Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 30


Some time later...
I officially entered my eighth month today, and all of the MC Old Ladies are giving us a baby shower. I feel like I am carrying my own body weight within my belly. This kid is already so big that my doctor has me on restricted activities. If it wasn't for the gathering being held at our home, I wouldn't have been able to go. Tyson makes me follow the doctor's orders to the letter. I'm lucky to have such a loving partner though. I don't know what I would do without him.

Our shower goes so well, and everyone brought us just about everything on our registries. Tyson helps me settle into the rocker in the nursery, so he can start bringing all of our new gifts in that way I can tell him where to put stuff. He takes the time to hang all of the little clothes, and stack all of the diapers onto the shelf that is attached to the changing table. Everything is ready for our baby. We still don't know what we are having, so everything in the nursery is my favorite green...perfect for a boy or a girl.

We make our way to the bedroom, when I feel the pressure hitting my lower belly. I suck in a deep breath, and wait for it to pass. I'm still a few weeks early, but the doctor said that with the baby's size that he or she could come at anytime. Tyson is holding my hand and rubbing my back. "Do you think we need to go to the hospital?" he asked calmly.

"Yeah, maybe just to be on the safe side." I tell him.

"Let me grab the bag. Can you make it to the front door?" he sounds so worried now.

"Yes, I think I can manage." I say, waddling myself to the front of the house.

Tyson ushers me to the suv that he literally just brought home yesterday. I haven't even rode in it yet, and to think that my first ride will be to maybe welcome our baby into the world. As he drives, I call his mom and let her know what's going on. She says that she will make the call to everyone else for me. I then call my dad. "I'm headed to the hospital, dad. Can you meet us there?" I ask him. He tells me that he will meet us there, and to not give Thumper too much shit'.

My dad is waiting at the hospital entrance when we get there. He holds his arms up in the air, like 'what took you guys so long'. Tyson tells him about my need for some coconut ice cream and they both glare at me like I'm a dumbass. We get inside, and checked in just as everyone else starts to show up. The admissions clerk puts an armband on me and Tyson, and explains that those will be required as proof that we have a baby in the facility. He then goes off to get an orderly to help me to my room...home away from home until this baby is born. I see the wheelchair coming my way, so I get Tyson to help me stand. As soon as I am upright, my water breaks. Tyson's face turns the whitest shade of white that I have ever seen. "It's go time, big daddy." I say to him, patting his arm.

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