Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 3


I got a training plan all worked out with Jumper for Heather. I told him her situation. All of the other club members agreed to offer extra protection to her until her abuser is either in jail for good or dead. I talk with my dad, Tank, and Uncle Keegan a little about it and we agreed to keep tabs on Jacob Fleming. Looks like I may need to come out of my retirement because suddenly I can't picture doing anything else but beating Jacob Fleming to death.

A week later, Sunday
A few of us are sitting around the bar. I don't drink alcohol, so I'm throwing back water to hydrate. I just did my training with Jumper, so I have to replenish myself. Nanna walks in the door, holding hands with Heather. Nanna is chatting away with her as they walk over to the bar top. "You ready to start training, Heather?" I ask.

"As ready as I can be." she whispers out. I take a look at her, and she is still pretty bruised up but you can tell that she is starting to heal well.

"Okay then. Follow me. Nanna, you staying to watch? It would probably be best until she gets used to us." I say as I get off my stool. Nanna nods that she will stay, so I lead us to the club's gym. "Heather, training is going to be intense so if you ever need a break just let me or Jumper know. Okay?"

"Okay." she says.

"Now, this is Jumper. He looks like a big grizzly bear, but he is as gentle as a small puppy." I say hoping to lighten her up a little.

We start off with some warm-ups. Jumper shows her the proper way to stand and punch the punching bag, so she doesn't break her own wrists. Today's training is only an hour because she is still recovering and we don't need to push her too much too fast.

"Thank you, Thumper. Thank you, Jumper." Heather says as she and Nanna leave the gym. Jumper and I get the place cleaned up and head back to the bar.

Uncle Keegan says as we walk in, "That girl is sure broken, isn't she?" I nod my head and pick up another bottle of water. "She won't be for long though. Teach her to fight like your momma and sister, then no one will fuck with her. Dynamite in a small package...that will be her advantage." he says as he downs the rest of his beer. We sit and bullshit about other things before I decide to head home. It's been a long fucking day.

I get home and shower. Of course, taking time to admire myself in the mirror. Damn! I'm a fucking masterpiece. No wonder bitches fall all over themselves to fuck me. I heat up some dinner and watch a little tv until I finally can't stay awake any longer. I crawl into the bed and close my eyes. Tomorrow is a new day!

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