Thumper's Fight - Atoned Souls - Book 3

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Chapter 7


I'm getting ready to head to the gym, when my phone lets out a chime. I don't have time for texts this morning...grrr!

I grab my phone off the table and swipe to open the screen. It shows a new text from Heather. Now her, I do have time for. She got the phone and my message. Good! We message each other about unimportant things before I have to open up the gym for the day.

I did the stupidest thing I think I have ever done...I invite her to tag along with us to the fight on Saturday. She will flip out when she finds out that we are there to ovserve Jacob. I was caught up in a moment, and I stopped thinking completely. But, I can't disinvite her. That would probably piss her off or hurt her feelings, and she wouldn't be able to handle it thinking that I am just playing her for a fool. I can't think about this right now anyway, I have too much shit to do today.

My day rolls on by. Before I know it, it is already time for the night crew to come in. I get them lined out with tasks for the night, and head to the club. They are having a small party to welcome new prospects. Usually, I try to stay away from that stuff but I don't feel like going home just yet. I make it into the clubhouse and see that a party is in full swing. I go over to Uncle Keegan and Jumper sitting at the bar, and pull up a barstool next to them.

"Your secret is safe with all of us, Thump." Keegan says.

"What the fuck are you talking back?" I ask. I have no secrets.

"You buying that girl a cellphone. Mom told me what you did. You aren't just looking to fuck that girl, are you?" he asks, while Jumper stares at me.

"Nah, it's not like that. I was just trying to help Nanna out. I didn't want her to worry about trying to buy something like that. She has enough on her plate." I say, hoping they will drop it.

"Yeah, sure that's all you were doing. Why did you quit wanting to train with her then? Just don't fuck her up even more than she is." Jumper pipes in.

"I probably already have. I didn't fuck her, so don't go there. I was texting with her earlier, and I may have invited her to go with us to the fight on Saturday. I know...I fucked up." I say to them.

"You did what?" Jumper says. "You are putting that girl in a position that you know fucking well isn't where she needs to be. What the fuck were you thinking? Goddamn, Tyson!" He is really pissed, because he never uses my real name.

"Fuck! I know, already. She is suppose to go training with Ace tomorrow afternoon. I'll meet up with them at the range and explain to her why she can't go. I'm gonna head home. It's been a shit day." I say, getting up and I leave.

I get home, shower and make something to eat. Watching tv, I get a text. It's from Heather. "Hey T. Thank you for inviting me to go with you on Saturday, but I don't think I am ready to go to something like that just yet. I would like to talk to you about it though. Maybe if you are free this week, you can come by the center."

I let out a deep sigh of relief. I'm off the hook. I reply, "I understand, I shouldn't have asked. You have gun training tomorrow with Ace. I'll see you at the range. We will talk then."

"Thank you, T. I'll see you tomorrow." she responds.

"Good night, H. Hope you have sweet dreams." I shoot back. Wait! Why did I just send that? I need to go to bed. Exhaustion must be making me say that shit.
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