when you get in that ring tomorrow. Don't let him ever get behind you, because that is how he will beat you."

"I remember. Jumper and I have been working really hard to prepare for every situation. I'll be as safe as I can. I promise." I reassure her. We watch a few episodes of our show, and I hear the angry growls coming from her stomach. She lets out a laugh as she sits herself upright. "What would you and the baby like to eat for dinner, love?" I ask her, turning off the tv.

"Breakfast for dinner! Waffles, bacon, eggs. That's what we would like." she says, very matter of fact.

"You got it. Come on and we will see what we can do." I take her hand and walk with her down to the kitchen. I get out the waffle mix, eggs, and bacon. I start the first batch of bacon and get a waffle going, when I hear her opening the fridge. She pulls out what's left of the barbeque sauce that she has been putting on everything for the last few days, setting it down on the counter. She then goes back to the fridge and opens the freezer part, pulling out a pint of coconut ice cream. Before I can say a word, she is dipping a spoon into it and savoring that first bite of cold, creamy goodness. I shake my head and keep cooking. Dad warned me about the erratic eating habits of pregnant women...he wasn't kidding.

I get our meal finished and set everything out so she can make her plate first. She piles on 2 of the Belgian waffles, 6 slices of bacon, and half of the eggs that I cooked. I looked at her like she was crazy. No way she will eat all of that. Instead of using syrup on the waffles, the crazy little pregnant woman drizzles her barbeque sauce over them, doing a little happy dance in her chair. Once again, I have to shake my head and smile at her. I'll have to remember to get someone to pick up another jug of that sauce for her. We make small talk while we eat. I asked her if she would move in with me at my house when the fight is over. I have a pretty good sized house, with it having five bedrooms there will be plenty of space for the baby to have his or her own room. She said "I would love to move it with you. I can't sleep without you, so even if you didn't ask me I'm sure I would end up following you home anyway, like a little lost puppy."

We finish eating, and I make her sit in that chair until I get the kitchen cleaned up. We get back into the room, and she wants to take a shower. I plop myself down on the sofa and get our show ready to watch for when she comes out of the shower. I pull out my phone and text Ace to let him know what Doc said earlier. I don't want him finding out later from anyone else. He said that he was going to stay at the clubhouse tomorrow with her, now that he knows she won't be going to the fight. I feel relieved knowing that he will be here, keeping her safe. Heather comes out of the bathroom and lays herself down on the couch with me. After a few more episodes of our show, I hear her snoring. Actually snoring. I let out a laugh, but try to muffle it so I don't wake her. She sounds like a grown ass little man right now.

I carry Heather over and tuck her into the bed, then get myself squared away. I look over at her, and decide that I need to capture her sleeping beauty. I take a quick picture of her on my phone, thinking this photo will definitely go into the baby's scrapbook. I put my phone on the bedside table and plug it in to charge. Rolling back over, I gently draw her closer to me. Sleep has never come so easy as it does when I am laying next to her.

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